Marie-Julie Jahenny (1850 -1941)


Marie-Julie Jahenny, the eldest of five children, was born on February 12th, 1850 in Blain, close to La Fraudais in Brittany, France. Her parents, Charles and Marie Boya Jahenny, were pious, hardworking peasants; little did they know that their first child would be chosen by Heaven for a special mission: to spread the love of the Cross, to make sacrifices and suffer for the salvation of sinners, to prepare the world for the prophesied chastisements, and to announce the coming of the Great Monarch and the Angelic Pontiff who would restore the glory of Christendom in an unprecedented and miraculous manner. Of all the mystics granted revelations on the Great Monarch, her visions are the most detailed to date.

Apparently, the first signal grace she received was at a very young age when she heard an interior voice while at church: “Stay a little longer with Me.” From that time on, she was always drawn to the tabernacle where Our Lord resided in the Blessed Sacrament and would spend long hours in prayer with Our Lord, or she would withdraw to a quiet place just to be alone and meditate.  However, to please her brother and sisters, she would play with them when they demanded it, and when she was old enough, she would help her mother with the housework. One can only imagine how joyous a day it was for her when she could receive Holy Communion for the first time: in those days, First Communion was not given to children. When she was older, desiring to grow in spiritual perfection, she eventually entered the Third Order of St. Francis. She was described as a model for the parish, always punctual for service, very modest, and is said to have approached the altar with the devotion of an angel when receiving Holy Communion. It was not until 1873 that she received the stigmata.

On February 22nd, 1873, she grew seriously ill, the Blessed Mother appeared to her with the news that she would have much to suffer. Obviously, Marie-Julie had made a complete offering of herself to God and He had accepted her. On March 15th, Our Lady appeared again and asked if she would be willing to suffer the same agonies her Son had endured to save mankind, and Marie-Julie affirmed that she was willing. Our Lady then replied that she would be given the Five Wounds, and the stigmata began on the 21st of March. Heaven was just beginning to send her the Wounds of Christ. The Crown of Thorns appeared on October 5th, the Wound in the left Shoulder where Christ carried the Cross was received on November the 25th, on December 6th the scourge wounds appeared on her back, and on January 12th, 1874, she received wrist-wounds representing where the Hands of Our Lord were bound. She also received on the same day as the wrist-wounds, a wound over her heart. On January the 14th, additional scourge-stigmata appeared on her ankles, legs and forearms, days later she received two scourge stripes on her side.

On February 20th, Our Lady announced to Marie-Julie that she was to become the spiritual bride of Christ. A wound appeared around the ring finger of her right hand: a special mark showing that she had been chosen as the Spiritual Spouse of Christ.

Finally, she receive one special stigmata, which apparently seems to be the first of its kind in the history of approved stigmatists. For well over a month, Marie-Julie foretold she would receive a special mark on her chest and then revealed the date a week before it happened. On December 7th, family and witnesses present were stunned to see a cross and flower appear on her chest with the words : O Crux Ave, (Hail to the Cross) accompanied by the most extraordinary perfumes emanating from her body. When the ecstasy was over, the sign remained for the witnesses to examine.

The stigmata bled every Friday, then later, only on Good Fridays, but the pain of the wounds always increased, especially on Fridays. On some occasions, the wounds were miraculously transformed on dates that were announced beforehand. For instance, on one date years later, May 1883, the family could hear the singing of angels. On All Saints, 1884, Our Lord announced He would envelop her in a coat of bright light. At midnight on the feast of the Immaculate Conception, December 8th, Our Lord fulfilled His promise and her family saw a stream of light about the size of a pea emanate from the wounds in her hands, which lasted for ten minutes.

The local Church authority, Monseigneur Fournier, Bishop of Nantes, did not waste a moment in setting up an investigation to verify the authenticity of these miracles. Doctor Imbert-Gourbeyre, Professor at the Faculty of Medicine at Clermont-Ferrand was called to examine the appearance of the stigmata and to ascertain if this was the effect of hysteria, or was indeed of an inexplicable, divine origin.

It did not take long to arrive at a conclusion when the examinations began: Doctor Imbert-Gourbeyre wrote to the bishop, declaring that, “he possessed a young woman with a genuine stigmata. That there was no fraud at La Fraudais.” The Bishop Monseigneur Fournier also agreed, for he wrote to the doctor on June 6th, 1875:

The reports that I receive daily on Marie-Julie show me more and more the action of God on this soul. He grants her graces of an obvious supernatural order. At the same time she grows in virtue and noble sentiments. The natural and human disappear in her, and she often speaks to people she sees or who are referred to her giving instructions which are not in keeping with her normal state. Therefore be confident, dear Doctor, the time will come when Marie-Julie herself will be the proof... . She is sincere: what she manifests is supernatural. I see nothing but good, edifying and in conformity with the principles of spirituality. Therefore it is God who favours her; you may be sure it will turn out well.”

Marie-Julie also received other signal graces – her betrothal to the Sacred Heart was witnessed by the Father and Holy Spirit, her heart pierced with a golden nail to seal the spiritual union. She was granted a mystical sun in which she saw her visions, the same grace which was granted to Bl. Anna Maria Taigi of Rome. Marie-Julie could also distinguish blessed objects from non-blessed objects, and also Consecrated Hosts from those that were not consecrated. She also had the gift of discernment of souls.

She also experienced complete miraculous fasts that last for months and years at a time, living on the Blessed Sacrament without any other food or drink. She witnessed and suffered the Passion of Christ regularly, and, also suffered attacks from the devil as part of her life as a victim soul.

In addition to these graces, she was granted great spiritual knowledge through her visions that she could not have learned by herself as she was uneducated and could not read, having received only six months schooling in her whole life in order that she could go to catechism and receive her First Communion. She was also granted the gift of prophecy.

She often suffered persecution from later bishops that were appointed in her diocese, as well as persecution and slander from the clergy and people in the vicinity. People dared to sully her good reputation and say she was not a virgin, and, that her miracles were from the devil. A Vatican Commission sent a cardinal to investigate and after performing an exorcism over her, ruled again what was happening to her was not demonic and was in fact supernatural. Still, at one point she was refused the Sacraments. Nevertheless, she received Miraculous Communions that were observed by witnesses. Eventually a Vatican commission under Leo XIII reported that she was wrongly deprived of the Sacraments and the ban was to be lifted immediately.

Despite the persecution she endured, even the seeming complete indifference of future diocesan bishops, the original affirmation given by Bishop Fournier regarding her stigmata, ecstasies and other miraculous phenomena as supernatural occurrences was never revoked. She is still recognised as approved.

As her prophecies and visions are detailed as well as numerous, her prophecies regarding the coming chastisements and the Great Catholic Monarch and Angelic Pontiff shall be briefly listed below with the dates they were given.

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PLEASE NOTE - as her prophecies are numerous, this page will be a work in progress - check back for new additions!



(*) Our Lord will comes first in His Mercy - then in His righteous anger - (i.e. a period of mercy will be granted to the earth first, then a time of Justice) (Sept. 29, 1880)

 (NOTE: In her prophecies we see this period of Mercy will last even during the evil period granted to Satan as for God will not strike the earth until crime reaches its height and the civil wars and chastisements break out in France.  When that happens, that will be the time of God's Justice and He will not allow His Mercy to be touched again until the earth is completely cleansed.)

(*)  We must TRUST the Divine Mercy - Priests must preach upon the Divine Mercy (March 28, 1931)

(See the other revelations of the Divine Mercy to Marie-Julie Jahenny-click here.)



 (*) Marie-Julie Jahenny saw in a vision that when Christ ascended into Heaven, Satan appeared before Him and demanded more power. He was promised a period of freedom and would be left free to tempt mankind without limit. His evil conquests would be so great that his followers would exceed those of Our Lord - the peak of Satan's triumph would come when civil war breaks out in Europe -( the disastrous anti-clerical civil war that would start in Paris and spread through France.) Marie-Julie was told they were ALREADY IN SATAN'S AGE - (August 30, 1880)

(*) The ABYSS (HELL)  IS WORKING ON EARTH  - Leading souls to hell.  (July 30, 1925)

(*) The Lord will grant complete freedom and power to the evil ones for a time - (August 19, 1878)

(Marie-Julie was told they would be granted their complete freedom 'soon' - this warning came 5 years before Pope Leo XIII would receive his famous vision of 'Satan's Century' in 1883)

(*) The length of this great freedom given to Satan is also a WARNING - if they are granted great freedom, God is also reserving a punishment for them as equal to the freedom they were allowed to have: (August 18, 1878)

(*) The evil ones will plot conspiracies against the Church to overthrow it. (August 19, 1878) + (Oct. 14, 1878) + (July 23, 1925)  A time of martyrdom is coming. (Oct. 14, 1878)

(*) In the 'Chamber of Hell' in Paris, the black laws will be passed- they will be of a type of refinement and unprecedented evil that will be directed against the Faith and the Church, an attempt to erase everything of God.    "They will go to the point of effacing the arts and to remake them under a hideous form, terrible and all that they prepare and approach." (Nov. 16, 1920)

(Observations: Our Lord mentions the 'terrible laws' that will come out – this must be another warning about the evil 'Red' government that will rise up and that will suppress the Church and all her moral teachings. Our Lord also warns they will destroy the arts to achieve their purpose of effacing God and His laws from the minds and hearts of the people – and it is obvious this is not just the plastic arts, but the other humanities and liberal arts – such as theology, philosophy, history, law, etc. The evil is described as 'refined' - meaning so smooth and subtle, we will hardly notice how it is being slipped in until it is almost too late.  

In fact, we are seeing this take effect in the world right now to pave the way. Universities have become ultra left liberal breeding grounds, and many so-called Catholic universities are anything but Catholic. Theology and philosophy courses have become liberal and slanted away from anything resembling the conservative side. You can now be 'any gender you want', and we see now history is being rewritten or erased, statues are being pulled down.  If someone doesn't agree with a historical figure, they are now being 'air brushed' from history.   Socialism and even Communism are now becoming popular among the younger generation. We are told to hate Columbus for his 'tyranical destruction' of the indigenous peoples' pagan worship and to be ashamed of our Christian missionary history. Even literature departments are not spared – several years ago I browsed every major college website in the USA and the UK with an English department, and all of them either have a professor whose main subject is 'Queer theory or culture', or, their department offers courses on 'queer' culture and literature, etc. Parents who think English Lit is okay, or the arts, probably have no idea what colleges are teaching these days! If you are conservative at all now, you will hardly stand a chance at a university campus.)

(*) About modern Democracy - it is from HELL ITSELF - the 'Luciferian Regime par excellence'. (April 20, 1874)

(*) France will pay for its 200 years of democracy and its anti christian regime - having abolished the absolute Catholic monarchy of France, (i.e during the Masonically influenced French Revolution), but the monarchy will eventually be restored. (April 20, 1874)

(INTERESTING OBSERVATIONS ABOUT TIMING: France officially ceased to be a Catholic nation and became a secular state when it abolished its absolute Catholic monarchy and adopted its first Constitution after the French Revolution in 1791 - France was declared a Republic in 1792.

Since 200 years had not passed when this prophecy was made in 1874 - the 200 years obviously refers to when France could expect the major chastisements - which means anytime from 1991-1992 onwards: the end of the 20th century and into the 21st. This fits in exactly with the chastisement timing revealed by other mystics.)

(*) Also, a cryptic prophecy that the date of the feast of the  'Queenship of Mary' would be changed to the end of the Octave of the Assumption - we are apparently to be on or guard regarding the chastisements from this time onwards when it happens.  (August 1920)

(NOTE: Again interesting timing - this Feast didn't exist when she made this cryptic prophecy in 1920 - it was instituted in 1954 and the feast day was originally on May 31.  It was changed to August 22 to the end of the Octave of the Assumption in 1969 - right when Vatican II was happening.

(*) A BLOODTHIRSTY epoch / century of DIABOLICAL NEW INVENTIONS never before seen is foretold - Satan and all the evil ones are more thirsty for the blood of Christians like never before - a time of genocide is coming when evil leaders will plot in secret using the pretext of stopping 'rebellion' to round up Christians, (Catholics), and march them into churches where they will be martyred, in the places where the Blessed Sacrament resides. (Oct. 23, 1878)

(*) Possible prophecy of contraception (one of the diabolical inventions?) - mother's bowels will be 'hardened mercilessly' against children - (Dec. 17, 1878) Our Lady begs France to save 'the cradle of innocence' and leave life to leave life to the 'little angels' as the innocence of children brings mercy to the earth - (prophecy of abortion?) (Nov. 30, 1880) Many mothers will be heartless against their own 'fruits' - (Dec. 14, 1881)

(*) Parents will corrupt their children before they reach the age of reason - they will be raised irreligious - (basically set on the path of damnation before they reach the age of reason). It would have been better if these children had never been born. (Sept. 24, 1903). Children are raised so they lose their innocence early before the age of reason, they are raised as 'adults' (i.e. in adult matters). (Oct. 2, 1903)

(*) Children will not be raised to love Our Lady and her virtue of purity - all is engaged in the loss of the souls of children. Our Lady: "
My beloved children, all is engaged in an irreparable loss, I mean the salvation of souls of children. The nourishment of these poor little souls should be for them the bread of love of their Immaculate Queen, the Queen of Heaven. ... After the delivery of young adolescent souls to Satan, the enemy of souls, I mean to say that most of these children have entered the path of corruption and these souls have not received a drop of this perfume of my virtues of purity; it is in very immense pain, because if you saw the number, you would be frightened and even struck as if by a mortal blow." Evil parents have corrupted their children. (Feb 8, 1904)

(NOTE: Of interest, we see Our Lady revealed to Marie-Julie Jahenny the Fourth Blasphemy against Her Immaculate Heart 13 years before before the apparitions of Fatima in 1917, and 26 years before the Five Blasphemies were actually revealed to Sr. Lucia, in addition to the Five First Saturdays Devotion of reparation. - As revealed to Sister Lucia, the world will not have the Age of Peace until the five blasphemies are sufficiently repaired and devotion to her Immaculate Heart has spread.)

