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The Great Catholic Monarch and Angelic Pontiff Prophecies Through the Ages

From the time of St. Paul and the early Church Fathers to the present day, there have been prophecies made of a 'katechon' - a 'witholder' who will prevent the Antichrist from appearing, at least for a short time.  This katechon according to the various prophecies is a Great Catholic King of the Roman Empire who will arrive near the End of Time and restore Catholic order in a world fallen into apostasy, paganism, corruption and moral decay. 
The influence of this warrior-King will spread worldwide.  He will drive out infidels and restore the Catholic Holy Roman Empire.

With him will rule an 'Angelic' Pontiff, who will help him to restore what had been ravaged, and Catholic Tradition will once more flourish during a great Age of Peace, which will be the last and greatest period of the Church.  Heresies will cease and the Church will flourish like never before.  There will be only One, Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church under the Pope.  After this great era, the people will grow lax and return to their evil ways, and the Antichrist will make his appearance.

*  This blog is dedicated to sharing these prophecies and theological commentaries regarding the Great Catholic King and Angelic Pontiff in addition to End Time prophecies from approved sources, such as those that have been considered accepted from Catholic saints, mystics, and Doctors and Fathers of the Church and approved apparitions, or sources that may be read with discernment. (Discernment texts are marked  ??) 

Closely connected with the Great King and the Pontiff are the Three Days of Darkness Prophecies and the prophecies regarding the promised Age of Peace - Reign of the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts of Jesus and Mary.   Taking the main points of the visions - I have constructed a Prophecy Timeline of events we may expect.   To read the full account of each revelation, you can click on each name in the Timeline to take you to their specific prophecy.
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!! Unfortunately, there are many hoaxes, false prophecies and apparitions, not to mention plenty of misinformation out there on the Internet too: these prophecies and apparitions have NOT been included in the Timeline and have been marked "!?"  For a LIST of the SUSPECT, FAKE, DUBIOUS PROPHECIES and APPARITIONS, click here.  Or, click on the names marked "!?" in the menu bar on the bottom  left.


What the Prophecies Foretell - a General Timeline 

Note: some events tend to overlap

(Click on the names to see their full prophecies)

This is a work in progress, so please, come back from time to time, 
prophecies will be added as soon as possible!



(*) A period of Mercy will be granted to the World, then a Period of Justice:  Ven. Sister Domenica of Paradise *** Bl. Catherine of Racconigi ***  Marie-Julie Jahenny * OUR LORD / APPARITIONS of HEEDE (our generation deserves to be annihilated, but for the moment He desires to show Himself as merciful - but the chastisements are still coming) *** Bl. Sister Elena Aiello (even during some of the plagues and chastisements, Divine Mercy still calls - if men do not heed it and return to a Christian way of life, the rest of the punishments will fall - a RED Revolution, Civil War and the Three Days fire from the sky that will cleanse the earth of evil.) ***

(*) The chastisements could be adverted if people prayed to God: (??) Bernard Rembold 'Spielbahn' *** The vengenace of Heaven could be appeased if people did penance and prayed: Marie Martel / APPARITIONS OF TILLY


(*) NOW IS OUR CHANCE- IF WE WANT PEACE and to MITIGATE the CHASTISEMENTS - If we desire peace in the world than we must work for it in starting with our homes and families, and then our communities - and not to just pray for it.  God will not send the peace if we don't work for it as well as pray for it. We must resolve differences without using violence.  We cannot avoid suffering - it is the cross we must bear.   We are also to fulfil our obligations to the Church and our duties according to our state in life.  We must pray for religious and the pope:  Fr. Bernardo Martinez / APPARITIONS OF CUAPA ***


(*) The Blessed Virgin will by her intercession obtain extra time for the world so people may avail of God's mercy before it is too late and the chastisements strike:  St. Vincent Ferrer *** Maximin / APPARITION OF LA SALETTE (if people continue in sin the punishments will come sooner, if they listen to Our Lady's warnings and convert a little, they will arrive a little later)  *** Ven. Mother Marie Josepha of Bourg (Our Lady's prayers stops Our Lord's hand from striking) ***  Sr. Marie Lataste (God's anger would be appeased if we turned to Mary and asked her intercession)  ***  Marie-Julie Jahenny (Heaven calls for sacrifices to appease the Divine Justice and lessen the punishments that will be sent to the earth - honouring Our Lady consoles the Heart of Christ - if it weren't for the sacrifices offered up by the faithful up to now, God would have already sent the chastisements) ***  Bl. Sister Elena Aiello (much prayer and penance is needed to mitigate the punishments about to befall mankind because of its sins - it is near, Our Lady has already delayed much of the chastisements-an indication to keep praying and making reparation for her intercession) * Sr. Agnes Sasagawa / OUR LADY OF AKITA *** Fr. Bernardo Martinez / APPARITIONS OF CUAPA (Our Lady is interceding with the Father but we must pray and do penance, fulfil our obligations) ***


(*) If we wish to hold off more punishments, we need to stop blasphemies,  stop servile work on Sundays and keep the day holy, and do  not commit the sin of adultery. ***  Pére Lamy (he indicated WWI was sent on account of these sins, and more things are going to  happen before we have the Age of Peace. We need to place everything in the hands of Our Lady)

(*) We must PRAY THE ROSARY:  APPARITIONS of HEEDE*** Sr. Agnes Sasagawa / OUR LADY OF AKITA *** Fr. Bernardo Martinez / APPARITIONS OF CUAPA *** 


(*) Practise the FIVE FIRST SATURDAYS DEVOTION: Fr. Bernardo Martinez / APPARITIONS OF CUAPA (Our Lady reminded his community it had great graces when this was practised) *** 

(*) Christ desires an hour of repearation before the Blessed Sacrament ofn Fridays to atone and make repearations for the outrages done.  If they cannot come each week to do that, then do it every First Friday of the month: (??) Marie Martel / APPARITIONS OF TILLY


(*) The devil will be let loose in all countries (Satan's Century?): Prophecies of Premol *** St. Francis of Assisi (the devils and their power would be unleashed in an unprecedented manner) *** St. Margaret of Cortona ***   *** Ven. Bartholomew Holzhauser (Satan's Century?) *** Sr. Jeanne de Le Royer of the Nativity (an evil century)  *** Bl. Anne Catherine Emmerich (Satan will be let loose 50 or 60 years before 2000 AD)  *** (??) Bernard Rembold 'Spielbahn' (saw a time of advanced inventions, horseless carriages and sail-less ships, the devil would rise up, people praised as angels would really be following devils, people will be full of vice) *** Bl. Elisabetta Canori Mora (Hell will be literally be let loose on earth, the demons will be unchained) *** Ven. Bernardo Maria Clausi (a time would come when the devils would be let loose out of hell and everything turned upside down)  *** Pope Leo XIII   (SATAN'S CENTURY - Satan and the demons would be granted 75 to 100 years of greater power on earth and over all those who are under their sway - they will attempt to destroy the Church within that time)  *** Père Lamy (Satan is now doing his utmost and thinks he has won the game (indicating he thinks this is  his time? We have not yet been through the worst.)***  Marie-Julie Jahenny (Satan and the evil ones who follow him will be granted a complete time of freedom on earth - it will be a century of diabolical weapons) *** APPARITIONS of HEEDE (Hell believes it will be sure of its harvest in this age)*** Bl. Sister Elena Aiello (SATAN ALREADY RUNS AND TRIUMPHS ON THE EARTH-the word has grown perverse and corrupt)  *** Sr. Agnes Sasagawa / OUR LADY OF AKITA (the devil would infiltrate the Church) ***


(*) The earth will suffer due to the abolition of monarchies and the rise of republics: Ven. Bartholomew Holzhauser *** Sr. Rose Colomba of Taggia (a democratic spirit wil take hold of Europe and everywhere, nobles will have their property confiscated) *** Sr. Marie Lataste (rebellious France will suffer for rejecting its true kings chosen by Christ)  ***  Marie-Julie Jahenny (Modern democracy is the 'Luciferian Regime par excellence' - France will pay dearly for its 200 year old antichristian democratic government since the time of the Revolution.  It is the product of Freemasonry which St. Michael promises to strip from the land when the chastisements strike.)   ***


