St. Bridget of Sweden (1303-1373)

ST. BRIDGET OF SWEDEN (1303-1373) St. Bridget was the daughter of a knight of Sweden called Birger, and of Ingeburgis, a lady descended from the kings of the Goths. At ten years of age, listening to a sermon on the Passion of our Divine Saviour, she was so strongly affected that the impression lasted through her whole future life.

In obedience to her father, Bridget, when only sixteen years of age married Ulf Gudmarsson of the family of Ulvåsa, Lord of Närke in Sweden. They had eight children. Their house was like a most exemplary and fervent religious community. Ulf died in the year 1343. After his death she founded the Bridgettines nuns and monks.

St. Bridget made pilgrimages to Compostella in Spain, to Palestine, and to Rome, where she died on the 23d of July, 1373. St. Bridget wrote several pious works, one of which is about her mystic revelations. These were printed in Lubeo 1492; at Nuremberg 1522; in Rome 1521, 1556, 1606, 1608; at Antwerp, 1611; at Cologne, 1628; at Munich, 1680. She is one of the six patron saints of Europe, together with St. Benedict of Nursia, Sts. Cyril and Methodius, St. Catherine of Siena and St. Edith Stein.

A considerable number of these revelations were written down by Fr. Peter, a Swedish Cistercian monk, who was her confessor and companion in her many travels, and who died 1390. The eighth book was written by Alphonsus, surnamed the Spaniard, and the hermit, who resigned the bishopric of Jena, in Andalusia, and who was also her confessor. (See Butler's “ Lives of Saints, 8th October.”)

However, according to the book the 'The Christian Trumpet' (printed 1874), a separate set of prophecies attributed to St. Bridget regarding the fall of Constantinople, the wars of Napoleon and the rise of a Great Monarch was allegedly discovered in the vaults of the Benedictine Fathers in the city of Naples and then preserved in their library.

The copy printed by 'The Christian Trumpet' was taken from the convent of St. Dominic, in the town of Mareno, where it was allegedly discovered by Francis Famesone Biondi, a notary public of the same place, and which was published in a collection of prophecies with the title of 'Oracolo', in the year 1856.

Can these prophecies be believed? Were they an invented set of prophecies attributed to St. Bridget to make them sound authentic?

Some of the information she gives does not fit other prophecies, and, sound like additions made by others who wished to see what they wished to see, which often occurred in the earlier centuries when scribes wished to champion the cause of their monarch or their country.

However, much of what was allegedly discovered corresponds with other Great Monarch prophecies, therefore, I have included them below, but have highlighted and made notes.


One prophecy that is correct: St. Bridget prophesied the fall of the Greek Empire (also Greek Orthodox Church) in the following words :

Let the Greeks know that their empire, their kingdoms, or dominions, shall never be secure or in settled peace, but will always be held in subjection by their enemies, from whom they shall have to suffer most grievous hardships and constant distresses ; until, with true humility and good-will, they shall have devoutly submitted themselves to the Church of Rome and to her faith, conforming themselves entirely to the holy ordinances and rites of that Church.

(The Greek Orthodox lost their capital of Constantinople to the Ottoman Turks / Muslims in 1453.)


This sounds exactly like Abbot 'Werdin' of Otranto's prophecy and therefore may be true:

When the Feast of St. Mark (the Apostle), (April 25), shall fall on Easter Sunday, the Feast of St. Anthony of Padua, (13th of June), shall occur on the Feast of Pentecost, and that of St. John the Baptist, (24th), shall come on the Feast of Corpus Christi, the whole world shall cry, Woe !

For the Lily reigning in the superior part shall move the encampments against the seed of the Lions, and shall surround the children of men that will fight against the Lily. At that time the sign of impiety shall be raised.

(The author of 'The Christian Trumpet' noted the infamous tree of liberty was raised in the year 1792 in France, and in Rome, 1849, and these years fell only one year away from the 'Feast day Conjunctions - in the years 1791, and 1848, Easter, Pentecost, and Corpus Christi fell as above. Basically, the world would cry 'woe!' as the Masonic French Revolution of Freedom had gained ground against the Bourbon throne of the 'Lilies'.)

At that time will come out of the island (of Corsica?) a terrible son of man (Napoleon Bonaparte?), carrying war in his powerful arm, and with the French he will fight against the Italians, Germans, Sarmatians, Spaniards, and Turks. Everything shall be upset.

During three consecutive years there shall be fighting among the faithful The Lily, or Bourbon kings, shall lose the crown, which shall be taken up by the Eagle, (Napoleon?) and with which shall be crowned the son of an obscure man risen from the sea, who will carry the admirable sign in the promised land. Woe ! woe ! ! woe ! ! ! when the son of man shall seat himself on the throne of the Lilies (on the throne of the Bourbons in France), then great tribulations shall be in the Church.    (This came partially true – Napoleon stole the crown, made himself Emperor, harassed the Pope and stole the Papal States, although this sounds oddly mixed, possibly a copy of a Great Monarch prophecy of Abbot 'Werdin' of Otranto where the Eagle steal back his rightful crown?  Also, Napolean did not carry the 'admirable sign' that the Great Monarch is destined to carry, ie. the Cross of Christ.)

During the six following years there shall be many and great wars among Christians, and in some country the war shall be so cruel that men never saw the equal. Ah ! child, consider well whether thou will be on the side of good, or of evil! If thou art on the side of good, or right, why dost thou not raise up again the columns of the Church? Why dost thou not move them to their proper place?  (The author of 'The Christian Trumpet' believed this was an exhortation from St. Bridget to Napoleon asking if he wishes to do good, why not raise up the Church that was dispersed during the French Revolution? Eventually, Napoleon signed a Concordat with the Vatican allowing Catholicism to be practised freely again in France. It was revealed to Bl. Anna Maria Tiagi of Rome that Napoleon was grant the graces necessary for salvation due to this act.)