The forerunner of the great chastisements is when the great attacks against the Church occur, and, will be accompanied by their indoctrination of the children to take away the Name and all knowledge of God from the children. (Nov. 11, 1924)

(*) When the evil persecutions against the true Faith breaks out and the genocidal revolution, it will be the corrupted youth that will cry out for the death of the Christians and 'death to Christ'. They will be the worst enemies against Christ, and be the most active at the time of the bloodshed, in the desecrations of churches, graveyards, and the  Blessed Sacrament, and will tear down the crosses and submit them to profanation.   (July 19, 1906)

(*) In all the past centuries of the earth, not one will resemble this epoch - (Dec. 24, 1884)




(*) The Church will suffer THREE major attacks, but the Faith will not wilt. (March, 19, 1878)

(NOTE: in Marie-Julie's prophecies regarding France and the bloodshed to come - she says France will suffer THREE CRISIS Periods - the Church will be persecuted, driven underground during a time of civil war and strife.  Apparently this is what is also being referred to here - despite Three Attacks, the Faith will not be destroyed.)

(*) The Church will be defiled, the clergy grow corrupt - MUCH SUFFERING, TORTURE AND BLOODSHED will be needed to cleanse it before it is granted the Triumph (i.e. the restoration during the Age of Peace.) (March 19, 1878) Much courage and blood will be needed to save the Church in peril: (Sept. 19, 1878)

(*) Not only did Marie-Julie Jahenny foresee a diabolical century before Pope Leo XIII had his famous vision of Satan being granted a century of freedom to destroy the Church, she also cryptically foretold that hell would reduce the Leonine Prayers to ASHES - (i.e have the Leonine prayers removed from the Mass), and again, she predicted this several years before his famous vision that inspired the prayers in the first place. (See prophecy dated July 7, 1880).

(*) The corrupt clergy will be infected with he spiritual 'Plague of Degredation' - the lack of true charity and love and respect for each other. If the clergy do not correct themselves God will punish them by making them SUBJECTS OF SCANDAL - God will send all a SERIOUS WARNING - (August 5, 1878)

(*) Scandals from the clergy will pass before our eyes - PRAY TO THE DIVINE MERCY! We must expect to see it all - crime is carried to the altar, the Church will fail in its mission and not try to convert sinners, the Lord is offended by those who should serve Him - (Sept. 29 1879)

(*) A pope will suffer torments beyond his powers, he will be discarded and cast aside - (March 19, 1878)

(*) Marie-Julie Jahenny also foretells an exiled pope who will suffer a long and painful martyrdom (due to this exile) - this could be a prophecy of the same pope 'cast aside'. He will 'not have a voice' like past popes, (an indication his voice will be silenced). But, he will still provide for his children and the infallible church. (i.e he still has authority - the Church will still be infallible.) (Jan. 11, 1881)



(Obviously during the 'Three Crisis Periods)


(*) Before the chastisements of France strike - many souls will lose the faith. France will be covered with masses of guilty men who '
from the bottom of the LODGES' will work to glorify Satan and raise him places of worship. (Warning of Freemasonry and masonic lodges?) (August 22, 1882)  Those who 'assemble in and fill the lodges' are waiting for the moment to rise up and sling the mud of scandal upon the Church. (Mixed dates: September29, 1879 / March 15, 1882)

"Satan is joyful, he travels all over the the enclosure of his houses where the disciples who follow his doctrine live, where he reveals his satanic secrets to them to lose their souls. He gives his advice and the (leaders of his hell-hounds) drink long draughts of his doctrines that are made up of sacrileges and spells." (Jan 5, 1904)

(*) The suppression of the works of God and the triumph of evil men will occur when devotion to the Sacred Heart is suppressed and attacked - men will not want to admit that it is through the Sacred Heart which will come the promised peace- (April 12, 1880)  The evil ones will be furious against devotion to the Sacred Heart.  (Mixed dates.)

(*) Religious will be forced out of religious schooling institutions so secular schools may be put in their place.  The religious will not be able to earn their living this way and will have to rely on Divine Providence.  (Mixed dates: September29, 1879 / March 15, 1882)

(*) ADVICE FROM HEAVEN - the Church and faithful should privately buy property for Catholic schools, churches, hospitals, etc. The government does not give back what it takes.  If property is privately owned, it is harder for the government to seize it or influence what is taught in the schools, etc.  The money spent will be worth it as the 'worry will be less intense'.  (Oct. 11, 1881)   (NOTE- this prophecy was given just before the 1905 anticlerical laws in France were passed that allowed the seizure of Church property.  However, this is also good advice for our times too.)

(*) The Church will suffer a persecution the likes of which Hell has never unleashed before. The bishops will have fled, churches closed, holy souls will weep over the ruins and abandonment.  There will be a hellish attack against the devotion to the Sacred Heart.  (July 21, 1881)

(*) An evil man or leader will rise three times against the church and religious
(i.e. the THREE CRISIS periods - see the prophecies for France in the next section) - religious will be forced to hide in private homes of Christian families, but even they will not be safe as evil men will break in and search. This black persecution will last until the Great Monarch is sent by God.  (Nov. 30, 1880)  

(*) Plots are hatched by the evil ones -- they will wait for the moment when the this leader will give the order so their plots may be put into effect.  (Nov. 11, 1924)

(*)  A great persecution will break out - many faithful religious will be made martyrs - traps will be set in monasteries and cloisters. (March 19, 1878)  The Prophecy of the 'Bloodthristy century' - Catholics will be rounded up, the pretext of stopping a rebellion will be used - defending  secular 'freedom' will be the pretext - Catholics will be martyred in Churches - (Oct. 23, 1878).

 (*) The evil ones will aim to pass a law in France (and beyond) -
(i.e. an anticlerical law against the Church) -  the ministers of God will be robbed in everything except what is absolutely necessary - they will be forced out of their habits and into common clothes to escape persecution - the enemies of the Church will attempt to turn churches into the theatre or places of infernal dances - priests will lack courage defend the faith - priests will be bribed to leave the Church (Sept. 29, 1879)

 (*)  The evil government from Paris will pass anticlerical laws against the the faith and the Church - the government intended to turn the holy places of worship into a theatre and of hellish abomination - weak clergy will join with the government.  Many bishops will join the hellish regime, particularly in Paris, the South and East of France.  (Aug. 9, 1881)

(*) The South and East of France will beome terribly evil - in Lyon, blasphemous presentations of the Mass and profanations, Satanic apparitions. (Mixed dates)

(*)  The evil leaders will pass a law requiring the bishops to send out a summons or an  order for the priests who have hidden themselves underground in the private homes of the faithful to give themselves up. 
(Apparently, they will be required to label them as criminals against the state).  The laws will be so implacable they will never be able to undo them. The bishops will be forced to answer.  Then, the evil lawmakers / administrators will not stop there - they will next order all religious orders to leave France.  The Jesuits will suffer in particular from these evil men.  They will also try to go for the head of the Pope (i.e martyr him?)   However, there will be some good people who will resist all these evil laws.  HOWEVER, there will be MANY WEAK BISHOPS who will fail and succumb to the evil government - their weak faith will give a bad example and will cause the DAMNATION OF MANY SOULS. (July 25, 1882

(*) In several cities the pastors (bishops) will hold meetings on what to do about these godless laws - however ONLY THREE BISHOPS will remain faithful and support what they know is God's will -  (Oct. 12, 1882)

It is a RED REVOLUTION - many priests will fall and send out letters attempting to sway the faithful there is nothing wrong with the government's laws.  The Pope will attempt to appeal to the faithful not to follow their example and hold fast to the Faith, but few will listen.  Many souls will be lost.  (Oct. 12, 1882)

 (*) The sanctuary of Sacre Coeur will be used for their diabolical counsels of these evil men - from there they will plan their treachery, form organisations to close churches, close religious orders, and shut down the famous sites of apparitions.  (Sept. 29, 1881) From Sacre Coeur they will at last hatch their plans (Mixed dates: September29, 1879 / March 15, 1882)     Sacre Coeur will serve as a theatre for the impious and all those involved with human laws.  (Jan. 27, 1882 FROM SACRE COEUR they will pass the EVIL LAW bringing in the APOSTATE STATE RELIGION - the law will be put into effect in the month of JUNE.  (Mixed dates).

 (*) The place of prayer of St. Geneviéve (her sanctuary) will become a theatre of dances and infernal crimes.  (Jan. 27, 1881)

 (*) The suppression of church bells and the suppression of funeral services will be demanded -  "
They will erase all memory of the first religion and they will instruct in an impious religion …” (Sept. 6, 1880)  Monasteries will be looted, the Mass parioded, funeral services forbidden. (Mixed Sources) Lourdes will be profaned, the cloister of Paray-le-Monial will burn. However it seems Our Lady will protect places where her miraculous statues are venerated.  (Mixed dates)

(*) False goddesses will be worshipped. (Mixed dates

(*) The Pope will be attacked, held prisoner, all ecclesial authorities will feel the persecution - they will be permitted to practise their ministry at first, then, they will be dragged out of their seats- the order will then come for them to flee.    Evil ones will take their place -
a new set of ceremonies will be put in place but will be against the Faith and the holy laws.  An evil law will be passed where parents will be forced to let these evil authorities corrupt their children, but it will only last 44 days - the martyrdom will occur during this time - after which will come the chastisements of God (August 10, 1880) 

(In all, it sounds like a State-sanctioned church will replace the Catholic church in France and Europe, similar to what Communist China is trying to do.) 

(*) There will be few true priests - many have grown corrupt and will join the revolutionaries - they cannot wait to throw off their habits and spread horror and abomination among the people - in the days of terror there will priests inside and outside of France who will think of nothing of BREAKING THE SEAL OF THE CONFESSIONAL, to spoil the Faith and defile the Church.  (Sept. 19, 1881)

(*)  The Church will be abandoned - deprived of the Pope, prayer, all offices, 'exiled from God and the saints' - 'They' intend (meaning some evil force or group) to take away the crucifixes and the statues of saints from their shrines to break them and profane them.  (March, 29, 1879
 (*) There will not remain in France a religious house or monestary in which one can escape the tyrants that will come during this epoch - (June 15, 1882)

 (*)  At the time of the fatal events in France - there will be a great number of APOSTASIES, and the clergy will be the first to have started most of them.  (Nov. 14, 1884)

(*) A GREAT APOSTASY will occur - the infamies of the corruption will spread across the world and cause the greatest scandal.  WOE TO PRIESTS WHO ASCEND THE ALTAR WITH  A VEILED CONSCIENCE  (i.e. corrupt intent) (March 19, 1878)

(*) Bad Christians will not be content with the loss of their own souls during the apostasy - they will hunt for souls, try and make others sin against their Christian faith and duty (June 15, 1882)

(*) It is the TIME OF GREAT SCHISM -  a certain bishop will head up the schism and the heart of his diocese will revolt against the Church and refuse to submit to Rome.  A few men will enter a false religion - then many bishops will follow and all their flocks with them - it is a sacrilegious religion.  The French bishops will start it and then others will follow.   These apostate bishops will be against the Great Monarch chosen by God.  (Oct. 26, 1882)

(*) Our Lady weeps her warnings of La Salette were not heeded - she now warns as a result bishops will become apostates, false apostles, and break from Rome and the Pope - they will heed the evil government and also will promote the lies of the schism, and will encourage the faithful to save their lives during the persecutions by joining the schism.  Priests will be swayed.  Many souls will head to the abyss because of this.  (Sept. 19, 1901)

(*) The SCHISM and break from ROME: the bishops will hold a council and deliver their demands to the Holy Father - 1) They demand a lessen of papal authority over them  2)  the bishops demand lessening of obedience to the pope - they wish to be the authority and do all in the Church.  In response, the Pope will call for a reform or obedience via a letter or encyclical, but it will not be answered.  3) the next demand or written from the disobedient bishops will 'thrill the little people of the earth' - the schismatics will demand greater freedom for the clergy, not only for France, but also Italy, Belgium and many other nations.  4) the next call will cause dismay to the true faithful, these bishops will call for freedom of the clergy from the pope, that they are no longer bound to be obedient to him and that they are free to do as they like.   A poster will posted up publicly inviting or calling the the people to follow the guilty authority of the time- (i.e. it will be a revolutionary call to break from Rome and the Pope).  (Nov. 2, 1882)

(*)  Priests in great numbers will separate themselves from the voice of authority - there will be a scandalous freedom of disunion, levity, and will spread in all the dioceses of France.  (April 24, 1884)


(*)  A FALSE APOSTATE RELIGION RESEMBLING ISLAM WILL BE ESTABLISHED by force by authorities - Catholics who have lost grace will happily enter into it.  It will be a 'happy happy' religion of a 'merry heart' that will be completely divested of the Sacraments of the Church.    To escape the threat of death and the sufferings cause by persecutions, many will enter into this false religion to save themselves. Many bishops will enter and lead souls to Hell.  The youth will be spoiled at this time - the purification of souls will be terrible.  (June 9, 1881)

(*) A NEW DIABOLICAL  'WORSHIP SERVICE or universal ECUMENICAL STYLE service will be introduced by Satan - the ministers shall wear red cloaks, or simply red, they will have a little bread and water for the service, but no valid consecration.  They will be permitted to say it everywhere, under the open sky,  and in 'all houses' (i.e possibly a cryptic reference to all places and churches of worship of all denominations) (June 28, 1880)  (NOTE: no wine is mentioned as part of this service - this would fit with the Islamic-like new religion that will be forced upon people as wine is forbidden in Islam.)