(*) A time of great lawlessness and amorality will spread throughout the earth contrary to Christian values and the natural order:   ***   Origen of Alexandria  ***  St. Methodius of Olympus *** Vatiguerro Prophecy (a time of madness, the evil  ones will be esteemed) *** St. Francis of Assisi (tribulations will abound, charity will grow cold) *** St. Margaret of Cortona  (betrayals and murders)  *** St. Francis of Paola (corruption greed, pride in the secular world and the Church) ***  Bl. Catherine of Racconigi (grave immorality in the Church and the world, in one vision she saw a female cross-dresser and clerics indulging in crass nudity) *** Bl. Bartholomew Cambi de Saluzzo (the world and Church will grow corrupt)  ***  Mother Mariana of Jesus Torres y Berriochoa / OUR LADY OF GOOD SUCCESS (the world will have grown so corrupt, morals will have degraded to where children will have lost their innocence and there will be hardly any virgin souls on earth, clergy will grow corrupt, morals lax, the press will become impious, etc.) *** Ven. Bartholomew Holzhauser *** (??) The Birch Tree and Rhineland Prophecies - (one dated from 1701 states women will want to dress like men) *** (??) Bernard Rembold 'Spielbahn' (the clergy will grow corrupt, people would grow vain, have luxuries never had before, grow lustful and be filled with vice.  Mankind will become so pride-filled due to its new inventions that it will forget God, and no longer even thank God before meals)  *** Bl. Anne Catherine Emmerich (a great darkness of evil)  *** Sr. Jeanne de Le Royer of the Nativity *** Bl. Elisabetta Canori Mora (the earth will have grown evil, clergy will be utterly corrupt, few true Faithful will be left on earth) ***  Abbé Souffrant (it will be like the time of Noah)  *** Bishop George Michael Wittman (scandals will be rife, confusion with be over the earth over princes and nations) *** Bl. Anna Maria Taigi (the earth will be covered in sin and will be severely punished)  *** Maximin / THE APPARITION OF OUR LADY OF LA SALETTE (great disorders will arrive in the Church and everywhere) ***  Ven. Mother Marie Josepha of Bourg (profanation of Sunday and the rejection of laws set up by God for the good of home and society) *** Sr. Maria Steiner (Christians are corrupt and ungrateful, even when coming to church they do not please God but offend Him further.   The clergy are corrupt as well, all think only of self and earthly comforts but not of attaining spiritual perefection - God will chastise the earth) *** Père Lamy (Indicates a time of corruption so bad is coming that faith will  be globally decimated as he noted the world will need to be re-evangelized, and will take a whole generation to do it. Blasphemies, servile work on Sundays and adultery the major sins bringing corruption on earth.  Also, Modernism, industrialization and was as 'Big Business' major causes of this great loss of faith) *** Marie-Julie Jahenny (evil will abound, children will lose their innocence before they reach the age of reason, corrupt parents will be raising them for Hell. The 'Fouth Blasphemy' against Our Lady is revealed to her long before Sr. Lucia of Fatima,  the arts will be corrupted, EVERYTHING will be corrupted, never before in all the previous centuries has there been a corrupt age like this.  Before the crisis hits, Satanic apparitions, possessions and obsessions will multiply, the world will grow corrupt, and even infamous godesses will be worshipped) *** Bl. Sister Elena Aiello (the corrupt time is here, Satan runs through the earth in triumph - the clergy is corrupt which loses souls, and, families no longer raise their children in a holy home with good example shown them - children are corrupted by impurity, bad example and worldly perverse pleasures- the world is completely turned upside down and worse than the time of the Flood)   *** Fr. Don Dolindo Ruotolo (hints of the rise of paganism and nature worship - altars will be raised 'to the earth', also, perverts will raise altars)  *** APPARITIONS OF HEEDE (Mankind is now worse then at the time of the Deluge) ***


(*) The morals of the world will have switched to where the good are seen as the enemies by the wicked:   Origen of Alexandria  ***  St. Methodius of Olympus *** St. Francis of Assisi (those who will live a life of virtue according to the true faith will be seen by the evil ones as a pest upon the earth that must be eradicated - we will not know whom to trust) *** (??) "Old Jasper" - Birch Tree Prophecy - (The good will be considered fools and infidels will be looked upn as men of light.)  ***

(*) The good will try and separate themselves from the evil ones running the earth: Origen of Alexandria  *** St. Francis of Assisi (the persecuted will try to find solitary places of shelter)  *** Ven. Sister Domenica of Paradise (even families will be split for the Faith) *** Bishop George Michael Wittman  (there will be a 'great seperation', the wheat will be winnowed from the chaff, the true faithful will offer up a potent resistance to the evil with 'prayer unions')  *** Sr. Agnes Sasagawa / OUR LADY OF AKITA - (considering Bishop George Michael Wittman's prophecy of 'prayer unions' gathering together to resist the evil in the world, it is interesting Our Lady of Akita in our times has said 'prayer groups' are now being gathered) ***


(*)  The good will not be left alone in their solitudes but be hunted down and persecuted by an evil ruler - PRECURSOR ANTICHRIST  Period (basically, part of Satan's Century): JESUS CHRIST (Our Lord warned of great persecutions and tribulations throughout the earth)  *** Origen of Alexandria *** St. Margaret of Cortona *** St. John of Capistrano (a precursor antichrist person is referred to) *** Sr. Jeanne de Le Royer of the Nativity (the century of evil will basically be a Precursor Period for the Antichrist) *** Bl Anne Catherine Emmerich (saw the Beast spurring on the Freemasons to persecute the Christians, there will be many martyrdoms)  *** Sr. Rose Colomba of Taggia (a precursor antichrist will come) ***  Ven. Bernardo Maria Clausi (things will become so evil, the demons will be let loose, the world will be turned upside down, the good will live in true martyrdom due to the persecution of the wicked.  This period comes before the Age of Peace, so, basically it is a time that will mirror the times of the Antichrist) *** Marie-Julie Jahenny (Satan's Century is basically an Antichrist Precursor period - the spirit of the Antichrist Will multiply and possess many, including corrupt religious - the true ministers of God will be hunted down and persecuted) *** *** Fr. Dolindo Ruotolo (sees this apostate period filled with perverts as a time that will mirror the Antichrist's reign, but this is not it yet - the Great Monarch and Angelic Pontiff will put an end to it for a time, the Antichrist comes after their 'Kingdom of Love')  ***


(*) The Secret Sects / Freemasons are responsible for bringing the Church and the world to this state: Bl. Bartholomew Cambi of Saluzzo (horrible 'oaths' will be taken.  Masonic oaths? Diabolical pacts?  Both?)  ***  Mother Mariana of Jesus Torres y Berriochoa / OUR LADY OF GOOD SUCCESS *** Sr. Jeanne de Le Royer of the Nativity  *** Bl. Anne Catherine Emmerich ***   Bishop George Michael Wittman (the secret societies will work great ruin in the world through their unique 'monetary power' which will blind many and infect them with errors - global economy ?) *** Marie-Julie Jahenny (it began with the demonic French Revolution-they've been making their plans as far as back then and were putting them into effect little by little-she foretells the civil war that heralds the chastisements will be the product of an evil government conspiracy where the people will be deprived of their work and made poor, possibly an indication of a manufactured economic crisis - the workers will revolt in Paris and the revolt will spread, the troubles will begin. - ) *** Bl. Sister Elena Aiello (notes those who plant the Red Flag everywhere proceed with frustration and seduction 'from the lodges'-  also cryptically warns that a materialism has spread an 'organisation' on the earth like never seen before)  ***


(*) 'Compacts' will be made to destroy the Church:  Bl. Elisabetta Canori Mora (sounds like a Masonic / Socialist influenced movement ?) *** MARIE-JULIE JAHENNY (All is already sold out by the evil ones, from the government to the Church - evil ones will make pacts with diabolical visions, the evil ones hunger for human flesh and blood, the evil ones 'work from the bottom of the lodges', and there will be houses of worship built for Satan.)



(*) The earth will also be punished by the elements unleashed, plagues, crop failures, famines, and wars, foreign and civil, revolutions, the rise of Islam, utter carnage, all as warning / cleansing chastisements: *** Prophet Joel (plagues and famines sweep the earth) *** JESUS CHRIST *** St. Ephraim the Syrian (invaders from Gog and Magog, i.e. invaders from the Middle East = Muslims will capture Jerusalem)  ***  St. Caesarius of Arles ***  Prophecies of Premol  *** St. Hildegard of Bingen *** Bl. Joachim of Fiore *** Vatiguerro Prophecy *** Abbot 'Werdin' D'Otranto  *** St. Bridget of Sweden *** (??) Fr. Botin *** St. Francis of Paola (punishments by invasions from infidels and heretics) *** Bl. Catherine of Racconigi  *** Bl. Bartholomew Cambi de Saluzzo *** (??) The Birch Tree and Rhineland Prophecies - (revolts against rightful rulers, i.e. anti monarchy revolts, fathers against sons, and sons against fathers) *** Ven. Bartholomew Holzhauser *** Peré Nectou *** (??)  Bernard Rembold 'Spielbahn' *** Sr. Jeanne de Le Royer of the Nativity *** Bl. Anne Catherine Emmerich *** Bl. Elisabetta Canori Mora *** Abbé Souffrant *** Bishop George Michael Wittman ( wars, revolutions, scarcity, poverty, pestilential maladies and other misfortunes) *** APPARITION OF OUR LADY OF LA SALETTE (the world will be given up to impious passions, disorder will be everywhere, the pope and religious persecuted, a great famine will also happen at this time)  ***  Sr. Rose Colomba of Taggia (starvation and earthquakes before the precursor antichrist) *** Ven. Mother Marie Josepha of Bourg *** St. Mariam Baouardy (every nation shall be shaken by wars and civil wars)   ***   Marie-Julie Jahenny **** APPARITIONS OF HEEDE (what is coming will surpass everything that has happened in the world up to now) *** (??) Alois Irlmaier (WW III) ***  Bl. Sister Elena Aiello (mentions plagues, wars) *** Fr. Bernardo Martinez / APPARITIONS OF CUAPA (WW III has been pronounced)  ***