Then shall rise the congress of iniquity that will be able to excite the Gallicans against the Church of God.  However, Gallicanism shall perish, of its own disease.   (i.e the Gallican movement wished to limit the power / authority of the papacy in France. Of interest, Marie-Julie Jahenny foretold that the bishops will wish to restrict the power and authority of the papacy to that of a figurehead again during the chastisements  time of Apostasy).

But the son of man, the parvenu of the sea, shall be most invincible in war, and shall subdue all Germany. The great house shall almost be pulled down. (Napoleon brings destruction to Europe? However, this sounds suspicious, like a copy of Abbot 'Werdin' of Otranto's prophecy where he called the Angelic Pontiff the 'son of man' who will come from across the sea.  Since St. Bridget's prophecy also features his 'feast day conjunction prophecy', these few lines are suspect, and could be an inventive copy from 'Werdin' by a later scribe.)

But at last the Eagle will come from the North to the West, and shall together with her children be surrounded by the towers of Spain, and they will raise Germany up again.  The Eagle will also invade Mahometan countries, and will carry the admirable sign in the land of promise. Peace and abundance shall return to the world. (Here it this sounds like a Great Monarch prophecy accidentally got mixed or confused with the 'Eagle' of Napoleon in the transcription process over the years as other prophecies say the 'eagle' of the Great Monarch is the one destined as Holy Roman Emperor to carry the 'admirable sign' aka the Cross, into Muslim and pagan lands.)

But shortly after new wars shall break out. Woe to you, Venice ! Woe to you, Lucca and Genoa, Italian republics! Woe, because after the year 1790 you shall all be pulled down by the hands of the French. (St. Bridget appears to have backtracked to 1790 before going WAY ahead into what looks like a Great Catholic Monarch prophecy?)

Then in Europe there will be very many wicked men. New wars! Wars carried on with much cruelty and fierceness, many cities shall be destroyed, an innumerable quantity of men shall be killed, the very head of the world shall be shaken. (The Pope?) This most unhappy war shall end, when an emperor of Spanish origin (?) will be elected who will in a wonderful manner be victorious through the sign of the Cross. (The Great Monarch being of Spanish origin is suspect – later prophecies by approved mystics such as Marie-Julie Jahenny states he will be French, but will be aided by the Spanish King. Henry V the 'Miracle Child' of France shall bring the victory of the Cross and restore the White Flag and the White Lily.) He shall destroy the Jewish and the Mahometan sects ; he will restore the church of Santa Sophia (in Constantinople), and all the earth shall enjoy peace and prosperity; and new cities will be erected in many places.

Sweden shall see again the true light of Faith, when it will be governed by a queen born with eleven fingers.

(Apparently, as seen in other prophecies, the Antichrist will come right after the Great Monarch as these alleged prophecies by St. Bridget launches straight into the reign of the Antichrist.)

Antichrist shall be born from an accursed woman, who will pretend to be well informed in spiritual things, and of an accursed man, from the flesh (semen) of whom the Devil shall form his work. The time of this Antichrist, well known to me, will come when iniquity and impiety shall above measure abound. Before, however, Antichrist arrives, the gate of Faith will be opened to some nations, (i.e. broad world-wide conversions during the Great Monarch's reign), and the Scripture shall be verified. People without intelligence shall glorify Me, (Our Lord is speaking here?) and deserts shall be inhabited. Hence, when many Christians will be lovers of heresies, and wicked men will persecute the clergy and will hate justice, this should be the sign that Antichrist shall come without delay. (i.e. when men begin to love heresies again after the Age of Peace, then the Antichrist will come.)

Lastly, he shall arrive, the most wicked of men, and, helped by the Jews, he will fight against the whole world; he will reign during three years, and shall have dominion over the whole earth; he will make every effort to abolish from the earth the Christian name, and very many Christians shall be killed.



According to 'The Christian Trumpet' St. Bridget of Sweden also foretold:

In the year 1980 the wicked shall prevail ; they will profane and sacrilegiously defile the churches, by erecting in them altars to idols and to Antichrist, whom they will worship, and will attempt to force others to do the same.”

Interesting how the year 1980 is very close to the years when Pope John Paul II committed some truly outrageous acts for a pope, such as during his visit to India in February 1982 he allowed a Hindu priestess to impose the mark of Telak on him, and another priestess a few days later to smear sacred ashes on his forehead in another Hindu ritual. Then, there was the sacrilegious Ecumenical gathering of world religions in Assisi on October 27, 1986.

However, as the Antichrist himself has not yet appeared – from hindsight it is plain that this prophecy refers to (and which we are obviously in!) the 'Precursor Antichrist Period', which will mirror the horrible reign of the Antichrist.

1980 falls within the 20th century which is said to be 'Satan's Century', a 'Precursor Antichrist Period' of persecutions and chastisements foretold by, St. Margaret of Cortona, Ven. Mother Mother Mariana de Jesus Torres (Our Lady of Good Success), the leaked version of the secret of La Salette, Pope Leo XIII and by Marie-Julie Jahenny to name a few. This 'Precursor Antichrist Period' and the ruination of Rome will happen before the arrival of the Great Catholic Monarch.

Of interest, the conjunction of feast days where the earth will cry 'woe!' happened in our times in 1943, and will next happen again in 2038.