 (*) A 'Book of the Second Celebration' will be established by the 'infamous spirits' who wish to crucify Christ anew and who await 'a new Messiah' - (i.e this diabolical new rite of worship will be an endeavour of Antichrist precursors).   Many holy priests will refuse this book 'SEALED WITH THE WORDS OF THE ABYSS', but there are those will will accept and use it.  (July 21, 1881)

(*) OUR LORD- (apparently, He reiterated the warning of the apostate rite):  "I give you a warning even today. The disciples who are not of My Holy Gospel are now in a great work of the mind to form as the second facsimiles when they will make to their idea and under the influence of the enemy of souls, a Mass that contains words odious in My sight.  --   When the fatal hour arrives when they will put to the test the Faith of My eternal priesthood, it is these sheets that they will give to celebrate in this last period.   The first period, it is that of My priesthood which exists since (or after) Me. The second, is the period of persecution when the enemies of the Faith and of Holy Religion have formulated - and they are strongly enforced - these sheets as the book of the second celebration, these infamous spirits (or, infamous minds) are those who crucified Me and who are waiting for the reign of the new Messiah to make them happy." - "Many of My holy priests will refuse this book sealed with the words of the abyss. Unfortunately, (they) will be the exception, it will be used."  (Nov. 27, 1901, or, 1902)

 (*)  Before the Century is long over, they will have already covered Our Lord with all sorts of insults, torn apart the Gospel and the religion He established, and turn it all into an appalling form.   THE HOLY SACRIFICES OF THE ALTAR WILL HAVE TAKEN AN APPALLING FORM.  (July 21, 1881)   They will 'throw are these abominable things over His Shoulders and all over His body' (-- a frightening revelation that Transubstantiation is still happening?!?!)  (July 21, 1881)

 (*)  The bishops will betray and join the 'fatal government' (i.e the fake state church).  (July 21, 1881)

(*) The evil ones will not stop at this hateful and sacrilegious road. They will go further to compromise all at once and in one go, the Holy Church, the clergy and the faith. Legitimate pastors (bishops) will be replaced by others formed by hell, initiated in all vices, all iniquities, perfidious, who will cover souls with preachers of new sacraments, new temples, new baptisms, new confraternities..."  (May 10, 1904)

 (*) Among the 'new' bishops - an entire generation will be without faith.  They believe in Our Lord's power, but not that He uses the earth for the salvation of souls and for the good and protection of souls. Those who spread this weak faith will NOT BE FORGIVEN.   The French clergy will be more guilty than others and punished more than others, but the clergy will grow corrupt everywhere.  (Aug. 9, 1881)

(*) WOE to the priest who does not consider the gravity of his vocation - bishops will be willing to abjure the true Faith to save their lives -
(i.e indicates they will be willing to enter the fake state church to avoid death rather than defend the true faith when the great persecution breaks out.)  The clergy will be the cause of the greatest scandals and 'will have given the last sword thrust to Holy Church'.  (1881)

(*)  "All the works approved by the infallible Church WILL CEASE TO EXIST AS THEY ARE TODAY FOR A TIME" - when this happens, brilliant signs will be manifested on earth - darkness will be thrust upon the Church - and in return God will thrust darkness on the earth  (July 1, 1880)

 (*) There is war and fury against the Church - Religion will grow weaker - SOON IT WILL BE ALMOST DESERTED BY THE WHOLE WORLD - soon in large parts of France there will be no more sanctuaries, the apostles (bishops) WILL FLEE - holy souls will weep over the abandoned ruins (July 10, 1879)

(*)  Satan will be granted a complete triumph for a short time -
I will attack the Church, I will throw down the Cross, I will divide (or cause division among) the people, I will deposit in hearts a major weakening of the faith and there will be a great betrayal.”  Satan to the Lord -I will become for some time, the Supreme Master of all things, I will have everything under my empire, even Your temple and (all of) Yours entirely." (Sept. 29, 1880)

 (NOTE-see the following prophecies below - the rage of the genocidal anti-clerical civil war will start first in Paris and spread through Europe and the world.)

(*) Paris will be completely devastated by these sacrilegious men - (the anticlerical civil war and desecration of the holy places of Paris.)  (July 25, 1882)

(*) They will not even stop their sacrilegious outrages when they see the Great Monarch is arriving, they will be so obstinate in evil:  (July 25, 1882)

 (*)  NOW IS THE TIME TO DECLARE WHAT SIDE YOU ARE ON - either to live and die in the Catholic Faith, or to choose the side of the enemies.  "
It is time to look up to Heaven because in all the corners of the Earth YOU WILL FIND THE ANTICHRISTS, AS IN THE TIME OF THE LAST JUDGEMENT, that will travel the whole world to pervert, to weaken by their threats the faith of Christians. (Sept. 20, 1881)   

"The Antichrist has commenced his appearance on earth, but he will multiply.   Soon, he will run through the earth; He will possess souls and above all many priests, monks and nuns.  He will enter these souls; He will make them do unheard wonders."  (I.e. the spirit of the Antichrist will appear through precursors and the possessed.)  (Oct. 19, 1911)

(NOTE: compare this with the prophecy above it.  These days will resemble the Days of the Last Judgement and the apostasy that will happen then.  Obviously, this second prophecy is an indication that the coming attack on the Church and the rise of an apostate religion in France and beyond is the work of PRECURSOR Antichrists -  this is not yet the end of the world.  ) 

(*) Demons will congregate - MANY IN THE FORM OF MAN - they will bring about false miracles- many of these demons even wear even the habits of the true servants of God -  they will have a strange, ferocious hunger for human flesh and blood - they crave the death and bloodshed of the true faithful - (i.e they plot the genocidal persecution.) (Sept. 29, 1880)  

(*) Our Lord: "If you knew the infamous correspondences that are under the influence of Satan. They sell My Holy Church, they sell in secret the head of the priest, the sell in secret the poor earth that they subject to a horrible punishment. It has not seen, it did not understand and today it makes a hellish trade that the world has never seen before take place. All is delivered up, everything is sold and plots being hatched, every day, the hunger for human flesh to devour, the thirst for human blood makes all their bodies seethe with unrest and a desire to reach the goal as soon as possible. All this is happening in the room of hell (Chamber of Deputies-National Assembly in France), under the chairmanship of souls sold to the spirit of evil." (Nov. 13, 1924)

(*) In the years when the 'universal service' is introduced or about to be introduced, Satan will make 'many revelations', i.e. send out many false mystics and visionaries.  He will be so cunning with his plans this time that it will be difficult to expose his false messages, he will sound very much like authentic mystics.  He will attempt to get people to be lost through these false revelations, or lose time trying to expose them all - also, cause nothing but strife and contention through the false mystics as the faithful attempt to expose them for the fakes they are - (June 28, 1880)  Satanic possessions and obsessions will be many before the crisis hits - also many satanic apparitions that will bring 'happy messages' - (no doubt to fool people to follow the fake 'happy' religion). (Mixed dates)

(*) The devil will appear in apparitions -  WOE TO THOSE WHO WILL MAKE PACTS WITH THE 'PERSONAGES' IN THESE DIABOLICAL VISIONS -  in the months leading up to the great crisis, many souls will be possessed, the world will become insane with fear and the devil will travel around and attempt to make people give up their Faith and deny the cross.  (Dec. 14, 1881)

(*) When the great terror is widespread and the days of God's justice, many priests will give up the faith for the easy life (of the apostate faith), to save their lives, they will end up becoming traitors to their priesthood like Judas and lose their souls. (Sept. 18, 1896)

(*)  Do not be a cowardly Christian - those who are cowardly and will not stand for the Faith will be as guilty as those who want to destroy everything and who will attempt to overthrow Christ's reign.  (June 15, 1882)

(*) Do not follow the crowd!  Many will abjure their faith and trample on the cross to save themselves during the persecutions - do not follow their example. Do not trample on the cross!   Your courage will soften the executioners.  (Feb. 2, 1882

(*)  Despite all the attacks and the plots to overthrow the Church, IT WILL REMAIN INFALLIBLE. (August 19, 1878)

(*)  If it wasn't for the prayers and sacrifices of the faithful, and also the Mass holding off God's justice - the chastisements would have happened much sooner!  (Sept. 29, 1879)

(*) Evil on earth is growing - Divine Justice will be forced to send more punishments - the SACRIFICES and PRAYERS OF THE FAITHFUL LESSENS THE PUNISHMENTS - Heaven calls for sacrifices to appease the Divine Justice!  (Aug 14, 1928)


THE CHASTISEMENTS  (Please note- it is  difficult to discern when some of these will happen, but I have attempted to place them in a time line).

(*) Before the sinister warnings appear on earth, everyone will feel in their heart that 'the time must not be far off' for the chastisements to occur and will feel God's Justice in their hearts. (I.e. a palpable interior warning that grave things are about to happen.)  (March 9, 1878)   Everyone will feel an 'inquietude' in their hearts before the chastisements strike. (August 27, 1878)  However, the faithful who have heeded the warnings and conformed their lives to them will be granted the grace of peace despite knowing the chastisements are coming - they will have inner peace.

(*)  The chastisements will begin when respect is no longer paid to the Sacred Heart and charity grows cold - (Oct. 27, 1876)

(*) Marie-Julie Jahenny was told she would live to see the beginning of the chastisements - (she lived to see WW II) (Oct. 27, 1876)

(*) Warning signs will be given in nature at the beginning of each year.  (Sept. 20, 1880)  Our Lord will give His warning signs in the first months of the year when it is not yet spring.  (June 15, 1882)

(*) The events of the chastisements will resemble the events leading up to the DAY OF JUDGEMENT (August 26, 1878)

(*) Many the many demonic false miracles and visionaries will suddenly appear around the world - when this sudden proliferation of false mystics and wonder workers appear - IT IS A SIGN GOD IS GETTING READY TO STRIKE THE EARTH (August 26, 1878) .   


(*) France will suffer the punishments first as it is the Eldest Daughter of the Church and destined to deliver the Church - (Feb. 18, 1876)  

(*) Evil, proud leaders will try to raise up France according to their own designs, but without God or thinking of Heaven. They more these men try to rise, they more they weigh France down to the earth.  They will at last try to create their own version of a time of 'peace' , but instead of calling for peace, they will end up calling down Our Lord's FINAL JUSTICE.  (April 27, 1877)

(*) When the crises breaks out, it will explode suddenly and the punishments will be shared by all and will come one after the other without interruption.  The earth will become like a vast cemetery - the bodies of the good and the wicked will litter the ground.  The famine will be great and confusion will be everywhere.  (i.e. because not only will there be the revolts, but also God's great chastisements.) (Jan. 4, 1884)

 (*) It is the horrors of the Revolutionary CIVIL WAR that will deliver France - (June 15, 1882

(*) France must suffer cleansing / atonement through the great bloody war - the Triumph will not come until this is done.  Christ wishes the Triumph to come fast, so He will allow the sufferings of the war to be intense in order to shorten the time and yet have the full necessary atonement. (Feb. 1941)

 (*) A WARNING SIGN:  Shortly before the revolutionary plans of the evil men are put into effect - OUR LADY WILL APPEAR in the surrounding moutians of LA SALETTE to GIVE A WARNING. (Mixed dates: Sept. 29, 1879 / March 15, 1882)

(*) ALSO  as a WARNING:  OUR LADY WILL APPEAR in AMIENS WITH THE HOLY INFANT to WARN THE PEOPLE -  a sign will appear in Heaven, and the sorrow-filled voice of a little child will announce the horror that are about befall the country.  The child will speak for 27 minutes.  The warning is not just for France but is 'universal' - a warning for all nations.  (Nov. 16, 1882) + (Mixed dates: Sept. 29, 1879 / March 15 1882)

(*)  This 'unhappy time' of the plagues and wars will have THREE TERRIBLE TIMES (i.e. as in phases or reprises).  (Oct. 5, 1881)


and will entail THREE CRISIS PERIODS.

(*) Before or just as the FIRST CRISIS it happens in France, there will be 'painful news' about the people of ENGLAND, PERSIA (IRAN), and JERUSALEM.  "They will all have been subject to great wrongs."  (August 25, 1882)  

(*)  Just at the 'EXIT OF THIS DISORDER' - 
"There will be a new reign for the English land and a choice will be, when, suddenly, death will come to strike those who have in hand the helm of this kingdom. For this land, it will become very hard and it will be divided into four parts, because their wills will not be in agreement. The choice of Catholics will be rejected."  (August 25, 1882)  (NOTE: sounds like civil unrest will happen in England / UK - it will be divided into four.)   

(?)  The following prophecy might also be related: "England will have betrayed its people under the empire (or influence) of a queen; on her descent from the throne, things will not happen as the Lord demands (or requires)."  (May 18, 1881)

(*)  DETAILS OF THE CRISIS in FRANCE:  The FIRST of the Crisis will not be everywhere (i.e. it will be localised in Paris / France - the NEXT TWO phases will spread everywhere.  (June 15, 1882)  The violence and evil will truly come in the last two.  God will call the king of his choice at the end of the third crises.  (June 15, 1882)

1)The First will last three months  2) The beginning of the next deadly revolutionary crisis will last four weeks but the extent of it will be immense.   Apparently, it is during these first two crises that the 'foreigner' will be let into France - they will not be deaf to the call - they will be given liberty to do what they like during the first of the fighting - they will not be held captive for the crimes they will commit - (i.e. it will be a free-for-all time of carnage and pillage)  (May, 9, 1882)  The surrounding countries will also join the bloodthirsty revolution.  (May 9, 1882)

 (*) The 'dust from abroad', the 'foreigner', will be brought into France, (i.e 'dust' means the least desirable of foreigners), that France will not be able to send away.  France's nobility will be lost when this happens. (I.e. an indication France will be changed from within as these foreigners cannot be sent away.)  The sacrilegious attacks apparently will happen when this 'dust of the foreigner' enters in.  (Nov. 30, 1880)

(*) The major chastisements will BEGIN in PARIS - (Dec. 8, 1874) Paris will have the largest part of the chastisements to hit France ( Oct 27, 1876)

 (*)  24 HOURS BEFORE the revolts break out in Paris / Rome - there WILL BE WARNING SIGNS IN THE FIRMAMENT (Dec. 18, 1874)  