(*) This time of Satan on earth, of confusion, evil, chastisements, the wars, etc, will commence or have its origins c. the 19th / 20th Centuries and last into the 21st: *** (??) Fr. Botin (19th Century) *** St. Francis of Paola (19th Century - dated noted with the arrival of the Cruciferi)   *** Ven. Sister Domenica of Paradise (when churches look more like 'caverns') * Bl. Catherine of Racconigi (c. 19th century as the Great Ruler to eradicate the disorder in the world is destined to come then.) *** Bl. Bartholomew Cambi de Saluzzo (starting in the 1800s) *** Mother Mariana of Jesus Torres y Berriochoa / OUR LADY OF GOOD SUCCESS (end of 19th into the 20th century - Hell will be unleashed) *** Venerable Bartholomew Holzhauser (wars / disasters will build mid. 20th Century with strange weapons that can split the sky) *** (??) Bernard Rembold 'Spielbahn' (saw a time of never before seen inventions, horseless carriages and vessels, ships that do not need sails, men will want to fly like birds, and obviously we've acheived it - which places the coming punishments in the 20th century and into the 21st.    ***  Sr : Jeanne de Le Royer of the Nativity (starting in the 1800s) *** Bl. Anne Catherine Emmerich (Satan will be let loose 50 or 60 years before 2000 AD)  *** Abbé Souffrant (when carriages travel as fast as birds and we can travel as swift as a swallow, indicates 20th into the 21st century) *** APPARITION OF OUR LADY OF LA SALETTE (Maximin said the great disasters would happen between the 19th and 20th centuries, it is possible he meant the 20th and 21st.  Mélanie indicated in her original Secret 100 years will not have passed before the great disasters happen, or begins to happen, so that would mean adding a number less than 100 to 1846 which is the year of the original Apparition, or, to 1851 when she wrote the original Secret: that would indicate early to the middle of the 20th century)  *** St. John Bosco (saw the Church under a great attack after two ecumenical councils in c. the 19th and 20th centuries - Peace will come after that onslaught)  *** Père Lamy, (died just before WW II, but indicated something horrible was coming before the Age of Peace occurs, during an time of great industrialization and 'war as Big Business' with aeroplanes.  Indicates a major decimation of the human population is coming. The world will be 'squelched' by a master hand before people return to the faith.  This seems to indicate the 20th into the 21st century.)    *** MARIE-JULIE JAHENNY (She foretold Leo XIII's vision before he had it, she was told Satan had already begun working in the 1880s - she would live to see the 'spark' of the chastisements, she lived until 1941 and died during WW II.  Made a cryptic prophecy the feastday of the Queenship of Mary would be moved to the end of August  - and apparently indicated things would get worse from then on- which happened in 1969.  She was told France would pay dearly for its 200 years of anti-christian democracy - the democratic government in France didn't start until 1791 -1792, placing the end of the two hundred years at 1991-1992 but  up to 2003 if we consider the end of the First Republic.  She was told the Great Monarch would not come until after the 'Pillar of Mud' ruled and was swept away - aka cryptic prophecy of Sarkozy who ruled 2007 - 2012)  -  *** OUR LORD / APPARITIONS OF HEEDE ( WE ARE NOW IN THE LAST HOUR)  ***  (??) Alois Irlmaier (predicted credit cards, cell and smart phones, the Euro, also, horrible war inventions indicating 20th and 21st centuries.  Also, he died in 1959 - places the timeframe within the 20th and 21st century) **** Bl. Sister Elena Aiello (indicates mid 20th century was reaching a peak- in the 1950s she said Satan was running through the earth in Triumph-the flock was about to be dispersed-all is is suspense-the time of God's Justice is already hanging by a thread) *** (??)  Sr. Marie of Christ the King / APPARITIONS OF CHRIST THE KING (the 20th century is described by Our Lord as time when the love of mankind has already cooled and that this century is dark and empty. Not The Gospels say near the end, charity of man would grow cold, espeically before the rumors of wars and other changes.  These apparaitions of Christ the King to Sr. Marie state we also in the END TIMES. The chastiments would really begin to hit when His new sanctuary dedicated to His Kingship in Paris would be destroyed, and then as a punishment Paris would be burned.  This prophecy has partly come to pass- the Basilica of Christ the King was demolished in 1977 barely after a few decades of its construction)  *** Sr. Agnes Sasagawa / OUR LADY OF AKITA (timing of the apparitions themselves in 1973 indicates the 20th and 21st centuries - cardinals and bishops opposing each other is now happening as foretold)    *** Fr. Bernardo Martinez / APPARITIONS OF CUAPA (WWIII was mentioned to him in 1980 - it can be delayed or hastend depending on whether or not the world does what is asked, but it appears WWIII has been pronounced as a punishment to the world for its sins and will not be revoked. Note, Fr. Bernardo died in 2000) ***


(*) The End of the Satanic Century and God's Cleansing Chastisements will happen in the early or mid 21st Century:

(*) WOE!  The  Conjunction of the Feast Days:  

When the Feast of St. Mark (the Apostle), (April 25), shall fall on Easter Sunday, the Feast of St. Anthony of Padua, (June 13th), shall occur on the Feast of Pentecost, and that of St. John the Baptist, (24th), shall come on the Feast of Corpus Christi   - indicating the next set of events will happen c. 20th to 21st Centuries (the years 1943, 2038):   Abbot 'Werdin' d Otrante - (the Angelic Pontiff will then come) ***  St. Bridget of Sweden - (the earth will cry woe when these feastdays join!  Also, an abomination will happen c. 1980)  *** St. Malachy - (the last of his list of popes before Rome is destroyed is NOW IN OUR TIME - 21st Century) *** Blessed Tomasuccio de Foligno - (The Renewal will begin in the early 21th Century, meaning the chastisements occur the end of the 20th Century and into the 21st) *** Bl. Bartholomew Cambi de Saluzzo (the chastisements / ruination of Rome will happen when there is a white-haired Pope with the letter B. --- sounds eerily as if during or after Pope Benedict.) *** Bl. Bartholomew's prophecy seems to be supported by St. Pius X's prophecy that a pope with the same name as him will flee over the bodies of his brethren - that could be a pope with the name 'Joseph' - Pope Benedict's first name is Joseph.  *** Ven. Bartholomew Holzhauser (the great conflicts will escalate in the mid 20th Century with strange weapons that can split the sky - also, it will be a century of heresies - the King will come after, which means he will come in the midst of an age with never before seen technology advancements, meaning the century Ven. Holzhauser foresaw will end sometime in the mid 21st, also, when Rome is destroyed)  *** Sr. Jeanne de Le Royer of the Nativity (saw the world had only about two centuries left dating from c. 1800 - placing the last chastisements and the beginning of the Age of Peace about the 21st century) *** Bl. Anne Catherine Emmerich (if she saw Satan let loose 50 or 60 years before 2000 AD, then if the devil has been given a century according to Pope Leo XIII's vision, the destruction will continue into the early / mid 21st Century according to her dates) *** APPARITION OF OUR LADY of LA SALETTE (there is an indication in Maximin's original Secret this will come to pass or end in the 20th or 21st Cenutry)  *** St. John Bosco indicates the Peace shall come before two full moons happen in the 'Month of Flowers' = May (that would be a 'blue moon', and the next closest years we will have a blue moon / two full moons in May are 2026  and 2045)*** Père Lamy, (died just before WW II, but indicated something horrible was coming before the Age of Peace occurs, during an time of great industrialization and 'war as Big Business' with aeroplanes.  Indicates a major decimation of the human population is coming, the world will be 'squelched' by a 'master hand' before it returns to the faith. This seems to indicate the 20th into the 21st century.)  *** Prophecy by Marie-Julie Jahenny  regarding Bl. Pius IX - (Rome will be spared a calamity when he is canonised - considering Paris then Rome will suffer first before all the major chastisements happens before the coming of the Catholic Monarch, - we must be getting close - Pius IX was beatified in the year 2000 and therefore this places his coming canonisation in the 21st century.  The chastisements due to hit Rome might be mitigated when he is canonised according to Marie-Julie.  Marie-Julie also gave a cryptic prophecy the Great Monarch will not come until sometime after the 'Pillar of Mud' aka Sarkozy (2012 onward) -----this all indicates 20th into the 21st century ) *** (??) Alois Irlmaier warned the civil wars and WW III would come sometime when money devalues and inflation and taxes grows sky high and warned of the currency that would come after the Deutschmark - it was the Euro - this became legal tender in 1999 and the Deutsche Mark ceased to be legal tender in 2002.  He also saw smart phones - his visions indicated a 21st century time-frame. *** Sr. Agnes Sasagawa / OUR LADY OF AKITA ( we are now in the 21st century and seeing the prophecy of bishops and cardinals against each other, which would occur before the chastisements - also UPDATE - after many years of silence, a NEW MESSAGE RECEIVED AT AKITA October 6, 2019 - PUT ON 'ASHES' OF REPENTANCE - A 'WARNING OF JONAH' -a sign the foretold destruction is coming near - Sr. Sasagawa declares she feels 'THE TIME IS NEAR') *** Fr. Bernardo Martinez / APPARITIONS OF CUAPA - (the threat of WWIII hangs over the world as a consequence for its sins - Fr. Bernardo died in 2000-meaning we have yet to see the war.) ***


(*) The prophecies regarding the future of China by St. Joseph Freinademetz also show we are coming close to the chastisements  between the 20th and 21st centuries: China needed to be converted - as one of the most populous nations it would soon spread through the world and either bring a blessing or a curse to families on earth depending if it was Christian or not.  However, he predicted bad times, so it is obvious it would spread evil - missionaries would be thrown out of China, priests and laity would leave the Faith.  (We can see this has happened with the rise of the Communist Cultural Revolution and the rise of their State sanctioned church).  After that at some point would come a great war, several occupiers would hold the entire country, one will be more cruel than the others and make the Chinesse people suffer greatly. (This has not yet happened.):  St. Joseph Freinademetz ***


(*) A warning sign the chastisements are close: when there is a sudden proliferation of false visions, mystics and wonder workers - they will be from Satan - he will be so cunning that people will hardly be able to tell real visionaries from the fake ones - the attempt to weed out the fakes from the real ones will cause much division among the faithful as many people will be fooled by the fakes and will defend them: Marie-Julie Jahenny  ****  ALREADY in the 1800s there were many false prophets leading people away so no one was listening to the true warnings: Sr. Maria Steiner ***


***   (NOTE: of interest, we have had a sudden explosion of visions and mystics since the year 1900 - all you have to do is look at the 'Not Church Approved' page of the 'Miracle Hunter's Website' to see there have been so few approved visions in comparison with the many that are not approved or that the Church has not been able to investigate as there have been so many. 


(*)  When the evil wars and chastisements are close, God's people will feel an interior warning - they will feel an 'inquietude' in their hearts, they will feel that the 'time is not far away' for these punishments to strike:  Marie-Julie Jahenny ***


(*) Events in England, Iran and Jerusalem are the first warnings before the civil wars and chastisements come:  Peré Nectou  (the next terrible events will happen when 'England begins to move')  *** (??) Marie Martel / APPARITIONS OF TILLY (England will be punished, it seems like it will lose many of its ships - through war? A disaster?  They sink.)  **** Marie-Julie Jahenny (before the civil wars and the chastisements first strike Paris, France and Rome - England, Persia (Iran) and Jerusalem will suffer, the people of these lands will suffer.  Marie-Julie predicted England would be 'betrayed by the influence of a Queen' and before a 'queen descends from the throne', England will be divided into four parts)  *** (??) Alois Irlmaier (saw tension and a war in the Middle East would break out before the great wars and invasions happen).  *** 


(*) St. Catherine Labouré and St. Mary of St. Peter of Tours were forewarned of the coming chastisements - St. Mary of Tours wrote them down and they were purposely hidden:  Marie-Julie Jahenny foretold when these writings are rediscovered - the chastisements, especially of the strange lightning will be close.


(*) Another forerunner of the great chastisements-children will be corrupted. Parents will corrupt their children with impurity and raise them in adult matters before they reach the age of reason.  The Red government will then force parents to give up their children to them to be corrupted - a government programme that will last c. 44 days.  Marie-Julie Jahenny ***  Alois Irlmaier (also hints that evil laws 'that bring death to children' will be passed at this time, as these evil laws will be done away with during the great peace that comes after the wars).***


(*) A new form of Socialism / Communism will insidiously spread through the earth:  Marie-Julie Jahenny (predicts a 'Red Terror' and a 'Red Revolution' from France that will spread-the origins had their beginning from the French Revolution)  *** Bl. Sister Elena Aiello (warns Russia would attempt to dominate the world and spread its errors and false teachings via revolutions-note Russia was Communist at the time this prophecy was made)  ***  Note: we can also see St Joseph Freinademetz's prophecies regarding China also have some bearing on this: he predicted it would spread a curse through the world if it did not convert.  (It has become Communist and is currently spreading its secular interests through many countries through the world.)


(*) The first of the RED REVOLUTION against God and the Church will come FROM THE 'CHAMBER OF HELL' in FRANCE - The Chamber of Deputies in the National Assembly:  Marie-Julie Jahenny


(*) More warning signs:  Our Lady will appear again near La Salette, she will also come to Amiens France with the Divine Infant to warn the earth, and, a mystic near Tours will announce the coming bloodshed and the approaching arrival of the Great Monarch before it happens: Marie-Julie Jahenny ***


(*) A sign in the sky will be seen before the great chastisements of the Red War and the Three Days of Fire / Darkness come:  Bl. Sister Elena Aiello ***


(*)  WARNING SIGNS IN THE FIRMAMENT will happen 24 HOURS before the Civil War and persecutions break out in Paris and Rome: Marie-Julie Jahenny ***

(*) Evil, proud leaders will try to raise up France according to their own designs, but without God or thinking of Heaven. They more these men try to rise, they more they weigh France down to the earth.  They will at last try to create their own version of a time of 'peace' , but instead of calling for peace, they will end up calling down Our Lord's FINAL JUSTICE. *** Marie-Julie Jahenny




(*) When the chastisements strike around the time leading up to the destruction of Paris, the rich will become very poor (hints of an economic collapse?) -also, it appears just before the chastisements break out, there will be a terrible tragedy at a children's festival, children burn in horrific flames at this 'feast of Baal' - (apparently, this is a hint of something we see today in horrible concerts where so many disgusting things happen onstage, or the songs they listen to are pure filth, or, is some type of other impure festival that parents send their kids to and will turn will a huge tragedy before Paris is struck, it will be carnage, it will be one of the chastisements). (??) Marie-Martel /APPARITIONS OF TILLY


(*) More DETAILS according to Marie-Julie Jahenny before the CIVAL WAR in PARIS:  it will be a government conspiracy started by an evil handful of men - they will work to bring down the economy and create a lack of jobs.  This will create unrest that will suddenly explode, especially when the conspirators set the walls of the city on fire with 'violent sparks'.  The workers will revolt.  There is a cryptic reference that seems to suggest suicide bombers.    It will happen in JUNE AND JULY:  the cries of WOE will sound - it will begin with a huge blasphemy, songs and the cries will resound to start the bloodshed.  It will happen so fast no one will have time to escape.  Roads and passages will be blocked, the carnage will begin.  When the government has seen the carnage begin it will fly away like a bird to let the country free in its carnage.  The corrupted youth will be Christ's worst enemies at this time and will be the most active in calling out 'death to Christ' - 'death to the Christians'.  *** Details from other mystics:   (??) Abbé Voclin (Before the cataclysm breaks, there will be a lot of talk about money, meaning people will only seem concerned with worldy economic concerns.  Blasphemous writings against religion will spread, bitter disputes will occur between writers of opposing sentiments. Then blood will flow: Paris will be filled with murders and the Seine will flow reddened waves to the sea.  Blood will flow in other parts of France.) ***  (??) Alois Irlmaier also warned about the Euro as being a currency that will collapse, also predicted that foreigners would first come (migrant refugee crisis?), then economic hardships with high inflation, currency losing value and high taxes no one can pay - then the REVOLTS.  He saw Paris, 'the city with the iron tower' be torn apart by civil revolts, especially by the youth. *** 


(???) NOTE:  which walls did Marie-Julie Jahenny  refer to when she predicted the conspirators would blow them up?  From insights gained from the astronomical prophecy of Rigord of St. Denis (c. 1150- 1209), the walls she means may be those of King Philip II 'Augustus' - which would indicate in the VERY HEART OF PARIS, and includes the Louvre.  -  See more about Rigord's prophecy, click here.)


(*) France will be made to fall in on itself (civil war / humbled?): *** Peré Nectou *** (??) Bernard Rembold 'Spielbahn' (civil war in France)  *** (???) Abbé Mattay (another Repuplic will be formed in France, it will be short  lived.  If there is fighting, ithe bloodshed will be worse than during the Franch Revolution, the terror will be great, churches will be closed for awhile. Europe will be on fire, the fire and fighting will go from the south to the north of France.)   *** Abbé Souffrant (an 'evil' Republic will rise up, indicates a revolution) * Abbot Eugenio Pecche *** Bl. Anna Maria Taigi (France will have a civil war) ***  (??) Curé of Ars  (civil war / revolt in France - possibility it will be a socialist revolution, religious will be persecuted, the evils one will want to slay all religious) *** St. Mariam Baouardy (a bad government will rise in France, the clergy will be persecuted, will be forced to flee, enlist in the army) ***  (??) Alois Irlmaier (saw the city with the 'iron tower' shall be destroyed by civil revolt - and the youth) ***  Bl. Sr. Elena Aiello (France, dear to Christ's Heart, will be reduced to ruins and ravaged just as ungrateful Jerusalem was.) *** (??) Sr. Marie of Christ the King / APPARITIONS OF CHRIST THE KING:  Paris will be BURNED - France will then suffer civil turmoil and strife to be purified, Christ will also punish wrong doers with plagues, France will fall to its bitter end before the Peace


(*) The civil wars and uprisings will happen in Italy and Rome practically the same time: Sr. Maria Steiner (warns the world will suffer, but Rome and Italy will suffer more, the 'sword and blood' is mentioned as the cleansing chastisement)***  Marie-Julie Jahenny *** (??) Alois Irlmaier (Italy in an uproar about the time Paris is torn apart by civil revolt) *** Bl. Sister Elena Aiello (France will be brought to ruin, and Italy and Rome will be ravaged by revolts, uprisings, also Communist / Socialist invaders) ***


(*) There will also be an uprising in Germany when France goes into revolt:   (??)  Bernard Rembold 'Spielbahn' *** (??) Also indicated by the Birch Tree Prophecies of 'Old Jasper' who says France will be divided in three days.  ***


(***) Timing of the wars in Germany and Europe also correspond to the June / July timing of the Paris uprising according to an early 'Birch Tree' Prophecy from c. 1622 - the war won't happen in May or June, but the signs will be there, but July will it happen, and it will grow from there. *** (??) Birch Tree Prophecy  - "1622" Timeline *** 


(*) However, France will be the first to suffer and suffer the greatest when the chastisements come: St. Caesarius of Arles *** Bl. Bartholomew Cambi de Saluzzo (France will loose the Faith and bring about the wars / invasions / chastisements) *** Ven. Bartholomew Holzhauser (France will be the cause of woe) *** Sr. Jeanne de Le Royer of the Nativity (France brought the beginning of woe thanks to the Revolution which will continue to spread its evils - it is like an Apostate Christian) *** (???) Abbé Mattay (the terror and bloodshed will be worse than what happened at the first French Revolution) *** Bl. Anna Maria Taigi (France will suffer a terribly anarchy - a great civil war, then the revolution will become universal)  *** APPARITION OF OUR LADY OF LA SALETTE (Maximin: "France has corrupted the universe, it will one day be punished".)*** Sr. Marie Lataste (the peoples of the world will one day pray for the preservation of France) *** *** (??) The Curé of Ars  (France will be invaded by their enemies again (the Germans), there will also be a civil war, religious will be persecuted) ***   Ven. Mother Marie Josepha of Bourg (France will suffer a terrible reversal) *** St. Mariam Baouardy (France will be brought to nothing)  *** (??) Marie-Martel / APPARITIONS OF TILLY - (France will suffer much from chastiments of all kinds, famine war, plagues, and two volcanoes will blow in France). *** Marie-Julie Jahenny (The chastisements will begin in France it must be completely cleansed with blood in atonement for its sins before the Triumph can happen.  Christ wishes to bring the Triumph fast, therefore will shorten the time of the war, but to ensure all necessary atonement is met, the shortness of time will be made up in intensity) *** (??) Sr. Marie of Christ the King / APPARITIONS OF CHRIST THE KING (France will be brought to its lowest point and seem forsaken, plagues will cleanse it.  The Peace will come afterward.)


(*) The Civil War- according to:  (???) Abbé Mattay - (the battle through the south to the north of France will last 6 weeks-all will seem lost) ***   (??) Abbé Voclin - (when the blood flows in Paris and elsewhere in France, apparently  the worst of it will last 3 months--this is when the churches will be closed by force or for prudence sake, this is when things will be so bad it will seem that all is lost.)  No doubt these refer to one or more the crisis periods of the revolution.Compare with the prophecies below. 