(*)  Plagues will break out - corruption and lawlessness will happen when they occur.  Apparently, the attack against the Church will break out at the same time as the evil ones 'place the pall on the Church' during the lawlessness. (March 19, 1878)
(*) ONE of the plagues: there will be a PLAGUE against the WHEAT CROPS - the spring planted crops of May and June in the 'South', (either France, or even as far as Italy, etc- ?) will turn BLACK and WON'T PRODUCE at harvest time.   At the same time, ANIMALS will suffer a 'back' plague in the North.  (May 24, 1880)  Regarding this 'black plague' on the animals - the skin around their eyes will blacken on the outside to a width of a finger and a half, and they will refuse food.  There will come a watery running from their eyes. To protect them from this - a blessed St. Benedict's medal should be placed around their neck, ie. on a collar.  If they are taken sick with this, they may be given the white hawthorn flower and leaf tea, and the ground ivy tea, the same that is used for the 'Burning Plague' on humans.  (August 5, 1880)

(***) (The 'Friends of Marie-Julie Association' have made the following observations:)  THERE WILL BE A TORRENTIAL RAIN - then, when the armed forced of France are reduced by being sent abroad into the east and Arab lands, and the security forces reduced - THE INFAMOUS LAWS AGAINST THE CHURCH AND RELIGION WILL BE ENACTED.  --  TIES WITH ROME WILL BE CUT.  - Power will be exerted over the clergy- the oppression will occur.  (Observation given for date, April 20, 1882)

(*) Evil conspirators will plan the revolt - they will hide explosives underneath the WALLS of Paris - as soon as a 'breath' is brought upon the 'purple sparks'.  'Violet' or 'violent powder' is used.  Burning infernos will start, killing many and will destroy much.   ( June 1, 1877)  BLESSED ARE THOSE WHO STAY AWAY FROM the WALLS OF PARIS WHEN THE HORRORS BREAK OUT - the genocide of Christians will happen, then the utter destruction of the city.  (Sept. 29, 1880)  PRAY FOR PARIS - so few souls will escape.  (Sept. 20, 1881)  Stay away from Paris, which is described as BABYLON.  (July 23, 1925)

(*) CIVIL UNREST WILL BE MANUFACTURED by those who rule (i.e. government conspiracy) - they will deprive the workers of their work and employment-  (Sounds like a manufactured economic crisis.)  When that happens - unrest will be caused by agitators - they will cause fire blood and murder, and use the 'VIOLENT POWDER' to destroy the 'strongest walls' ever built'.  (Nov. 23, 1882) 

(*) More on the CIVIL UNREST - REFUGEES and ASYLUM SEEKERS: the civil unrest will come during the economic hardship - France will be flooded with people who are jobless, unable to find 'asylum' or 'refuge' - agitators will go through the country and rile the workers up to revolt. (Mixed dates: September 29, 1879 / March 15, 1882)

(*) Cryptic prophecy of SUICIDE VESTS that will start the
'spark' of civil turmoil?  The Holy Spirit says that the 'men of power' will have "breasts oppressed by evil (that) are also ready to crack to leave vengeance explode” - sounds like cryptic code for an age like the 1800s that wouldn't understand what was being foretold about suicide bombers with explosive vests strapped to them, but would be understood in later times? (Sept. 20, 1881)

(*) As soon as 'they' (the evil conspirators) have thrown the 'spark' that will start the fire through the whole kingdom (i.e. an obvious reference to the spark that will ignite under the walls of Paris)  'They' who started it will flee and take shelter.    'They' will leave all the doors of France open to the mercy of the other peoples and those who want to occupy France.  (I.e. sounds like they will throw open France to the 'dust of the foreigner' then.)  (Sept. 20, 1881)

(NOTE:  which walls are referred to?  From insights gained from the astronomical prophecy of Rigord of St. Denis (c. 1150- 1209), the walls she means may be those of King Philip II 'Augustus' - which would indicate in the VERY HEART OF PARIS, and includes the Louvre.  -  See more about rigord's prophecy, click here.)

(*) Our Lady:  "The French people will become very miserable. All the doors have been wide open to all languages, to the foreigners, to all those who wish to enter this cursed Sodom (Paris) where the Justice of my Divine Son, is suspended over it.”  (Jan. 5, 1904)

 (***) Cries of despair will break out in the months of the Sacred Heart and Precious Blood ( JUNE AND JULY)  - IT WILL BE THE SIGN OF CIVIL WAR - it will START IN PARIS (April 27, 1877)  The bloodshed will begin - and the government will flee and take off like a bird to another country when it sees the carnage begin, to leave France free in its revolution with nothing to stop it.  (April 27, 1877)   - This will happen after Marie-Juile's death. (April 27, 1877)

(*) This could be at the same time:  It is in JUNE when the evil ones will pass a law at SACRE COEUR bringing the APOSTATE RELIGION into EFFECT - the clergy who fall for it will swear loyalty to their form of the divinity - the clergy who join will be obliged to turn in clergy who oppose the evil law. (Mixed dates.)
(*) Another evil law will be planned on Bastille Day, (JULY 14) and then later signed, also declaring war on the Church.  (July 14, 1881)

 (*) The guilty men who start it all will suddenly be gone, it will be as if they were never there - when they are gone then the resounding cry will come from Paris.  It will be the cries of the ungodly cheering the entrance of this bloody hour. These cries will continue for several days then spread through the country -- DO NOT BUILD A HOUSE OR REMAIN IN FRANCE, it will be THROWN OVER.  ONLY BRITTANY will be spared.   (Sept. 20, 1881

(*)  The cries from Paris that will initiate the carnage will first start with a horrific blasphemy -  then there will be shouts, hateful songs, confused cries - the poor innocent people caught in the city will NOT HAVE TIME TO ESCAPE.  Streets will be closed and passages blocked - it will be the time of MASSACRE.  The terrible Thunderstorm and lightning will come and last two days, but nothing will stop the two-day massacre-  Christians will die by bullets (firing squad?), some will die by the guillotine.  (Dec. 23, 1881)

(*) All of God's children, both the GOOD AND THE BAD will revolt - (Oct. 27, 1877)

  (*) France is marked with a 'red sign set back in terror' - i.e a red revolution. (June 1, 1882)

(*) The guillotine will return.  (July 25, 1882)

(*) The massacres will happen DURING THE COLD MONTHS (winter?) (June 15, 1882)

(*) During these massacres - the earth will become deluged with blood as during Noah's time when the earth was deluged with water.  (June 15, 1882

(*)  There will be a terrible HEAVEN SENT FAMINE (apparently around this time):  fire will fall from the sky and consume the food of a Protestant country with a Muslim population (aka Germany?)  In France: for three years, the potatoes will rot at the time of the seed, the corn will not grow or stop halfway. Fruits will blacken: a worm will eat the inside, before they reach the size of a finger. (Mixed dates: Sept. 29, 1879 / March 15, 1882)

(*) A terrible prodigy will happen when the 'murder attempts happen' and the 'crimes are being committed' - a BLACK AND BLUE RAINBOW will appear - when the crimes are being committed it will rain a RED RAIN that will coagulate on all the houses and stick like paint.  It will fall on the ground, but will not be drinkable.  A SIGN OF TERROR will then appear - a CROSS IN THE SKY will form in this red rain and bear the marks of Christ - all will be struck with a mark of terror that will NOT BE EFFACED - after three days, the rain will go through the whole universe. (April 8, 1880)

(*) Prophecy of a BLOOD RAIN - (seems related to the prophecy above) - a blood rain will fall from an extraordinary cloud and coagulate on the earth for 7 weeks.  A terrible 'burning' will happen from the earth and will send off a terrible heat and POISONOUS stench - NO ONE MUST OPEN THEIR DOORS OR WINDOWS for the 7 weeks.  ( March 9, 1878)

(*) Churches will then be closed / pillaged, holy statues toppled, crosses torn down, tabernacles violated. (April 27, 1877)   But  The Blessed Sacrament will be desecrate- trampled upon and thrown in the mud.  The faithful and the priests will try to save them, pick them up from the roads and carry the Sacrament away hidden in their breasts.  (Oct. 17, 1883) But this time of evil will be short. (Oct. 24, 1877)  

(NOTE- it appears that during this civil war is when the fake State 'church' will finally be put in place.)

(*) There will be a 'short respite' after the FIRST revolutionary crisis break out in Paris - then those who call themselves 'winners' and elevated in science will cause a  'brightness' that will shake the 'Big City' - (Paris)  They will not be satisfied with this work.  The number "14" seems to be related to this event- possibly the date this will happen, or perhaps an indiciation of weeks?) (Sept. 28, 1882)

 ( (!)  NOTE the next prophecy - these are my own personal observations, but it seems like the 'men of science' will have released a BIOLOGICAL WARFARE BOMB over the city during the 'short respite'. 

(*)  The rage of the impious during the civil war will seem to 'stop for a short respite' - this is when a terrible plague will suddenly break out - the 'BURNING PLAGUE'
"This chastisement will leave its victims as those without life, they will still breathe with the ability to speak, the flesh raw like after a deep burn. This malady will be very contagious and nothing will stop it. It is a punishment from God to bring many (souls) back."  (Sept. 20, 1880)

More about the 'BURNING PLAGUE' - "This malady will attack the heart first, then the mind, and at the same time, the tongue. It will be horrible. The heat that will accompany it will be a consuming fire, so strong that the affected parts of the body will be of an unbearable redness, (red blotches / patches). After seven days, this malady, like the seed sown in a field, will rise rapidly and make immense progress (i.e. take over the body quickly, or, spread through the population  quickly)." ---  There are TWO emedies that will cure it, and, it must be taken in time or it will not work: white hawthorn flower / leaf tea - and also ground ivy tea - (See the revelation dated for August 5, 1880 - the recipe for the teas is also given and how to prepare it, click here.) If these remedies are not taken in time: The malady will produce a continual uprising of the heart, (blood pressure? Increased heart rate?) vomiting. If the remedy is taken too late, the affected parts will become black, and in this black, there will be yellowish pale streaks."

(*) UPDATE: Important - there are prayers that must be said over the herbal and flower remedies - click here for the prayers

(*) This plague will strike so fast that people will not have time to prepare their souls to meet their Creator. (Nov. 30, 1880)   +  Plagues and diseases never seen before will fall upon France - the great plague will start from the Centre (Paris). (June 15, 1882)  + Epidemics will also be terrible in the south of France, Valence, Lyon, Bordeaux, and the lands leading up to Paris.  Very few will escape it - the corpses will spread a stench that kills.  (Oct. 5, 1881)

(*) The prophecies next indicate God's anger towards the evil ones in government in the 'Chamber of Hell' (National Assembly) who plan to make themselves the victors over Him and his Laws- the evils ones will make more laws more infamous than the ones before.  They will send out letters or a summons  and will ask for reinforcements to aid in the bloodshed. (NOTE: this sounds like a call for the foreigners to enter.)   This evil ones in power will be the first to feel God's Divine Justice and suffer the punishment of God first in the chastisements- there will be a terrible earthquake that will shake the earth to the heavens and swallow these culprits up, entombing them and sending their souls to the Abyss. (NOTE: the is probably related to the 'WEEK LONG EARTHQUAKE' then the 43 DAY EARTHQUAKE that is foretold, see the prophecies below).   The 'Burning Plague' will be wiping out the other evil people in or around  the same time, but the people of God will know about the white hawthorn and ground ivy remedies, and, will also have the Divine Heart, the Immaculate Heart and the Cross as a safe refuge, plus, the Crosses of Pardon, medals, and our sacramentals. (See the section on the remedies for the chastisements.)   God will also strike the bodes of the the wicked and reduce them to dust, their corpses would be too pestulant and corrupt to leave- God will literally reduce them to dust so the earth is not defiled by them and the land is left for the predestined who will repopulate the earth. (July 23, 1925)


(*) The  man 'cursed by Heaven' (aka obviously the evil leader who caused all of this) will be the last 'to sink' (no doubt this is meant amidst the earthquake chastisements that will shake France and destroy the National Assembly and Paris): (Mixed dates: Sept. 29, 1879 / March 15, 1882)

(*) There will be great collapses of land in Paris which will swallow up buildings. - (Nov. 16, 1882)   (NOTE: Seems related to the warning above, as God declares He will bury and entomb the evil lawmakers, since they are in the 'Chamber of Hell' the National Assembly', obviously they will be buried in Paris via the week-long earthquake, not to mention the final destruction of Paris by a hail of fire, aka the THREE DAYS OF DARKNESS.) 

(*)  THE SECOND CRISIS PHASE will last 45 days -  this is when invaders will enter the country - they will enter to the 'diocese where Brittany begins'.  They will also fall upon Orleans and great areas of territory - they will also reach Paris with one stroke- they will reach it in the MIDDLE OF THE CRISIS.  (Sept. 28, 1882)   More on Brittany: it will be spared the brunt of the attack, but will still suffer.  The 'barbarians' will still cross into a northern section of it.  Apparently, as far as Rennes.  (July 25, 1882)

(*) THE THIRD CRISIS - (Difficult to know when this Third Crisis will hit) but during the end of the third crisis the enemies will attempt to place a usurper on the throne of France - he will not be successful.  He will be such a failure they will know he will not hold the throne.  The contender and his followers will try to prevent the true king from entering France.  (May 9, 1882)

(!!!)  According to the Marquis de Franquerie in his book of Marie-Julie Jahenny-
the Third Crisis will also be subdivided into THREE PHASES:   1) the first phase will be long and painful when Divine Vengeance is manifested during which the most guilty of these men will be destroyed.  2) the second phase will shorter, more 'subtle and sinister'  3)  The Third Phase is when everything will be lost from top to bottom - St. Michael will be waiting with his armies to fight and help bring the victory (i.e the Great Monarch's victory.)   (August 17, 1905)

(*)  Christ looks with displeasure on the 'Chamber of Hell' (the Chamber of Deputies of France) where the evil laws are passed - France will be invaded by foreigners with their army who will tear her apart and knock down her holy temples - (i.e the churches).  (Eventually, Christ will stop their ravages.  The Great Monarch will come afterwards.)  (Aug. 31, 1900)
(*) This will be the last great effort of the wicked - they will try to profane EVERYTHING respectable on earth, and even turn friend against friend - then, Christ will at last put a stop to it (Oct, 27, 1877)

(*) The Sacred Heart:  "
When the time to purify the Earth will be close, when minds revolt one against another, when there will be neither peace nor justice in My Christians, not in the world but in My Christians, the hour of My justice will be close. I will purify the earth of all those impure and unjust souls that insult and outrage Me. I will strike down their bodies with a feature of My Justice so precipitate, so fast, that it will be fast as lightning ...... then My anger and My Justice."  (Nov. 13, 1924)

(*) When the fury of the evil one reaches it heights and rushes the faithful to their graves,
the lightning of God will strike.  (Aug. 9, 1881)

(*) A time will come when we will have only prayer to sustain us:  (Oct. 11, 1904)   The Church will have been forced underground, there will be no bishops, no Blessed Sacrament, no way to receive absolution except by turning with trust to Christ (i.e make perfect acts of contrition).  We will have only our faith to sustain us.  Also, those devoted to the Sacred Heart will be kept safe amidst the chastisements, they will be shielded and see prodigies and miracles while the Divine Vengeance strikes others.  (Aug. 17, 1905)  Those devoted to the Sacred Heart will be sheltered - the Sacred Heart will be a shelter: (July 30, 1925)

(*) When all these things hit, it will be one after the other, everything will practically happen at once.  (July ) 



It is difficult to know where to place this, but Marie-Julie saw at least two different dictators that will rise during these different phases in the civil war in France just before the Great Monarch rises up to save the country.