(*) When the crisis is happening, newspapers as source of news will seem insignificant as source - little news will be learned from them, and what news is given one day will be denied the next (i.e RISE of MISTRUST in the THE 'FAKE NEWS' MAIN STREAM MEDIA?):  (???) Abbé Mattay *** 

(*)  The Civil War in France will entail THREE CRISIS Periods: the Apostate state religion will be put into force  1) the civil war and bloodbath will start in Paris with the attack and suppression of the true church- this will happen for three months  2) the invasion of the 'dust of the foreigner' will happen and the bloodshed will spread through the country - this phase will last four weeks  3) the continuing invasion with the attempt to place a pretender on the throne of France.  The contender will not succeed.  The ARMIES OF THE GREAT MONARCH will be called in the Third Crisis period- all this according to  Marie-Julie Jahenny *** St. John Bosco (also agrees France will be struck gravely three times)  *** (???) Abbé Mattay (agrees a contender to the French throne will ascend but his reign will be very short during this turbulent period of this republic.) *** (??) Sr. Marie of Christ the King / APPARITIONS OF CHRIST THE KING: (visions suggest there are different phases to the war, and, a contender to the throne will be put up, but will be set aside).

(*) Rise of an HERETIC / APOSTATE RELIGION - (??) Bernard Rembold 'Spielbahn' saw that a corrupt group of heretics of small minds who claim they know God and His will are going to try to make a 'new kingdom of Christ', i.e. a new religion.  People will consider these people holy like angels, but they will have the devil in them. This religion or 'new kingdom' will fulfill wordly, fleshly appetites and be a breeding ground for vice.  Multiple wives will be allowed, up to three he saw.   (Note: Islam allows for more than one wife.   Compare with the next prophecies below.)


(*) Fr. Don Dolindo Ruotolo (prophetically hints to a time of apostasy).

(*) The FAITH WILL DIE IN FRANCE: three quarters of France will not practise or hardly practise religion, and those who do will practise it without really doing so: Maximin / APPARITION OF OUR LADY OF LA SALETTE


(!!!)  The APOSTATE Religion - it will RESEMBLE ISLAM.  

Details from Marie-Julie Jahenny: when this religion is imposed by the evil government in France, the evil law will be passed IN THE MONTH OF JUNE, another eil law will be planned in JULY on Bastille Day and later signed.  The bishops and apostles will be permitted to practise the true Faith at first.  Then, there will be a crackdown.  There will be a call to stop religious funerals and the ringing of church bells.  Eventually, a 'Second Book' of worship rites will be introduced, a 'New Mass' that will be sealed with the 'Words of the Abyss'.  It will resemble Islam.  They will attempt to erase everything of the True Faith and invent new baptisms, new sacraments, new confraternities.  It will be a 'merry' religion that will not preach the Cross, or the necessity of baptism, etc.   The bishops will give the order for the religious to flee.  Religious orders will be suppressed, the Jesuits will suffer in particular.  True priests will go into hiding, but eventually the evil government will pass a law requiring bishops to turn them in.  The bishops will hold a meeting to figure out what to do, but the bishops WILL BE WEAK - only three will remain faithful.   The rest will fall and enter into the false religion to save themselves from the persecutions. THOSE WHO DO WILL NOT BE FORGIVEN BY GOD.  Many priests will also give up the true faith to save their lives-these Judas priests will also be lost.  Many souls will be lead to Hell due to these weak bishops and priests.  The persecution will be bloody - the homes of the faithful will be searched to find the hiding priests.  Religious houses will not be safe, traps will be set.  The Church we know we disappear for a time.  There will be no priests, no Blessed Sacrament, no confession.  It will be a horrific.  This apostasy and persecution will also spread to surrounding countries.  Few souls will remain faithful.  MARIE-JULIE JAHENNY ***

(*)  When the evil law is passed against the congregations in France, then the schism will start and the chastisements on France will start: (??) Marie Martel / APPARITIONS OF TILLY

(*) There will be firing squads and the guillotine will be brought back:  Marie-Julie Jahenny ***

(*) Rare / exceptional chastisements of strange lightning, thunder and earthquakes will be sent for the sake of converting sinners: *** JESUS CHRIST (earthquakes when kingdom rises against kingdom, etc. - seems to indicate more than a natural series of earthquakes) ***  Bl. Elisabetta Canori Mora (a horrible storm will break first before the carnage) ***  Abbé Souffrant *** St. Mariam Baouardy (earthquakes and storms)  *** St. John Bosco (predicts a very violent hurricane before the renewal, possibly in Rome)   *** Marie-Julie Jahenny (strange thunders and lightnings that will be frightening, then burn and scorch the earth, apparently this will happen during the civil wars in Paris and Rome to try and convert the wicked before it is too late. There will be one last major earthquake that will last for 43 days)  ***  (??)  Alois Irlamaier (says a great lightning, thunder, hail and earthquake will happen at the time of the wars and just before the Three Days hit-also, when the snow disappears on the Watzmann Mountain, (temperatures rise) then the Days of Darkness will come) ***


(*) An unusual plague will strike the earth, the 'Burning ' Plague of 'Burning Face Plague' as the wars are raging: *** Prophet Joel (people will be in pain and have faces 'like a kettle' = burnt)  ***  Prophet Isaiah ('gripings' and 'burnt face' chastisement) ***  Bl. Bartholomew Cambi da Saluzzo (the 'Ardent Face' will show his prophecies to be true)  *** (??) Bernard Rembold 'Spielbahn' (when the wars spread to Germany, he notes the foreigners will bring a 'black plague' with them, i.e. a very deadly plague. This could be the 'burning plague' that will spread during the wars.)  *** MARIE-JULIE JAHENNY (she says the Burning Plague will cause flesh to look like it has a deep burn and will strike when the evil ones will stop their bloody wars and persecutions for a 'short respite', apparently during the First Crisis Period at Paris or during the First and the Second Periods.  Apparently, it seems scientists will cause it to happen over Paris during the 'short respite' - which suggests it is a WEAPON OF BIOLOGICAL WARFARE.  The plague will spread so fast and is so contagious the corpses will spread a stench that kills.  The only remedy to cure this disease in time is the white hawthorn leaf tea remedy)   ***


(*) France and Germany will be at War, England will also suffer greatly, the King (of England?) will be killed (hard to place when this will happen): (??) Birch Tree and Rhineland Prophecies *** Ven. Bartholomew Holzhauser *** Peré Nectou (England will suffer a civil war) *** (??) Bernard Rembold 'Spielbahn' (When France revolts, so will Germany, then, it will suffer Turkish and Russian invaders - WWIII)  *** (??) Curé of Ars (seems to indicate France and Germany will be at war)  *** St. Mariam Baourdy (Germany will invade France again - a great long bloody war)  *** (??) Alois Irlmaier (saw a gigantic bomb dropped into the sea, it creates tidal waves and earthquakes- England is submerged in the south.) ***


(*) The SECOND CRISIS PERIOD of the French Civil War will happen.  Details: it will last 45 days.  Worse laws will be passed in France - foreigners will be called in by the evil government to invade to help in the bloody Red revolution.   The invaders will quickly reach Paris which they will enter during the 'middle of the Crisis'.  They will also enter into the north of Brittany as far as Rennes, and will also take Orleans ***  Marie-Julie Jahenny *** (??) Sr. Marie of Christ the King / APPARITIONS OF CHRIST THE KING (also supports this, says foreginers will invade France, and surround it, France will seem utterly alone.)


(!)  NOTE AGAIN - these civil wars will grow into WW III


(*) The upheaval will spread through Europe (and beyond): JESUS CHRIST (kingdom against kingdom, nation against nation - indicates huge world-wide events)  ***  Abbé Souffrant *** Bl. Anna Maria Taigi (the French civil war will become 'universal') *** Sr. Rose of Colomba of Taggi (Europe will be caught in an 'overthrow' i.e civil wars, unrest, wars and bloodbaths, nation against nation) *** (??) Birch Tree and Rhineland Prophecies ***  (??) Bernard Rembold 'Spielbahn'   (saw after the German uprising / civil revolt, Turks (Muslims) would invade Germany and it would turn into a religious war.  Then, his prohecies indicate the Russians will also invade. Cologne would suffer huge bloodshed that people will wade up to the ankes in blood.  *** (???) Abbé Mattay (Europe will be on fire, aka war. Other nations will eye France and will want to invade to divide it up for their own empires or aims, Russia in particular) *** St. Mariam Baouardy (all nations shall be shaken by or suffer from wars and revolutions) *** (??) Alois Irlmaier (Russian invasion- the centre of Europe will be torn apart by war, the Rhine valley will be devastated - a 'Yellow Dragon' will also invade Alaska and Canada, but it won't get far. He also saw a 'horned' (crescent moon at the Rhine that will want to devour everything - possible represents  Turkish / Islamic invaders ) ***  Bl. Sister Elena Aiello - (the Russians will overrun Europe-a Red Revolution-bodies will come as far as Switzerland and float down the Rhine - the Rhine will be filled with corpses and blood) *** Fr. Don Dolindo Ruotolo (says there will be a great exterminating war before the Great Monarch and Angelic Pontif reign)  ***


(*) Apparently, it will be the Russians who are called in to shore up the Red Revolution in France- they will fight America as well with their secret weapons and overthrow Europe - the war will be so bloody the Rhine will be filled with corpses and blood, with bodies coming as far as Switzerland: ***  Bl. Sister Elena Aiello  ***  Other prophecies that support this: (??) Birch Tree and Rhineland Prophecies *** (??) Bernard Rembord 'Spielbahn' saw the Russians invade Germany after the Turks /Muslims.  Cologne would suffer from the huge bloody war.  *** (???) Abbé Mattay (The Emperor of Russia will want France, but will be stopped from invading by God) *** (??) Alois Irlmaier (also saw the Russians invading - creating bloody war in middle Europe- the Danube and Rhine are particularly affected by the war.  This part of the war, WW III, will begin when a high ranking official or leader is knifed to death by two assassins in the Balkins - it will stir the world to war)  ***


 (!) NOTE: in the time this prophecy was made about Russia by Bl. Elena Aiello and also Alois Irlmaier, it was still a Communist Socialist Republic - it is possible it might return to that, unless circumstances regarding Russia have indeed changed by sacrifice and prayer and God chooses another nation infected by Communism to invade.

(*) The appeal to the foreigners by the evil government of France to enter the country will anger God and He will send a chastisement against the lawmakers- as the 'Burning Face Plague' is raging, He will send earthquakes - those who passed the laws in Paris, in the 'Chamber of Hell' will be entombed while their souls will go to the Abyss - the evil leader of them all will be the last to sink: Marie-Julie Jahenny ***


(*)  There will also be a chastisement of BLOOD RAIN.  (Difficult to place when this will happen but it will happen during the chastisements and the blood will flow-so sometime during the persecutions.)  A black and blue rainbow will appear over the earth, and out of it will come a blood rain that will stick like paint. A cross will show in the rain, and it will bear the Five Wounds as a sign.  The rain that falls on the ground will be undrinkable.  Also, a great burning heat will come from the earth at this time and send up poisonous stench and vapours that will kill - the faithful are called to lock themselves up for 7 weeks - this is how long it will last.  No one must go outside due to the stenches and the heat: Marie-Julie Jahenny ***  Of interest, (??) Bernard Rembold 'Spielbahn' mentions a 'poison' that will 'rain on the field' and cause a great hunger - famine.  This could be related. ***


(*) Eventually, Paris will be utterly destroyed during these wars: St. Caesarius of Arles *** Prophecies of Premol *** Vatiguerro Prophecy *** (??) Fr. Botin *** Peré Nectou  *** Bl. Anne Catherine Emmerich (not a stone shall remain upon a stone) * Abbé Souffant (it will happen during the revolution when three parties will spring up.  Blood will flow) *** Mélanie / APPARITION OF OUR LADY OF LA SALETTE (Paris will be destroyed when the disorders have reached their height on earth) ***  Sr. Marie Lataste (sees the Destroyer Angel in Paris) ***  (??) Curé of Ars (Paris partly burnt, could be an old prophecy of the Franco-Prussian war, or, also a future prediction) *** St. John Bosco (Paris will be razed to the ground)  *** (??) Marie Martel / APPARITIONS OF TILLY - (Paris will be struck first completely destroyed by fire if it does not convert, very few people will remain) *** Marie-Julie Jahenny (Paris will be destroyed by the 43 day earthquake and a hail of fire - the fire will be so intense that the stones will crumble and will not be reusable.  Only 88 people will survive the catastrophe.)  *** (??) Alois Irlmaier (the city with the iron tower (Eiffel tower ?) will be razed to the ground) *** Bl. Sister Elena Aiello (France will fall to ruins and 'be ravaged like ungrateful Jerusalem' - 'Jerusalem' hints at the destruction of a capital city - It was destroyed by pagan occupiers for rejecting Christ as the Messiah, and this could be a hint Paris will be destroyed for becoming anti-God and failing to accept the reign of the Sacred Heart as foretold in other prophecies) *** (??) Sr. Marie of Christ the King / APPARITIONS OF CHRIST THE KING (Paris will be burned during the purification).


(*) Monmartre in Paris will be spared (i.e Sacre Coeur?), Versailles destroyed, Fontainbleu preserved *** (??) Marie Martel, / APPARITIONS OF TILLY

(*)  Our Lady of Victories church in Paris will be spared:  Marie-Julie Jahenny ***

  (*) Marseilles will be destroyed in a little time after Paris: Mélanie / APPARITION OF OUR LADY OF LA SALETTE


(*) The north of France will suffer, but Amiens will will suffer little as Our Lady protects it: (??) Abbé Voclin

(*) Rouen may be serious trouble (possibly destroyed?): (??) Marie Martel / APPARITIONS OF TILLY 

(*) The cloister of Paray le Monial will be burned, apparently during the Revolution; Marie-Julie Jahenny


(*) Three large towns and and five small ones in France will completely perish from top to bottom:  (???) Abbé Mattay ***

(*) Prague will be destroyed: (??) Windecke - Birch Tree / Rhineland prophecy ***


(*) (??) Alois Irlmaier saw three great cities destroyed: the south, the northwest and the west, but doesn't say which ones.


(*) However, there is a hint the Chapel of Armies at Versailles will be spared as the Great Monarch is destined to enthrone Our Lady as Queen of France at this special apparition site, which will be called the place 'between Heaven and Earth': Marcelle Lanchon (Sr. Marie France) / APPARITIONS of  OUR LADY QUEEN OF FRANCE ***

(*) Austria will not suffer as much:  (??) Birch Tree Prophecy of 'Old Jasper' ***


(*) In Germany, a great decisive battle while overrun the Rhine, blood will flow in the Rhine, and the city of Cologne will see the worst and / or the last of the battles: *** (??) The Birch Tree and Rhineland Prophcies *** (??) Bernard Rembold 'Spielbahn' (says when the battle comes to Cologne, the city will be burned to the river, but the artiller fire will fly over Cologne Cathedral but not ignite the roof.  Also, the fire and destruction will not come to the miraculous image of the 'Regina Pacis' at the St. Marie von Frieden church.

(*) In France, the blood will run mostly in the cities: Peré Nectou * Abbé Soufrant (the great cities will be ruined) *** (??) Abbé Voclin (blood will flow in Paris, also elsewhere in France) ***  (??) Curé of Ars (Paris and two or three other cities 'will be changed') *** St. Mariam Baouardy (people will walk in blood up to their knees)  ***  Marie-Julie Jahenny (especially in the south of the country - Lyon and Toulouse) ***

(*) France will be punished like this due to sacrileges against the Blessed Sacrament, and disbelief in the Incarnation: St. Mariam Baouardy  *** Marie-Julie Jahenny (France will become Muslim and deny the Divinity of Christ)  ***


(*) During this war, a new satanically inspired biological or chemical weapon will be invented and dropped in black boxes from airplanes in a yellow line half as wide as the Bavaria - this line will stretch from the Black sea to the North - no human, plant or animal will survive touching the dust that settles in this yellow line for over a year.  The poison will be so bad that flesh will fall from the bones.  It will stop the Russian advance / supply lines:  (??) Alois Irlmaier ***


(*) The West of France will be spared most of the chastisements (i.e.  Brittany and the Vendeé) : Peré Nectou *** (???) Abbé Mattay (Brittany will suffer little)  ***  Abbé Souffrant  *** Marie-Julie Jahenny (Brittany and the Vendeé will be spared most of the chastisements - Brittany in particular.  FLEE PARIS and also the rest of France when you see the warning signs! HOWEVER - Brittany's protection is also CONDITIONAL: if the region falls deeper into sin and the loss of faith, it will LOSE its protection accordingly.)  ***


(*) Other places in France will receive relative protection or be spared - TOURS  will be protected by the intercession of St. Martin of Tours, but only for those who pray--people must pray for his protection.  The DIOCESE OF NANTES will receive relative protection, but only for those who live and practise the faith. Godless and impious families in Nantes will not have grace.  PONTCHATEAU will be spared due to St. Marie-Louis de Montfort.  TOULOUSE will be spared due to the intercession of St. Germain of Pribac, (but will not be 'out of the woods'). RODEZ and MENDE will be spared.  LOURDES: The righteous will be protected at Lourdes, but, will suffer due to profaners who will come. The profaners will cause unhappiness at Lourdes as it is a Marian apparition site. They will bring their animals to the sacred spring and make them drink, but the animals will die in punishment. To the west of Lourdes just up to the border of Bordeaux will be spared: Marie-Julie Jahenny

(*) Amiens will suffer little as it is protected by Our Lady: (??) Abbé Voclin

(*) An indication the village and surrounding areas of Le Pailly in the Haute-Marne may be protected.  Père Lamy.

(*) St. Peter will establish 'refuges' for the Faithful to protect them during these chastisements.  There appears to be four main places according to  Bl. Elisabetta Canori Mora  (She does not mention where these are, however, we can safely guess Brittany / the Vendeé in France is one of them.   See the prophecy above.) ***

(*) It will be due to the holy land of Brittany specially devoted to Our Lady that France is spared at all - France will be so degenerate that it will resemble a dead branch and people will wonder why it was left with a green leaf at all - it will be thanks to Brittany: Marcelle Lanchon (Sr. Marie France) / OUR LADY QUEEN OF FRANCE ***


(*) Our Lady must also be invoked under the title 'Queen of France': Marcelle Lanchon (Sr. Marie France) / OUR LADY QUEEN OF FRANCE ***


(*) Bl. Sister Elena Aiello indicates the world will also not know a true and lasting peace until it turns to the Vicar of Christ for counsel or aid in the effort so that the peace may be established under God.  The world will continually suffer useless wars with no true peace as a punishment until it does:  Bl. Sister Elena Aiello ***


(*) The Age of Peace and Reign of the Sacred Heart will come through the GREAT MONARCH.  ---   France is very close to the Heart of Christ - the graces reserved for it, the Reign of the Sacred Heart, will NOT HAPPEN until the KING OF FRANCE formally consecrates himself, his family, as well as the country to the Sacred Heart, build a chapel in Its honour, and HONOURS THIS CONSECRATION with a FEAST DAY formally celebrated every year on the FIRST FRIDAY after the Feast of the Sacred Heart:  Sr. Marie de Jesus   


(*)  We must pray to the Sacred Heart, St Michael and St, Louis IX for God to send the King-he will be sent at the THIRD CRISIS Period during the civil war when the evil one will put a contender on the throne- the true Great Monarch will march under the Banner of the Sacred Heart:  Marie-Julie Jahenny ***

(*) We need to pray for God to send the future King of France that will restore France, and also for the Supreme Pontiff, we need to pray especially during the months of August and September for this request, a new reign and a restored world will come through them - (??) Marie Martel / APPARITIONS OF TILLY

(*) The Age of Peace longed for by mankind will come through the Holy Roman Emperor (i.e. Great Catholic Monarch): (??) Bernard Rembold 'Spielbahn' *** (???) Abbé Mattay (an Emperor will come, his reign brings the Peace) ***

(*) A Great King will ascend the throne: religion will flourish throughout the world and there will be great abundance for a short time. (This comes after the chastisements, keep reading.)