Marie-Julie notes once a certain 'leader' of the government is toppled, the furious ones wish to impose Red Socialism founded on Masonic ideals. Then, they will 'turn on their own' , possibly an indication of those who didn't remain true to their revolution, so this is when a new 'reign of terror' might commence, just like during the French Revolution. This is when they could also start the genocide that was foretold. Christians would be slaughtered.

We see mentioned a man once a member of that toppled government will rise to power and become the sole leader, i.e. a dictator. Apparently this is the time when the evil ones want to gave France the red ribbon diadem. He is described as a tall, thin man, with grey hair and large eyes with a ferocious look in them. He wants to wipe out religion.

France attempts to wake up, and attempts to rise and return to its Catholic heritage, perhaps an indication of some resistance rising against the dictator, but then, a worse man rises and assumes power, and binds France in worse red fetters. This man is short, but sturdily built. His hair recedes back from his forehead, but his hair is not grey like that of the "tall, thin man". He has a pointed beard and a ruddy complexion. His eyes are so large that they seem to pop out. He looks ferocious, and he too wants to wipe out all religion, and this time, turns his eyes on Rome. His hatred for Catholicism is so great he would kill the pope if possible. This will happen when Rome is in turmoil and the pope is a prisoner. (Undated text, click here.)

(So, since the second man with the bulging eyes is described worse than the other one, we can make a guess he could be the diabolical  leader who will be destroyed by the chastisements when the National Assembly will sink into the ground.)

(*) There will be bright precursory signs before God's Justice strikes the earth  - (Oct. 27, 1877)

(*) God will give his warning signs in nature during the FIRST MONTHS OF THE YEAR WHEN THE DAYS ARE SHORT, BUT BEGINNING TO GROW -  (June 15, 1882).

(*) BRITTANY will see the first warning - 'still in the hard season when the wheat has not yet reached the third node of growth' (winter wheat - i.e. still in winter circa February and March), there will be a FOUR HOUR DARKNESS lasting from 12 to 4 - the sun will be veiled as if in mourning - darkness will be so great, no eye will see anything.  It is only a warning - no destruction will happen - but it is a warning that GOD'S JUSTICE is about to be released. (Oct. 5, 1882)

(*)  A WEEK LONG EARTHQUAKE will terrorise England and France and STRANGE THUNDER- "The earth will shake from this place until sunrise, the space of six days. A day of rest and (on) the eighth day, the trembling will begin again. France and England will respond with their cries of despair. The land will shake so hard that the people will be thrown up to 300 steps (pas = paces /steps?).   The thunder will sound more brightly than in the months that will lead up to the end of the world, with a strange noise." (March 8, 1881)

(*)  There will be 'strange thunder' that does not seem normal - then lightning without thunder which will last for half a day. (However, it will still come from a natural origin, not supernatural) ( March 19, 1878)  +  Apparently, this will be a dark day when there will be little sun and no stars - the day of darkness and lightening will be the FIRST OUR LORD WILL SEND TO TRY AND CONVERT THE WICKED BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE.  This is one of the first warnings that will come at the beginning of the year during the cold months. (June 15, 1882)   Part of Brittany will be tested then, it will not reach all of France.  Only the lands around shrine of St. Anne in Brittany will not experience this warning of this day of semi-darkness and lightning - everywhere else will be in a fright as for a whole day the fire of lightning will do much harm, even in the private homes of sinners, and the thunder will scold.  (June 15, 1882)  This day of semi-darkness and lightning is NOT RELATED to the THREE DAYS OF DARKNESS which will HAPPEN LATER. (June 15, 1882)

(*) "Thunderings" will come before the JUSTICE OF GOD STRIKES: (July 30, 1925)

(*)  The prophecy of these dark days  were also revealed to St. Catherine Laboure, and also St. Mary of St. Peter of Tours - St. Mary of Tours wrote them down and they were hidden - when these hidden scrolls are brought to light again, then the time of the warning of lightning will be close.  (June 15, 1882)

(*) THE THUNDER AND EARTHQUAKES WILL INCREASE: there will be one major earthquake, but this time it will last 43 DAYS - it will shake many building of Paris to the ground - MEGA TUSNAMIS will occur: (Mixed dates: Sept. 29, 1879 / March 15, 1882)  (NOTE / observations: This is probably the last of the Major warnings that will happen right between the TWO and THREE DAYS OF DARKNESS which will occur 37 days apart from each other.  See the prophecies below.)

(*) In the end, PARIS WILL BE DESTROYED BY A HAIL OF FIRE (April 27, 1877) -  Catholics / Christian Families: STAY AWAY FROM THIS CITY OF SODOM WHICH WILL BE DESTROYED BY GOD'S JUSTICE (April 6, 1877)  -     If Paris does not convert - IT WILL BE BURNED - the heat will be so intense the stones will be crumble and cannot be reused.  (Nov. 28, 1881)  The FIRE OF HEAVEN WILL FALL UPON THIS SODOM and MIX WITH THE FIRE OF HELL - even water will take on the burning nature of fire.  The National Assembly will be destroyed and the city will resemble a huge sand or quarry pit.  This sign of destruction will last until the end of time.  (Unknown date.)

 (*) Only 88 people will be saved during the destruction of Paris. (Aug. 9, 1881

(NOTE-Error correction: in my e-books I had mistranslated the number saved as 12 -  the phrase said 'not 100 shall be saved - count less than 12, you will have the true figure'.  A French speaker has informed me that the phrase means to subtract 12 from the number 100, so only 88 will survive the destruction, not 12.   I apologise for my error.)

(*)  The church of Our Lady of Victories will survive the destruction of Paris. (Jan. 27, 1882) + (Mixed dates)

(*) The good will suffer with the guilty as Heaven needs sacrificial suffering for God to pour out His grace to cleanse and restore the kingdom.  (July, 25, 1882)

(*)  The chastisements will be so great that France will be practically depopulated, especially Paris, the larger cities, and in the south of France.  Only a few who hide underground will be safe.   Pray a 'Miserere' for Paris, for Lyon and Toulouse.  No coffins for the people - the massacres will be great.  (Sept. 20, 1881)  A person will have to travel leagues before they see another soul.  (Sept. 20, 1881)

OUR LORD - "Do not expect improvement, on the contrary, you will see evil growing continuously, unjust disorders multiplying...until the time that I rise up in My turn."  (Don't expect anything to get better until Christ intervenes.)  (Aug. 4, 1904)


The Chastisements of ROME


(*) After the revolt in France, the storm will then break out next upon Rome, i.e. the civil revolts, which will be worse than in France as the ungodly will attack the Holy See:  (Dec. 8, 1874)
 (*) Rome will suffer a continual terror for three and a half years. (Jan. 25, 1881)

(*) THREE YEARS will be terrible.  Italy will suffer from two evil leaders - one apparently from Italy who will be a tyrant and reign for one and a half years.  He will be followed by a second leader, but this second tyrant will not from Italy.  He will be called 'ARCHEL DE LA TORRE' and will come across from Persia (Iran) and come through the bottom of it.  He will reign for a year and a half.  The last of these three years will therefore be the most terrible.  A mob will eventually rise up, no doubt as a counter revolution to Archel's reign.  This last year will see the martyrdom of a pope. (Undated text fragments

 (*)  During this first half of the third year- there will be THREE successive popes. The first will be a martyr-  the servants closest to him will dare to write shameful articles about him to save their own lives and in the end will be his torturers and murderers. He will also suffer seeing the uprising grip Rome.  He will suffer terrible for three particular weeks.  He will not see the end of the uprising.  The one who will come after him will not see the end of the uprisings either.  The third will, and will live long, (i.e apparently, he will be of old age) but HE WILL BE DIFFICULT TO FIND AMIDST SO MUCH RUBBLE.  (June 6, 1882)

(*) Some prophecies about this period of destruction in Rome - the third pope will be the holiest of the three, he will not have reigned three years before he is called home to Heaven, and apparently, after these three popes - the Church will be vacant for many months.  (May 16, 1882)    Apparently, when this holy pope dies and the Church is vacant for many months - two successive anti-popes will reign.  (Sept. 29, 1882)   (NOTE: It's hard to know how these will be fulfilled and how the Angelic Pontiff fits into all of this - we can only trust that the scribes who recorded Marie-Julie Jahenny's prophecies recorded the information correctly, and,  that more of her prophecies might come to light regarding this period.)
(*) Of interest, another prophecy seems to indicate timing regarding these events may be altered depending:  St. Michael in a prophecy declares THE GREAT MONARCH HENRY V will already have established peace in France for five months before the revolt breaks out in Rome, and this is when the seat of Peter will be vacant: a two year period is given here instead of three.  (Sept. 29, 1882)
(*) Marie-Julie Jahenny was told Rome will be spared several of the calamities reserved for it upon the canonisation of Pius IX (Oct. 24, 1878)

(*) Other nations will also be punished, not just France and Italy (Jan. 19, 1875)

(*) Prophecies regarding Iran (Persia):  (This seems related to the uprising in Rome):

+ An enemy of God will pass through Iran - other kingdoms will rise for a year on the 'unfortunate seat of one who will cut off the head of the apostles and who will make a martyr of him who supports the Church and the faith.'  (May 16, 1882
(Is this another reference to 'Archel de la Torre?' who will come across Iran? Will this be a physical martyrdom or a 'white' martyrdom of a Pope?  This  prophecy is obscure.)  Around this time the Church will be vacant for months - but there will have been three popes, but the third will be the most holy, but he will not have reigned three years before he is called home to Heaven.  (May 16, 1882

(*) The corrupt clergy will be punished: (Dec. 18, 1874) 

(*) France will not see the Great Monarch and the restoration of the throne until it suffers the chastisements, the freak lightning in the sky, the elements unchained, also civil war, plagues, bloodshed and butchery (Nov. 5, 1875)(Feb 12, 1876)

 (*) Our Lord will not let His Mercy be touched again until the promised destruction is accomplished - those who survive amidst the ashes will be spared for the glory of France (Oct. 24, 1877) 

 (NOTE: - while France and Rome / Italy  will suffer, one after the other and will appear to be 'localised chastiments', the CHASTISEMENTS THAT COME FROM GOD WILL BE UNIVERSAL AND WORLDWIDE. )

(*) Satan will be allowed his ultimate triumph - bloodshed, massacres, the persecution of the Church to where it is forced underground, etc - then the prophecies hint the SUN WILL BE OBSCURED - (Sept. 29, 1880) (i.e. the warnings, then the TWO and THREE Days of Darkness - Satan will at last be literally LET LOOSE UPON THE EARTH.)

Details of the TWO and THREE DAYS of DARKNESS


(*) The people of the earth will have grown so evil and corrupt and have such a lack of faith, that even if God and Our Lady were to work more marvellous wonders than those seen in Judea during Our Lord's life, or any miracle of the past, the people would not convert.  Therefore, God will not send marvels, but blows and decimation to cleanse an unbelieving generation.  (Sept. 16, 1904)

Our Lord: “It will be missing on earth, (i.e. the Blessed Sacrament) but not for long this Bread of Eternal Life, the Bread that sustains My little suffering souls, the banquet, which strengthens them. I will leave to the wicked one hour of power and strength, (i.e a short time) they will, to increase their number, all the outcasts of the abyss, the eternal abyss, all the damned who are on the earth in human forms to destroy everything, to annihilate everything. I will leave them this painful and difficult hour.  (i.e the Red Revolution and the temporary persecution of the Church)  It will be followed by a profound darkness. The whole sky will be cloudy. Your blessed lights (i.e. the pure wax candles) will serve in the day and My blessings will be abundant. My peace will be with you in this dark night, I will launch all the features of My Justice. I will blast the losers of souls. I will sift the false consciences. I will annihilate the wicked.    (Nov. 13, 1924)


(!) The Two Days of Darkness:

 God will send a great last warning before the Three Days of Darkness - the sun will be darkened for TWO DAYS:

 The Holy Spirit to Marie-Julie Jahenny- "There will be two days of horrible darkness, distinct from those advertised (I.e, different from the 3 days). The sky will be purple and red, so low that the clump of tall trees will be as lost.  These two days will warn you, as an authentic proof of His goodness, as proof of descent from the wrath of God on earth.    You will not be free from the darkness. So far, no soul has mentioned it, because those are not  many who were made aware.  To resist all these signs, holy water is a strength and consolation, and the candle, but with wax. All those that are not of this paste will not help."   (i.e., must be 100% pure wax, which means blessed 100% beeswax candles)

Holy Spirit also says during these Two Days: "The sky will turn red and purple - the sap of the fruit trees will be burnt and not produce fruit the following year.  Black rain will fall as a burning hailstone, but will not destroy the homes of the faithful or destroy the land that will produce food for the faithful. (Sept. 20, 1880) 

Brittany will experience these Two Days differently -  "In Brittany, in these two days of darkness, under the lowering sky, it will seem light, but no one will be able to see, because they cannot put out their face by day when opening a door; there will be an envoy of God, in the form of a hot flash, which will obscure the human eye." - "The Lord is urging me to pass on His words and His wishes. The day of these darknesses will still be bearable, despite the darkness ... But if the day is calm, the night will be violent, and during the two nights, cries will come out where they know not, they will hear nothing, nor walk on earth, covered with Justice. At night, the blessed candle, the candle should not be put out. During the day, they will be able to go without it, a grace that comes from beyond the Heart of God."  (Sept. 20, 1880)


(*)  After these Two Days, there will be a 37 to 40 day period - after which the THREE DAYS OF DARKNESS will occur. (Nov. 28, 1881)

(*) Just before the Three Days of Darkness strike there will be  1) a very cold winter night, 2) an extremely hot wind from the south will come with great hail, followed by 3) a frightful thunderstorm of unprecedented proportions that will shake the mountains - then the THREE DAYS OF DARKNESS.  4) lightning will zig zag across the sky from a mass of fire-clouds and turn everything into ash.  The air will be filled with poisonous gasses and vapours, and giant tornadoes will rip up everything. (From prophecies collected during the years 1930-1937)

Our Lord: "I shall come over the sinful world in a frightful rumbling of thunder during a very cold winter night. A very hot southerly wind shall precede the thunderstorm, (i.e come before it) and heavy hailstones shall dig deep into the soil." 

"From a mass of fiery clouds devastating lightning will come forth in zigzags, setting fire and turning everything into ash. The air will be filled with poisonous gases and deadly vapours which, in great whirlwinds, will uproot the works of the audacity, the folly, and the will of the city of "Darkness."




(***)  It will be the 100% real wax (beeswax) candles that will protect us from the demons that will cry throughout the world during the Three Days of Darkness. (May, 23, 1876)



( ***) The Three Days of Darkness, “Will be on a Thursday, Friday, and a Saturday. Days of the Most Holy Sacrament, of the Cross and Our Lady.” Three days less one night. (“Breton Stigmatist”, p. 44)


(*) The lightnings of heaven will succeed with a rapid violence. Fire from heaven will travel the earth to an appalling width: the vengeful lightning will burn any point that produces the fruit. Cultivated lands will be devastated by the power of this fire; grasslands will be burned and reduced to a land completely stripped. The fruit will not appear, all the branches of trees will be dry to the trunk.  FOR THREE DAYS THE SKY WILL BE ON FIRE WITH the DIVINE WRATH. The earth will not produce food for many years after it, the fruit trees will not produce for three years.  (Nov. 30, 1880)

(!!!) "
"There will be three days of physical darkness. For three days less one night, there will be a continual night. The blessed wax candles will be the only ones that give light in this terrible darkness: only one will suffice for three days, but in the homes of the wicked, they will not give any light.  *   During these three days and two nights, the demons will appear under the most hideous forms. You will hear in the air the most horrible blasphemies. The lightning will enter your homes, but will not extinguish the candles; neither wind, nor the storm can put them out.  *   Red clouds like blood will ride across the sky. The crash of thunder will shake the earth. Sinister lightning will cut across the dense clouds, in a season when they never occur. (In winter, or the end of March?) The earth will be shaken down to the foundations. The sea will rise thundering waves that will spread across the continent (Tidal wave).  *   Blood will flow in such abundance that the earth will become a vast cemetery. The corpses of the wicked and the righteous ones will litter the ground. The famine will be great. Everything will be in turmoil and three-quarters of men will perish. The crisis will break out suddenly. The chastisements will be common in the world to swell up and will succeed one another ceaselessly.  (Jan. 4, 1884)

(NOTE: REMEMBER!- the candles MUST be 100% pure real wax with nothing else mixed in - beeswax is the material approved by the Church.) 

(!) Another warning on the THREE DAYS and HOW TO PREPARE:

"There will be three days of physical darkness. For three nights and two days, there will be a continual night. The blessed wax candles can only give light to this horrible darkness: only one will suffice for three days, but in the homes of the wicked, they will give no clarity. The lightning will enter your homes, but will not extinguish the candles, neither wind nor storm can not put them out.

"My children said the Virgin Mary, mind my words ... In these days of mourning, there will be another earthquake as strong as many others, less strong than in many other places. It will be easy to notice: everything will shake except the piece of furniture on which will burn the wax candle.  You will all group around, with the crucifix and my blessed image. This is what shall take fear away from you, as these days will cause many deaths.  Here is a proof of my goodness, those who make me well served and invoke me, and that will keep in their homes my blessed image, I will keep safely all that belongs to them.  During these three days, I will protect their cattle from starvation. I will keep because them because there must not be a single door ajar. The hungry animals shall be satisfied by me, without any food." (Sept. 20, ??)

(*)  Our Lady: 
The Earth will be covered in darkness, and Hell will be loosed on Earth. The thunder and lightning will cause those who have no faith or trust in my Power, to die of fear. During these three days of terrifying darkness, no windows must be opened, because no one will be able to see the earth and the terrible colour it will have in those days of punishment without dying at once...The sky will be on fire, the earth will split... During these three days of darkness let the blessed candle be lighted everywhere, no other light will shine...” (Sept. 20, 1882)

(*)  Our Lord "When, on a cold winter night, thunder is heard loud enough to shake even the mountains, then quickly shut all doors and windows. . . Your eyes must not profane the terrible event by curious glances." (In other words – DO NOT LOOK OUT – you will be struck dead if you do.)      "Gather together in front of the Crucifix. Place yourselves under the protection of My Most Holy Mother. Do not let any doubts enter your hearts concerning your salvation. The more confident you are, the more inviolable the rampart with which I wish to surround you. Light blessed candles; say the Rosary."    "Persevere for three days and two nights. The following night the terror will abate. After the horror of this long darkness, the sun will shine with all its light and warmth."   "It will be a great devastation. I, your God, will have purified everything. The survivors must give thanks to the Blessed Trinity for their protection. Magnificent shall My Kingdom of peace be, and My name shall be invoked and praised from sunrise to sunset." (i.e the Age of Peace will finally begin after the Three Days of Darkness)   (Source: “World Trends” Newsletter, Issue 47 B, by Yves Dupont. His sources, the books of Marie-Julie Jahenny's prophecies by Fr. P. Roberdel)

(*) (December 8, 1882) , "No one outside a shelter... will survive. The earth will shake as at the judgement and fear will be great. Yes, We will listen to the prayers of your friends, (i.e the friends of Marie-Julie Jahenny, those devoted to her and her Mission of the Cross) not one will perish.  We will need them to publish the glory of the cross.

(*) France itself will lose half its population.  (Sept. 16, 1904)

(*) Four towns of France will disappear - there will be villages without a soul.  (Sept. 16, 1904)

(*)  Those destined to see and live through the chastisements and God's wrath will see things no other century has seen - the living will envy the dead, the punishments will be so great.  (Sept. 29, 1878)

(*)  God's Justice WILL SPARE NOTHING - He is cultivating the earth to plant a 'new seed' - (May 25, 1877) 

(*)  The earth will be depopulated by two thirds to three quarters - but God will repopulate the earth again during the Age of Peace: (Mixed dates: Sept. 29, 1879 / March 15, 1882)

(*) The Lord then shall 'bring forth the sun to console after it had been obscured'.  (Sept. 29, 1880) 

(*) After the great blow- the chastisements of God that will leave many dying for fear, the Triumph will come.  (May 19, 1898)


Other Prophecies about FRANCE

(+)  Our Lady will bring about the time of renewal:

 (*)  PRAY FOR FRANCE -  Our Lady says she will save France, Faith is not dead yet, only asleep, but we must pray if she is to wake it up.  (March, 18, 1874)

(*) Only prayer and penance will save France (Sept. 29, 1874)

(*)  France must rekindle its famous devotion to the Blessed Sacrament-this will reconcile France with Heaven  (Sept 10, 1874)

 (*)  France must pray three prayers three times a day for its deliverance: 1) the Magnificat  2) Ave Maris Stella  3)  Stabat Mater  (March 25, 1874)

(*)  WE MUST PRAY FOR GOD TO SEND THE GREAT MONARCH - St. Louis IX revealed a prayer to be said to him for his intercession for that purpose. (Aug. 25, 1874.  For the prayer, click here.)



(*)  In the northwest of France will be particularly protected - it will suffer less than other places:  (July 29, 1874) + (March 19, 1878).    Brittany is under the special protection of Our Lady and will be spared much of the chastisements.  (March 25, 1878) .  Brittany will be spared much of the sacrileges and profanations during the anti-clerical civil war in France. (Oct. 23, 1878) (But will have one part tested during the persecutions.) (Nov. 30, 1880)  Brittany will be protected due to the grace of Our Lady, but it will still suffer something for having slipped in its faith--five times it will be crossed by the rebels, the north will suffer some more, (the north could be the 'tested' part), but the rebels will eventually be stopped at St. Anne of Aurey shrine. (Text fragments)   Heaven warns Brittany's protection is also CONDITIONAL - it may lose its protection depending on how far the people fall into sin, but there will still be spiritual shelters for the devout. (June 17, 1924)
(*) Also, the Vendeé will be spared (Jan. 9, 1878) + (Text Fragment) However, the southern borders of the Vendeé will suffer. (Text Fragment)
(*) Tours will be protected by the intercession of St. Martin of Tours, but only for those who pray--people must pray for his protection. (Text fragment)

(*) The diocese of Nantes will receive relative protection, but only for those who live and practise the faith. Godless and impious families will not have grace.  (Text fragment)

(*) Pontchateau will be sapred due to St. Marie-Louis de Montfort (Text fragment)
(*) Toulouse will be spared due to the intercession of St. Germain of Pribac, (but will not be out of the woods).  Rodez and Mende will be spared. (Text fragments)  

(*) The righteous will be protected at Lourdes, but, will suffer due to profaners who will come.  The profaners will cause unhappiness at Lourdes as it is a Marian apparition site.  They will bring their animals to the sacred spring and make them drink, but the animals will die in punishment. To the west of Lourdes just up to Bordeaux will be spared. (Text fragment
(*) Devotion to the Sacred Heart - "Those who love My Heart will be safe!" (July 17, 1874)  + All those who ARE NOT DEVOTED to THE SACRED HEART WILL DIE DURING THE CIVIL WAR MASSACRES and the PLAGUES -  (June 15, 1882) The Sacred Heart will be like an ark / shelter for those devoted to It. (July 30, 1925)

(*) Say the Rosary.

(*)  Be prepared to love the Cross and suffering - Heaven cannot be gained without the cross, the true friends of God are granted suffering.   Marie-Julie Jahenny was given the mission to spread the love of the Cross and was given many spiritual lessons on how to love the cross and suffer well -  "The HOLY NOVITIATE OF THE CROSS" - ALL THE FAITHFUL are called to enter into it.   (Click here to learn more and to start the spiritual lessons given to her by the saints.)

(*)  To survive the cataclysmic chastisements, our 'shelters' will be the Sacred Heart and the Cross. The Cross is described as a lightning rod that will shield us. (June 16, 1914)

(*) REMEDIES FOR VARIOUS PLAGUES that will happen during the crises- including the 'BURNIN' Plague - and the PRAYERS that must be said over them - click here for the various remedies and prayers revealed to Marie-Julie Jahenny. Some of these remedies require medals of the Sacred Heart, Immaculate Mary, the Miraculous medal, and St. Benedict's exorcism medal, etc.

*) The PURPLE SCAPULAR of Protection and Benediction - Marie-Julie Jahenny was shown this new scapular would be a means of protection during the various chastisements - click here to learn more about this scapular and the graces attached.

(*) The CROSS of PARDON: new sacramental revealed to Marie-Julie that will help us gain perfect contrition during the persecutions and plagues when will not have priests and will have to rely on God's mercy for absolution. - Click here for more information about this cross.

The MEDAL of OUR LADY OF BONNE GARD- this medal will protect the innocence, purity and faith of children when the evil ones plan to destroy them during the persecutions with their evil indoctrinations.  Click here for more information.

(***) Again, preparations for the TWO and THREE DAYS OF DARKNESS:  1) only blessed 100% pure wax (beeswax) candles will light.  2) holy water will be an aid and comfort  3) we will need images of the Cross, the Sacred Heart and the Blessed Mother. The Cross and the Sacred Heart will be our refuge.    Our Lady also says:  "You will all group around, with the crucifix and my blessed image. This is what shall take fear away from you, as these days will cause many deaths.  Here is a proof of my goodness, those who make me well served and invoke me, and that will keep in their homes my blessed image, I will keep safely all that belongs to them.  During these three days, I will protect their cattle from starvation. I will keep because them because there must not be a single door ajar. The hungry animals shall be satisfied by me, without any food."

*) OUR LADY also said those who were devoted to her, and in addition to having her image their homes and made her known and loved AND CARRIED THEIR ROSARIES WITH THEM AND SAID THEM OFTEN - all that belongs to them will be kept INTACT. (March 24, 1881)

We must SAY THE ROSARY during this time.
  Marie-Julie Jahenny later received a few messages c. 1939 to 1941 regarding devotion to the Holy Wounds and the Rosary (chaplet) of the Holy Wounds revealed to Sr. Marie Martha Chambon (1841 – 1907):

(November 14, 1939) Our Lady: “Don't forget to say this Rosary of the Holy Wounds that I love very much! I bring to my Divine Son the sweet words that you say in this rosary.”

(June 10, 1940) (Speaking?) It takes a lot of prayers to obtain your liberation. Add the Rosary of the Holy Wounds to your Rosary.”

(Observations on 'obtain your liberation': as we see in a text recounting her prayer life that  Marie-Julie added this chaplet to her prayers. We note World war II had just started not long before this when Marie-Julie recieved this message, this chaplet would help bring peace, but it would take much prayer. Also, considering one of her spiritual missions was not only to pray for souls but to pray for the triumph of the Church, one of the promises attached to the chaplet is that the invocations of the Holy Wounds will obtain an incessant victory for the Church.)