(*) Rome will also suffer greatly during this time, wars, famines plagues, a flood, the city in ruins: St. Caesarius of Arles *** Prophecies of Premol *** Vatiguerro Prophecy *** Abbot 'Werdin' d'Otranto *** St. Malachy  *** Bl. Catherine of Raccogini (the Turks will enter Italy, then fight amongst themselves) *** Bl. Bartholomew Cambi de Saluzzo *** Ven. Bartholomew Holzhauser (Rome will be laid waste by heretics and tyrants) *** Bl. Anne Catherine Emmerich (could be symbolic, but she saw St. Peter's in ruins except for the altar and sanctuary)  *** Bl. Elisabetta Canori Mora (all the churches where the Lord was blasphemed will be destroyed) *** (?) Abbot Eugenio Pecchi (apparently, his is one of the few prophecies that says Rome will be distressed but not occupied)   *** Sr. Marie Lataste (well over three years of suffering) *** Sr. Maria Steiner (Our Lord weeps over Rome as He did for Jerusalem when He predicted its destruction for rejecting Him - the sword must chastise, Italy will suffer, religious will be driven from their convents, the Church will be persecuted everywhere, but Italy will suffer more)    *** St. John Bosco (Rome will suffer plagues, wars famine, will be struck four times) *** Marie-Julie Jahenny (Rome will suffer just as the civil war and persecution breaks out in Paris and France - Rome will suffer for three and a half years.)*** (??) Alois Irlmaier (says the same time revolution breaks out in Paris, war and revolution is also going on in Italy, many are killed, many clergymen killed, churches collapse, the pope flees)  *** Bl. Sister Elena Aiello (Rome will be destroyed - Italy punished by plagues, earthquakes, darkness, invaded by a Red Army-Russia is mentioned.)  *** Fr. Don Dolindo Ruotolo (Rome will be in the hands of the evil ones and perverts, the trouble will last for about three and a half years) ***


(*) The WARS WILL BREAK OUT PRACTICALLY THE SAME TIME THE START IN Paris France.  Rome will not be saved until France is cleansed first with the wars and chastisements:  Marie-Julie Jahenny.

(*) The persecutions in Italy will start when the Jesuits are suppressed - they will be suppressed a third time, the order never to be restored: Sr. Rose of Colomba of Taggia *** 


(*) Italy will be watered with blood, wars, holy religious will be persecuted: St. Francis of Assisi - (Also, he foretold the Torrent of Carceri will flow whenever Italy is about to suffer calamity) ***  Bishop George Michael Wittman (violent hands will be laid on the pope, bishops and priests will be persecuted) ***  Sr. Rose of Colomba of Taggia (religious and secular people will be slaughtered on the mount of olives in the monastery grounds of Taggia) *** (??) Alois Irlmaier *** Bl. Sister Elena Aiello ***

(*) Churches and monasteries will be attacked, closed and despoiled, church property seized: *** JESUS CHRIST (persecutions, betrayals of the faithful)  *** St. Caesarius of Arles *** St. Hildegard of Bingen *** Vatiguerro Prophecy *** Abbot 'Werdin' d'Otranto *** St. Margaret of Cortona (the Church will  be harassed / persecuted)  *** Bl. Bartholomew Cambi of Saluzzo (the church will be persecuted, religious forced into exile) *** Peré Nectou *** Bl. Elisabetta Canori Mora (churches will be pulled down) *** Abbé Souffrant *** Bl. Anna Maria Taigi *** Sr. Rose of Colomba of Taggi (the soldiers will stable their horses in the churches, religious orders will be abolished, only the Capuchins, the Dominicans and the Hospitalers / Knights of Malta will be left)*** APPARITION OF OUR LADY OF LA SALETTE (the Pope will be persecuted, religious persecuted and martyred)  *** (?) Bl. Pius IX (attributed prophecy - that before a great 'wonder' the Church will suffer greatly, her servants and her head will be mocked, flogged and martyred-the miracle and Triumph will not happen until the injustices against the Church reach their fulness)   *** St. Mariam Baouardy (the clergy will be reduced in number as most will die in defence of the Faith or their country - indicates persecution)  *** St. John Bosco (the shepherds will be struck and the sheep scattered)  *** (??) Alois Irlmaier (churches collapse) *** Sr. Agnes Sasagawa / OUR LADY OF AKITA (churches and altars sacked) ***


(*) The Russians and Prussians (Germans) will (also) attack Italy: Sr. Rose of Colomba of Taggi *** Bl. Sister Elena Aiello (the Russians) ***


(*) The wars leading up to the ruin of Rome will last for about Three to four years: Abbot 'Werdin' d'Otranto *** Sr. Marie Lataste (Rome will suffer three years, and some years after that)  ***  Marie-Julie Jahenny (three and a half years) *** Fr. Don Dolindo Ruotolo (Rome will be in the hands of the perverts three and a half years before the Triumph) ***


(*)  MORE DETAILS on the THREE or THREE AND A HALF YEARS of WAR in ITALY + the rise of 'ARCHEL de la TORRE': Marie-Julie Jahenny  (First, a tyrant will rise up in Italy during the first part and reign one and a half years.  Another leader will then come from across Persia (Iran) and from the bottom of the country.  He will reign for one and a half years in Italy and it will be dreadful.  An uprising then ensues.    According to her, during the First half of the third year, that is during the reign of Archel de la Torre, there will be THREE succsive popes.  The FIRST WILL BE A MARTYR. The servants closest to him will dare to write shameful articles about him to save their own lives and in the end will be his torturers and murderers.  He will also suffer seeing the uprising grip Rome.  He will suffer terrible for three particular weeks.  HE WILL NOT SEE THE END OF THE UPRISING.  (She also notes this martydom might be condition, he might be spared.  However, he will defintely suffer spiritual martyrdom.  The SECOND POPE, THE POPE WHO COMES AFTER HIM WILL not see the end of the uprising either.  The THIRD POPE WILL; and will live long, (i.e apparently, he will be of old age) but HE WILL BE DIFFICULT TO FIND AMIDST SO MUCH RUBBLE.


(*) Other prophecies from other mystics also say there will be successive pontiffs in Rome who will witness the city chastised.  (NOTE: it is possible this prophecy is conditional as some mystics have slightly different accounts on how many pontiffs will live through this period, it probably depends on the amount of prayer and penance accomplished to mitigate the disasters): St. Caesarius of Arles: (sees 2 popes - one who causes a plague on Rome, another great pope comes after who stop it and demands repairs be made to the city) *** Marie-Julie Jahenny (mentions 3 popes will see the city chastised, the third will be the most holy, but will be difficult to find amidst the rubble.   She also mentioned 2 anti-popes, but it is an obscure prophecy - texts are missing or not quoted- we have to wait and see how that unfolds.) *** Bl. Sister  Elena Aiello (she mentions two popes - one will die during the riots and invasion of Rome, the sight of the city in that state will shorten his life - his successor will 'guide the boat in the storm'.  Bl. Aiello saw the Red Russian Army grabbing hold of a pope and kicking him, but he was then protected by Our Lady who scattered his attackers)***



(*) Shaven orders will suffer: St. Vincent Ferrer ***


(*) The Franciscan Order will suffer in particular: St. Francis of Assisi *** St. Margaret of Cortona *** Bl. Bartholomew Cambi of Saluzzo ('brown dressed' ones will weep - possibly the Franciscans)***





(?) The uprisings and chastisement of Italy and Rome will happen close to or after the time when a white-haired pope with the letter 'B' will be made powerless:  Bl. Bartholomew Cambi de Saluzzo *** Sr. Marie Lataste (sees a suffering old pope on a throne when Rome is punished)  *** St. John Bosco (apparently, sees a 'venerable old man' as Pope when this happens)  *** 


(*) St. Pius X saw a papal successor bearing his name fleeing over the dead bodies of his priests / brethren - he had the first name Joseph, and so does Pope Benedict XVI.  Unless this prophecy is fulfilled in some other way, this is seems to correspond with the prophecies of a white-haired Pope with the letter 'B', and, that this will all happen around the time when a Pope will flee the wars and ruination of Rome. ***  


(We must also recall that with the abdication of Pope Benedict, who was the 'Glory of the Olive', we're at the end of St. Malachy's prophetic timeline with 'Petrus Romanus', Pope Francis, before the 'seven hilled city'of Rome is chastised.  Click here for St. Malachy's timeline.)


(???) (??) Alois Irlmaier saw a pope who will be forced to flee - he sees this pope returning when the wars end - he will mourn for his murdered breathern. (Sounds linked to St. Pius X's vision of seeing his bretheren murdered). 


(*) The Pope will be practically silenced, prevented from preaching:  St. Margaret of Cortona *** *** Abbot Eugenio Pecche ( a pope will be made almost powerless) *** Marie-Julie Jahenny: (a pope will be 'set aside', almost silenced, but he will provide for his flock - during all the uprisings and persecutions the Church will REMAIN INFALLIBLE)


(*) Sr. Maria Steiner: says the Church will be without a Shepherd, her text indicates this will happen when  the chastisements break out, the religious are scattered and persecuted, and when Rome and Italy suffer the sword and blood.