(January 21, 1941) (Speaking to Marie-Julie? Possibly Our Lady:) “Console yourself, the Holy Wounds are the way of salvation. Tell the little souls how much I love those who spread devotion to the Rosary of the Holy Wounds.”

(Undated Text): The devotion to the Holy Wounds will be a lightning rod for the Christians who will have kept it.” (i.e. those faithful to the devotion will be protected as a lightning rod protects from lightning.  Seems to indicate they will be spared the blows of Divine Justice.) 

(*) The 'Friends' of Marie-Julie Jahenny will be spared - they will be saved to spread the glory of the Cross.



(*) To Our Lady alone is granted the honour of declaring the hour of victory for France  - (May 24, 1875)

(*) The punishments due France will be mitigated as France is dedicated to Our Lady,  Our Lord does not wish to strike it as hard because of this.  (Sept. 7, 1939)

(*) Our Lord is planning to rebuild a NEW FRANCE for His Mother (Sept. 7, 1939)  - and mentions a 'new France' again in February 1941.  Our Lady also calls it 'my new France' (July 23, 1925)  St. Michael calls the restored France the 'new France', (Sept. 29, 1878), so does the Holy Spirit (Dec. 28, 1880)    (Confirms that Apparitions of Our Lady Queen of France to Sr. Marie France in that France will be renamed 'New France'.)

(*) The Triumph will come faster than expected due to the intercession and tears of Our Lady (Oct. 1, 1875) 

(*) Our Lady says she will overthrow the wicked and bring them to the feet of the Great Monarch - Her Triumph will come through the Great Monarch (May 23, 1874)

(*) The Triumph of the Immaculate Heart will come through France and the restoration of the White Flag (the flag of the kings) (July 3, 1874)

(*) DO NOT EXPECT THE PEACE TO COME FROM MAN - the Sacred Heart alone be able to save France (i.e no human plan or endeavour will bring about the renewal)  (August 5, 1879) + (Sept. 7, 1939) + (February 1941)  Christ is preparing great wonders to confound those who refuse to believe in the supernatural.  (February 1941)

(*) The Immaculate Heart and the Sacred Heart will protect the faithful during the chastisements and the ruins - they will proclaim the victory of the cross. Our Lady: "Little children, do not tremble. My mother's heart will save you with the Divine Heart and the despised cross will shine above the firmament in a white and gold cloud and a ray of love will form the words:

'Righteous souls, souls chosen to live again after these disasters, go through the ruins that the chastisement has hit, bear on your breasts the tree of life, (i.e the Cross), the litter of the Saviour of the world, the choice of His Love."  (July 21, 1925)


(*) Marie-Julie Jahenny was told by the Holy Spirit that she would intercede for the Triumph of France once she was brought into Heaven - this means the arrival of the Great Monarch would not arrive until sometime after her death - (she died in 1941). (Dec. 16, 1880)

(*) Again, she was told it would be from Heaven when she would see the triumph of the Church over the forehead of  Henry of the Cross (aka the Great Monarch) and see the faithful pope (aka the Angelic Pontiff) place his consecrated hand on his head.   (Feb. 4, 1882) + (Feb 14, 1882)



(*)  We must pray God will send the Monarch to us, and especially pray to St. Michael - not enough prayers are being said for this request:  (March 25, 1874)  

(*)  We must pray to God that He will send the promised king - St. Louis IX revealed a prayer to be said to him for his intercession for that purpose. (Aug. 25, 1874.  For the prayer, click here.)

(*) He will be beloved by Our Lady as her own son and especially protected by her: (June 15, 1875)

(*)  He will be like another St. Louis IX:  (March 28, 1874)



(*) The king France rejected it will one day accept (June 21, 1874)  

(*) The one 'Rejected and Abandoned' by the majority of men will be called by God and come forth - (Aug. 25 1882)

(*) He will come out of exile (Dec. 31, 1874)

(*) He is HENRY V(March 25, 1974) + (Nov. 1874) + Henry ( June 1, 1877) + 'Henry of the Cross' (Feb 4, 1882) + Henry V of the Cross (Feb. 28, 1882)

(*) He is the exiled 'MIRACLE CHILD' - ALL THE PROPHETIC WORDS refer to him.  The Miracle Child of exile will "RETURN".   (March 22, 1881) + He is the exiled one they call the 'Miracle Child' - MUCH LATER they will know the depths of his heart - he is "RESERVED FOR THE GREAT EPOCHS".  (Sept. 6, 1890)

(*) The exiled king WILL RETURN to claim the throne of France - men will say he will never return, and we are to ask them "ARE YOU PROPHETS?"  (Sept. 29, 1878)  + Also, "Let them say and affirm to men that he will never return.  Listen to them and ask them if they are prophets!"  (Sept. 6, 1890)

(*) The king chosen by God will return to claim the throne, even though the whole universe seems poised against it and it seems impossible as it truly is impossible with man, only GOD can bring his return with His Divine Power.  How this will be accomplished is veiled to the eyes of men and those blinded who never wished to acknowledge God's chosen king.   (July 19, 1881

(*)  The Great Monarch will not be of any other Bourbon pretender, nor a descendant of Napoleon Bonaparte  or Louis Philippe, (Orleans House), nor will he descend from Naundorff.  (March 28, 1874)

(*)  Has he been revealed?  YES: the Great Monarch can be none other than -
Henri Charles Ferdinand Marie Dieudonné d’Artois, Duke de Bordeaux, Count de Chambord- who was also called during his life HENRY V, the 'Child of Exile', and 'THE MIRACLE CHILD'.  Click here for more detailed information on Henry V, the other prophecies by Marie-Julie Jahenny concerning him, including hints on how he will RETURN.



(*) The King will not come to claim the throne and save France until after France suffers a crisis (i.e. war and bloodshed, the chastisements, etc.) (June 21, 1874)  He will not come in the beginning of the crisis, but in the later stages. (Feb. 28, 1882)

(*)  The Sacred Heart will cut the time of punishment short to bring the promised King more quickly - (Dec. 1, 1876) + God will hear the cries of the faithful suffering these chastisements and cut the time short, the king will arrive. (Feb. 28, 1882)

(*) France will be greatly weakened and depopulated when the King comes due to the chastisements. (Sept. 29, 1878)

(*)  The Great Monarch will not come until the 'current throne' in France is completely swept away (aka democracy - the 'sullied throne'.)  It will come sometime after a man described as a 'pillar of mud' sitting on the 'throne of today' (democratic leader) and all those present with him are swept away - (i.e. the corrupt government systems of today must be destroyed completely so that the Ancien Regime - the absolute Catholic monarchy of France can be restored.)   (NOTE: The 'pillar of mud' is believed to be a cryptic prophecy of Nicolas Sarkozy, former President of France.   Sarkosy's father was from the Hungarian aristocracy, his paternal ancestors were ennobled by Ferdinand II of Hapsbourg in 1608. Of interest, “Sar” and “Kos” in Hungarian mean “dirt” and “mud” respectively. Sar’ can also mean ‘mire’, while ‘sark’ means ‘pole’!)   (Sept. 28, 1878) 

Sarkozy is still alive, and there were rumours he was thinking of running for President again.  His last term for presidency ended in 2012.  However, it looks like he is about to be "swept away" - in Janurary 2020 it was announced he is due to stand trial in Ocotber 2020
, having been accused of trying to obtain classified information from a judge in 2014.   This basically places the chastisements and return of the king circa early to mid 21st century.

(*) A mystic at
Marmoutier near Tours will announce  with a piercing scream the coming bloodshed that will hit Paris and elsewhere, and the arrival of the Great Monarch - when she announces this prophecy, the Great Monarch will be called. (August 25, 1882)

(*) Great miracles will occur upon his arrival - he will be described as 'a man enveloped in miracles': (Dec. 28, 1880)

(*) About two hours to the day when God 'lifts the veil', i.e. the secret is revealed and He calls the King, a miraculous sign will appear under the sky that will also summon the friends of the King who too will rise up.  The friend will carry a 'Holy Benediction' to the King who will be prostrated, forehead in the dust, humbly bending with all his court under the call of God.  He will arrive in front of his friends, and they will go to meet him.  (July 8, 1882)   The 'servants and victims' will bring him the unsullied White Banner - these virtuous servants and fellow conquerors with the King will also be honoured - their names will be on his banner and all France will honour them in future ages.  (July 8, 1882)

(*) More details on this sign: there will be warning spots or marks in the sun.  (Oct. 4, 1929)   The Soldiers of the Cross will enter out of Brittany and meet up with the King and his armies as they enter France.  The will join together under a miraculous fiery signs in the sky - there will be frightening bloody red signs in the sky which will appear on a Friday.  Then a white light more beautiful than the dawn will pierce the grooves of blood and lead the Soldiers of the Cross to the King who will be waiting at a river.  The light will represent the battles of good and evil - this white light will happen at nightfall  to the west of France -
an enormous white sign to the West of France, surrounded by a curtain of diamond fringes, the space of three quarters of an hour. "Your homes will be lit up as if by the sun."  The streets will be as clear (bright) as on an ordinary day. After half an hour, a red bar will be formed, to the west, in the form of branches; and drops of blood will escape it. This red bar will surround the whiteness of the sign and will invade the brightness of its light (symbol of the attack of evil).  (Nov. 22, 1882)   A third black band will also be there that will represent Satan and his followers - this band will be bigger than the others as it represents how evil followers outnumbers the good.  (Oct. 4, 1929)  However, the Great Monarch will triumph.  From the west, this sign will rise up a little, and then the red bar will dissipate, as by the victory of the whiteness (symbol of the triumph of the Great Monarch). It will be a Saturday, between 5 and 6 hours ...     The Soldiers of the Cross and the armies of the King will then unite under the STAR OF VICTORY. The star will be square in form and will miraculously show a crown and sceptre in the middle which will be distinguished by all the people of the earth.  (Nov. 22, 1882) This star will appear to announce his arrival, it will appear in midday, and shine for three days, apparently during daytime. (Feb. 28, 1882)

(*) The arrival of the King, described as a 'radiant star' coming from exile, will be a sign of Christ's power given to the obstinate Jews.  The Great Monarch will come amidst the storms and the signs of the wrath of God to open their eyes -  (Jan, 18, 1881)  + (Feb 28, 1882)

(*) The signs accompanying the arrival of the Great Monarch will resemble the signs of terror that happened on Good Friday - (i.e the sun was darkened, the earth shook, and the dead arose and appeared to many) (Feb. 28, 1882)

(*) The true ministers of God who were scattered during the persecutions will return when the King is called - however, very few bishops will answer the call, only four. (Sign of how few faithful bishops will be left.)   (Sept. 5, 1882)

(*) Also, there will be few who will support the Great Monarch - those who recognise and support him will be in the minority.  (July 16, 1914)

(*) The Sacred Heart will appear and bring the Monarch the banner of the Sacred Heart ( Dec. 1, 1876)

(*) The Dove of the Holy Spirit will also appear once again and bring the banner of the Sacred Heart    (Note:  As with King Clovis I of France who was the only king favoured by Heaven with an apparition of the Holy Ghost bearing the sacred oil for his coronation, the Holy Ghost will arrive again in the form of a dove and will bring the sacred banner that the Great King is to bear before his enemies when he enters France. In this manner we shall recognise the arrival of the true Great Monarch.  He will establish the Reign of the Sacred Heart in France.)   (July 17, 1874)

(*) The King will come in the name of the Sacred Heart and wear the emblem of  the Sacred Heart on his breast.  (Sept. 19, 1901)
(*) The Great Monarch will also bear the standard of the Cross - the victory will come through the Cross. (May 11, 1877)

(*) The Great Monarch will arrive during the great revolts / civil war in France - he will arrive a few weeks before the Peace, and make this Peace amidst the revolt. (March 28, 1874)   Apparently, he will come amidst 2 weeks of terrible combats during which there will also be terrible chastisements happening in the meantime, (Oct 1, 1875)

(*) The murderers of the country (i.e the evil conspirators that have destroyed France) will stir up a 'thick dust' against the entry of the 'Miracle Child' King - Heaven advises him not to enter just yet - (i.e this is an obvious reference to the 'dust of the foreigner' that will be brought into France). (March 22, 1881)   Also, from the prophecies mentioned earlier - we know the 'foreigners' will be allowed to attack during the First and Second revolutionary crisis periods.  This seems to be advice or a prophecy that the King he is not to enter just yet during these two periods.

(*) The foreigners will have invaded with their army.  (Sept. 18, 1902)

(*) There will be many battles, struggles, dethronements, bloodshed and undignified revolts before he takes the throne of his ancestors. (Dec. 28, 1880)  God will stop the invaders, then, will raise up the Great Monarch.  (Sept. 18, 1902)

(*) The King first seems to set out from a land close to Italy - (July 21, 1881)

(*) Henry V will march first, Christ will show him the path - he will come from the East and go to the South.  The friends of the king will march after him:  (Nov. 1874) 

(*) He will come from the 'side of the Levant' -(i.e. an ancient word for 'east' and usually refers to
the eastern Mediterranean littoral between Anatolia and Egypt) - (May 9, 1882)

(*)  He is also described as coming through the north of the borders. (March 22, 1881)

(*)  He will cross the east and seem to come out from 'the bottom of the north'.  (Sept. 18, 1902)

(*) Three contenders will vie for the crown of France, but the legitimate king (Henry V) will win in the end: (Nov. 1874)   The first day of the fight for / supporting King Henry will be terrible and will be fought 'in the sky' (angelic hosts? airstrike?)  the next day it will be fought by men (on the ground?) (Oct. 1, 1875)  The battle to free the pope in Rome later will not be as terrible as the fight for King Henry.  (Oct. 1, 1875) 

(*) It will be during the THIRD CRISIS period that salvation will come, France will be delivered by the Great Monarch.

(*) THIS WILL BE NEAR THE END OF THE THE THIRD CRISIS PERIOD - a very weak contender will try to hold the throne but the people will soon recognise he is not the true king and will fail.  The followers of the weak contender will try to prevent the entry of the Great Monarch.  (May, 9 1882)   (The people will first hope this contender will rescue France from its misfortunes.)  (May 19, 1898)

(*) The call for the contender (obviously the weak contender that will be chosen) - it will be a descendant of the Orleans branch who attempts to take the throne- but Heaven is not pleased with this choice as his ancestor became a traitor: he joined the Freemasons and took part in the French Revolution, he therefore was also guilty of the death of  King Louis XVI and Queen Marie Antoinette.  This pretender from the Orleans House will not hold the throne.  (Sept. 6, 1890),

(*) The true King will come in the midst of the storm (i.e the wars and terror), and he will have some enemies who will remain standing when he come to take possession of the throne and France, but Our Lady will protect him.  (Sept. 29, 1878)  + ( Sept. 6, 1890

(*) St. Michael will help defeat the enemies of France: (Sept. 29 1874)  St. Michael reproaches the Freemasons for seducing France and declares he will reduce Freemasonry to ashes (Dec. 26, 1877).  St. Michael will hold the enemies of God under his feet and all that has to do with Freemasonry, he will march with the Great Monarch to the borders of France. (Sept. 29, 1878).  St. Michael will march with the King, the angelic troops will help the human forces fighting with the king. (Feb. 28, 1882)

(*) The King's enemies will raise up a legion against him on the northern borders, but their eyes will be veiled as if in the days of darkness. (I.e. they will be blinded.)   He will pass through safely. (March 22, 1881)

(*) Two leagues from the Centre (Paris) - the armies of the enemy will have gathered with the 'governours of today' i.e (democratic leaders).  But God has planned to blind them in a big city as a mark of His Justice.     However, another army will gather, greater than those who will be blinded.  Nevertheless, the King will pass safely - about 12 leagues into his march into France, he will raise the White Flag - he and his fighters will be protected.  They will trample over those who have been blinded and pass safely, he will come to the throne and be crowned before the fighting is even over.  The contender who tried to take the throne will descend in shame and confusion.  (May 9, 1882)

(*) Details of the battle:  St. Michael seems to point out 'two stages' of the battle, or two battles - (possibly a symbol of the crises that will happen to France.)  St. Michael shows the banner of the Sacred Heart, he along with the righteous will march under it - the banner is showed as falling two times before the enemies - but the banner will fall upon and protect the righteous.  The second time it falls is when France will truly suffer - that is when there will be no priests, Masses, or the Blessed Sacrament, etc. (the anti-clerical civil war breaks out and the true Church is finally forced underground in France). This seems to reveal that the Great Monarch will not come until after religion is suppressed in France. (Sept. 29, 1880)  The enemies will not perish in the first battle, but after the second.  A small number of the faithful are destined to survive and will proclaim the Great Monarch and see him enter into his glory.  These few faithful who have received the grace of protection through the chastisements and plagues are specially predestined of God and will see great miracles.  (Sept. 29, 1880)  

(*) A revealed prayer will suppress and disperse the foreign enemy - (Oct. 1, 1875)  + (Oct. 2, 1875) 

 (*) St. Michael with his Banner of the Sacred Heart will turn the battle - there will be miracles.  (July 23, 1925) 

(*)  The friends of the King will trample over the corpses of his enemies.  (Sept. 29, 1878) + (Sept. 6, 1890)

(*) St. Louis IX will be granted grace through Our Lady to aid the Great Monarch and re-establish the throne of France: (Aug. 25, 1874)  

(*)  The end of the evils will come at the (end) of the Third Crisis period when the King is crowned.  (August 17, 1905)  

(*) The bishop destined to crown the Great Monarch king of France will not be from the Centre (Paris) but from the diocese of Aix, and he will be young, not yet 45 years old.   He will be a 'glorious child of God', i.e. a true pastor, and not like the 'pastors of today' who will no longer be on their episcopal sees,  (i.e. corrupt pastors and those from the apostate religion).  The coronation will take place on the 'ruins of the Centre', i.e. Paris.  This bishop will come from far away and when the earth is deserted.  (May 26, 1882)  The consecrating bishop will place a cloak made of cloth of gold over the shoulders of the king. (Feb. 28, 1882)

(*)  The Peace will come so fast as a miracle of God that people will be amazed at how fast war and peace are made: (Feb. 18, 1876) 

(*) France is represented by the lily (fleur de lys), and the Lily will be RESURRECTED (Aug. 5, 1879

(*) Recapitulation - during the days of terror, it will be like ants pouring out of their lair - hoards of people will join the evil group that will cause the revolts - but they will perish during the signs of God's anger and the cruel plagues.  Then, God will heal the kingdom and the Great Monarch will enter into his reign - (Feb 28, 1882)

(*)  The Great Monarch will establish peace in France first, this peace will have lasted five months,  then the REVOLUTION in Italy will break out, this will last two (or three) years depending on the prophecies.  (Sept. 29, 1882)  (No doubt this is when Henry V goes to Italy with his armies to rescue the holy pope who will be hidden amidst the rubble. See the following prophecies.)

Rome and the Pope (ANGELIC PONTIFF?)
(*) Pray for the Supreme Pontiff! Marie-Julie is told to pray for the Supreme Pontiff, they are plotting upon his life, but will not have it. (This could be in reference to Pius IX who was reigning at the time, or, also the Angelic Pontiff to come.) (Jan. 9, 1874)

(*)  Our Lady will deliver a pope held captive in Rome, (Angelic Pontiff?) she will send the Great Monarch to his aid. (March 25, 1874)  + (Dec. 6, 1874)

(*) The Sacred Heart also announced the King will save the Pope - (July 17, 1874)  

(*) The Triumph of the Pope (in Rome) will happen after the Triumph of France: (Aug. 25, 1874) +  (Dec. 6, 1874)

(*) The Pope will send a communication to the King asking for his aid, supported by only a few bishops: (Feb. 18, 1876)

(*)  The Pope will be threatened at this time - (Angelic Pontiff?)  they will want to take his life, and if he is not made a martyr, it will be by a shining miracle never seen before. The King will then turn his attention to defend the Holy See when the peace of France is secured.  (Sept. 29, 1878)

(*) The possible shining miracle referred to - when Rome is chastised and the pontiff held captive in Rome during the revolutions there (the Angelic Pontiff) he will be comforted by a great miracle: a few of his faithful ministers will take refuge in a church close to the Vatican on its right, they will see a crucifix that will miraculously shed blood from the Five Wounds. The Blood will flow so hard that two angels will collect it in cups surrounded by a halo.    The chains of St. Peter will also be miraculous brought to the Christ on this bleeding crucifix-This miracle will touch the hard hearts of the evil ones and they will give the Holy Father some freedom.  The angels will take the two cups that hold the Blood that has flowed and place them on the altar when the Holy Father says his Mass, the same altar used by Pius IX.  The Holy Father will ascend the steps of the altar at the same hour as Our Lord suffered in the Garden of Gethsemane and will drink from one cup.  He will see miraculous writing in the Blood of the other cup saying the French will be coming to his aid:  "Courage, very August Pontiff, the blood of the French, who are also your children, comes to offer itself to the point of death for your defence." - (May 4, 1880)

(*) The Great Monarch will come to free the pope, he will temper the tip of his sceptre of glory in the blood of the Romans in his defence of the Holy See.  (March 22, 1881)

(*) Special prayers of Thanksgiving for the Triumph will be revealed by heaven: (Dec. 6, 1874) 

(*)  He will receive a blessing from the faithful pope (Angelic Pontiff). (Feb. 4, 1881)

(*) Italy will have a Christian (Catholic) King (undated text fragment).

 (*) After The Great Monarch receives the blessing -he will carry the white banner back to France with all his followers to Marie-Julie's cottage of La Fraudais, the place where all the messages foretelling his arrival came from.  He will set down the White Banner at La Fraudais.  (Feb. 9, 1882)   (More details) - The Sanctuary of the Cross will apparently be built in this time, or under construction - after he receives the blessing from the 'faithful Apostle', the King and his followers will come to Sanctuary, he will place his white banner there, and lie prostrate with his face on the ground and give thanksgiving for all the prophecies that foretold his arrival and the time of the Triumph. The 'Exile will come to the Seat of the Cross'.  (July 8, 1882)

(*) Prophecy for England,- it will convert after the chastisements.  It will suffer and will not receive aid from France until France and Italy are secured first.  Then, in true charity, the French will help the English put an end to their troubles. (From undated text fragments.)

(*) Also, a prophecy for the King of Spain -  Heaven has plans for Spain as well.  The King of Spain will be forced to abandon is kingdom for a few months due to pursuers, but will then return. His return will be a real triumph and revive his faith and hope. He will call the Great Monarch 'brother' and their two hopes and flags are similar (i.e the Spanish King will come to his aid, be a Catholic ally).  (May 16, 1882)


 The Length of The King's Reign / Reign of the Sacred Heart / AGE OF PEACE

(*) France is chosen to accomplish Christ's great plans - He loves France.  (March 1, 1923)

(*) The Triumph of France and the Salvation of the Church will come from the Sacred Heart (Oct. 27, 1875) 

(*) The Triumph of France will bring in the Reign of the Sacred Heart - Christ desires the earth ring out with prayers that it may come so the EVILS MAY END - especially at the foot of the altar (i.e. Masses offered for that intention. (But currently no one is doing that now!)  (Nov. 26, 1922

(*) The Age of Peace will last 23-30 years - it is the Reign of the Sacred Heart - the Great Monarch will bring it about and the time is not far away. (July, 23, 1925)

(*) Do not place your hopes in any plan of man, or any government leaders - only the Sacred Heart will save France and restore the Kingdom (Aug. 5, 1879) Do not count on men to be able to save France, only the Sacred Heart can do it as the number of good men who want to do His will will be small. (Sept. 1879)   (I.e. only the miraculous intervention of God will bring about the restoration of France.)

(*) The Great Monarch will consecrate France to the Sacred Heart (June 1, 1877)

(*) France will experience great wonders after all the sorrows - peace will reign everywhere (Sept. 29, 1878)

(*) NOTE - the first few years are STILL GOING TO BE DIFFICULT - after the plagues and the Three Days of Darkness, the earth will be scorched and not produce at first - "
For many years the earth will produce nothing. France will be unhappy, even after its triumph. For two or three years, she will feel the ruins and the deep misery. The misery will be great, although my people is clear (of it?). Prayer will bring the blessing. My son and I will have mercy on this long penance."  (I.e the time of scarcity will end when the people pray for it.)  (Nov. 30,1880)

(*) When the Great Monarch enters into his reign - God will cleanse the defiled earth with a heavenly dew - penitence done by the chosen survivors will efface the evil marks left behind by the wicked.  (Feb, 28, 1822) + (August 1920)

(*) The Church will be restored under his reign - Our Lord says the promised king, Henry of the Cross "
will comfort the destitute, renew the devastated priesthood, weakened and fallen like a branch under the saw of the worker. His charity will renew the priesthood, he will raise the statues of My Mother, he will remount the crosses (that were) insulted and cut into pieces."  (Feb. 14, 1882)

(*) God will give all grace and enlightenment (either to the King or the Angelic Pontiff, the prophecy is obscure on who), regarding the regeneration of mankind, and how to carry this about according to God's plans.  (Feb 9, 1914)

(*) King Louis XVI, who was murdered during the French Revolution is recognised as a martyr in Marie-Julie's visions, he will be canonised during the reign of the Great Monarch (Jan. 5, 1881)  The King will also demand the canonisation of Marie-Julie Jahenny at the same time.  (Undated text.)
(*)  It is thanks to the sacrificial life of Marie-Julie Jahenny that France (and the world) will have this Great King - he will be given all spiritual gifts to complete his mission on earth because of her! (Undated text.)  He is describe as a man will 'all gifts'.  (Feb. 28, 1882)

 (*) The reign of the Great Monarch will last 25 to 30 years.  (July, 23, 1925)

(*)  The Great Monarch's reign will last until the End of Time: (March 28, 1874)

(*) France will never lose the Faith thanks to the Devotion of the Sacred Heart and will RULE after its triumph UNTIL THE END OF TIME (Oct. 27, 1875)   The Sacred Heart confirms again that once France is delivered of the evil ones and the Triumph begins, He will not leave it in the power of the wicked.  (February 1941)



(*)  Brittany in France will become powerful - it has been specially given to Our Lady.  It will become a land of special grace and privilege - Our Lady reveals her power is greater here than anywhere else. (March 25, 1878)

(*) Our Lady reveals never since the time of Calvary has she seen a land that has so many graces reserved for it. Souls will be drawn to La Fraudais, the place has extraordinary graces reserved for it.   (March 16, 1880)

(*)  A great church and sanctuary / monetary dedicated to the Holy Cross will be raised directly on the site of Marie-Julie Jahenny's cottage in La Fraudais.  There will be a new order dedicated to the Cross that will be stationed there.  There will be a miraculous healing spring on the site.  France and the world will one day know of the great graces granted there and come on pilgrimage.  (Feb. 9, 1878) 

(*) Christ searched for a 'safe place' on earth to plant His cross and found Brittany - the Sanctuary and its holy spring will start from humble beginnings, and, will begin to rise when religion is in danger and the world has grown corrupt - THE MOMENT HAS ARRIVED.  (Dec. 15, 1876, also 1876 revelations.)

(*) The Sanctuary will be Gothic in style, the water from the holy healing well will be piped into it.  (February 9, 1878).    The workers building the Shrine will receive miraculous help from the angels - when the workers take a break, the angels will continue to raise the walls.  The workers will also hear them sing Heavenly music, and Our Lord also promised He too will sing. (Jan. 22, 1878)  

(*) After The Great Monarch receives the blessing from the Pope -he will carry the white banner back to France with all his followers to Marie-Julie's cottage of La Fraudais, the place where all the messages foretelling his arrival came from.  He will set down the White Banner at La Fraudais.  (Feb. 9, 1882)   (More details) - The Sanctuary of the Cross will apparently be built in this time, or under construction - after he receives the blessing from the 'faithful Apostle', the King and his followers will come to Sanctuary, he will place his white banner there, and lie prostrate with his face on the ground and give thanksgiving for all the prophecies that foretold his arrival and the time of the Triumph. The 'Exile will come to the Seat of the Cross'.  (July 8, 1882)