(*) Also, there will be apostasy and schism in the Church / papal authority rejected / structure of the Church changed before Rome is attacked and ravaged by wars: St. Caesarius of Arles - (he mentions a pope that will be 'involved' with a plague - this seems obscure, unless this 'involved' pope will cause some kind of different 'plague' on Rome and the Church such as a schism.  A another pope with 'firm dignity' will then will stop some calamities and demand the enemies repair the damage they have done to the Holy City)  *** Prophecies of Premol *** St. Hildegard of Bingen  *** St. Francis of Assisi (confusion and division in both temporal and spiritual matters will occur) *** St. Bridget of Sweden (papal authority diminished) *** St. Vincent Ferrer (The Plague of Degradation - revealed to Marie-Julie Jahenny) *** Bl. Tomasuccio de Foligno *** Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa (the Church will grow so corrupt that that it will seem that the succession of St. Peter and the Apostles will seem to be extinguished)  *** Ven. Sister Domenica of Paradise (priests will be against priests - the demon will also spread false spiritual leaders) *** (??) Bernard Rembold 'Spielbahn' (heretics will attempt to establish 'New Kingdom' of Christ, i.e. a new religion)  *** Sr. Jeanne de Le Royer of the Nativity (a 'power' will rise up IN the Church and try to destroy everything, vilify celibacy and the priesthood, take power from the Pope.  The Church will be mocked before the nations.) *** Bl. Anne Catherine Emmerich (an extravagant ecumenical heretical church will be built in Rome with a 'salaried pope' but their evil plans won't come to fruition)   ***  Bl. Elisabetta Canori Mora (there will be few faithful Catholics) *** Bishop George Michael Wittman (schisms will be provoked, a 'seperation' will occur, confusion will reign, the true faithful will be few) ***  Sr. Rose of Colomba of Taggia (the pope will be striped of his pontifical title and temporal rule and simply be called 'bishop of Rome')  *** St. Mariam Baouardy (even her time she already noted the world and church seeks novelties in devotions and neglects true devotion to the Holy Spirit, which causes error and disunion, and why there is no peace or light - even seminaries in her time she noted were failing in teaching true devotion to the Holy Spirit)   *** St. John Bosco (sees a pope, or the papacy, gravely attacked twice)  *** (??) Marie Martel / APPARITIONS OF TILLY (war wil be decalred on all sides against the Church, a schism is being created in the Church)*** MARIE-JULIE JAHENNY (weak clergy will cause the damnation of souls when the Apostate religion is formed during the Red Revolution of France and spreads-the first sign will be when the bishops will gather and have a council - they will demand more freedom and attempt to weaken the authority of the Papal See - they will not want to submit themselves to the authority of the Pope and will take over authority themselves - they will then try to sway the people to follow them - the revolution and the call to break from Rome will be announced by posters to the people ) *** Fr. Don Dolindo Ruotolo (tells a time when the Church will be attacked by the pagan spirit, 'altars to the earth' will be raised, perverts will riase altars, a time of apostasy will happen and the Church will seem alsmost extinct) *** (??) Alois Irlamaier (before the revolutions and war, the world will lose the faith the like never before, and morals will be corrupted like never before) ***  Bl. Sister Elena Aiello (saw corrupt clergy giving bad example and leading souls into Hell - Satan was already running through the earth in triumph - the Church was about to be persecuted and the flock scattered) *** Sr. Agnes Sasagawa / OUR LADY OF AKITA (cardinal against cardinal, bishop against bishop)  ***


(*)  Heresies will abound:  JESUS CHRIST (false prophets will come and proclaim where to find the Christ, i.e. indicates preaching of false gospels) ***   St. Hildegard of Bingen *** Abbot 'Werdin' d'Otranto ***  St. Margaret of Cortona (the faithful will be made to despise the Church) *** Ven. Sister Domenica of Paradise  *** Mother Mariana of Jesus Torres y Berriochoa / OUR LADY OF GOOD SUCCESS *** Ven. Bartholomew Holzhauser *** Bl. Anne Catherine Emmerich (true Christians will be extremely few, Protestant heresies and schismatic doctrines will infect the Church) ***  Pére Lamy (Our Lady warns of the errors / heresies of Modernism *** Fr. Don Dolindo Ruotolo ( the Church will be overwhelmed by its enemies and pagan spirits for a time)  ***



(*) The Church's ancient traditions / dogmas will be criticised, debated upon and modified and delimitation (boundaries) placed on them: St. Francis of Assisi (the truth will not be preached, preachers will be silent, truth shall be mocked and held up for derision, the 'purity of religion' would be 'disfigured') ***   Ven. Bartholomew Holzhauser *** (??) Abbé Voclin (horrible books against religion will be written, disputes will break out between writers supporting opposing opinions) *** St. Mariam Baouardy (novelty seeking in devotions causes error, disunion, and a lack of peace and light - lack of true devotion to the Holy Spirit is one of the problems)  *** Père Lamy (Our Lady warned of the errors of Modernism)  ***

(*) Priests devoted to Our Lady and who venerate her will be mocked by their own brother-priests: Sr. Agnes Sasagawa / OUR LADY OF AKITA ***

(*)  Even the Faithful will be in confusion on account of the numerous sects and not know where to practise or find the true Faith:  Ven. Sister Domenica of Paradise (this suffering is allowed so the faithful may gain merits) ***  Bl. Catherine of Racconigi (people will leave the Faith due to corrupt religious who lead the Church) *** Mother Mariana of Jesus Torres y Berriochoa / OUR LADY OF GOOD SUCCESS (people will turn against the Church due to corrupt clergy, few will be practising the Faith) *** Sr. Jeanne de Le Royer of the Nativity (the weakening of the Faith everywhere and chastisements from the wicked allowed in order to awaken the faithful from their apathy) *** Bl. Anne Catherine Emmerich (there will be very few Catholics Christians left according to the traditional understanding of the term, liberal religious will abound and be excommunicated ipso facto for their views but will not seem to know or even care about it, many will be led astray by non-Catholics)  *** Bishop George Michel Wittman (confusion will be everywhere, the true faithful will be few)  *** Père Lamy (indicates the faith will dwindle to a point the world will need to be re-evangelised again.)  ***


(*) The Sacraments of the Church will be mocked, profaned, or considered of little worth and not received, graces will be lost: Mother Mariana of Jesus Torres y Berriochoa / OUR LADY OF GOOD SUCCESS  ***


(*) Eventually - the Sacrifice will FAIL - (ATTACK / SUPPRESSION OF THE MASS ?  RISE of the APOSTATE RELIGION?) *** Prophecy of Joel *** Marie-Julie Jahenny (the 'book of the second celebration' of the apostate christian religion resembling Islam?  Satan will introduce an invalid 'Communion Service' during the Red Revolution and persecution of the true Church.) ***


(*) The ONE TRUE GUIDE for the Faithful during these difficult times will be THE COUNCIL OF TRENT:  Ven. Bartholomew Holzhauser *


(*)  True devotion to the Holy Spirit will prevent people from falling into error or dying in error:  St. Mariam Baourdy ***


(*)  The chastisements would be lessened if people converted and repented of the sins, returning to the Church: *** (??) Bernard Rembold 'Spielbahn' (The punishments could be adverted if people turned back to God in prayer) *** Abbé Souffrant ***  Marie-Julie Jahenny  (if people would turn to the Divine Mercy and convert, Our Lord would STOP the chastisements and throw Satan into the Abyss, but people refuse to listen, He will have to chastise.  Turn to the Divine Mercy while there is time!) *** OUR LORD / APPARITIONS OF HEEDE (Mankind must convert, repent do penance and pray that the wrath of God is mitigated - the times are TOO SERIOUS - we must restrict worldly pleasures and amusements) *** Bl. Sister Elena Aiello (mankind must reform their lives to a Christian way of living and turn to Divine Mercy in order to mitigate the coming punishments) *** Sr. Agnes Sasagawa / OUR LADY OF AKITA (the chastisements would not be sent if people converted and repented, if not, they would still be lessened if people prayed and made sacrifices, the Rosary is a powerful means of protection)***


(*) An indication Communion in the Hand should not be practised - we must avoid receiving It in the hand:  Sr. Agnes Sasagawa / OUR LADY OF AKITA  ***


 (*) Details of the schism / a pope will flee the ruins of Rome, breaking the Church into two camps: one faithful to the fleeing pope, the other supporting he who holds the sceptre but breaks the papal tiara (i.e. Antipope?) :   Prophecies of Premol  *** St. Francis of Assisi (a heretical anti-pope that is not canonically elected will seize power during the time the devils are unleashed - Satan's Century?)  *** St. Malachy - (the ruination of Rome - 'Petrus Romanus' may be an antipope) *** Vatiguerro Prophecy (the pope will flee Rome) *** Bl. Tomasuccio de Foligno (an anti-pope will overshadow the legitimate pope) ***  Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa  (The succession of St. Peter / the papacy will almost seem extinguished) *** (??) Birch Tree Prophecy of 'Old Jasper' - (Rome will be without a pope while the revolts and European war rages)  *** (Bl.) Bernard de Bustis  (An anti-pope will be elected with the help of a bad king and cause schisms, they will persecute those who follow the 'Angelic Pope', those faithful to the true pope will be few)    ***  Bl. Anne Catherine Emmerich ( a pope will be pressured to flee Rome, disasters will strike if he does) *** Abbé Souffrant (the usurper to the French throne will make the pope flee, possibly to Russia) ***  Bl. Anna Maria Taigi (the Pope will flee Rome during the French civil war and universal upheaval)  *** St. John Bosco (sees a pope processing into exile, but will return?)  ***  St. Pius X (one of his successors will flee over the dead bodies of his brethren- he will bear the same name as him- this could be 'JOSEPH')  - interesting times when we have a living Pope Emeritus,  Benedict XVI with the first name Joseph, and, another Pope that is causing considerable controversy at the present time ....)  **** Marie-Julie Jahenny (her prophecies are confusing and a tad obscure on this point- she  mentions there will be three popes during the uprisings in Rome, one will be very holy, but there will also be two-anti-popes.  It is not indicated if this holy pope is the Angelic Pontiff or not, but the Great Monarch will be sent to free him.  The evil ones will hold the holy pope prisoner at the Vatican in Rome, but they will relent and even spare his life when an unexpected miracle happens regarding St. Peter's chains and a miraculous bleeding crucifix. She also sees Rome without a pope while the revolts rage - possibly after the two anti-popes.)   *** Bl. Sister Elena Aiello (doesn't seem to mention an anti-pope, but she sees two popes - one will not live to see Rome delivered, his successor will guide the 'boat in the storm'.   Also sees a pope bound and kicked by the Red invaders from Russia, but he is protected by Our Lady.  Also this prophecy is tad obscure on details as we don't know if he will be the Angelic Pontiff, but an educated guess suggests if the second pope who 'guides the boat in the storm' is protected by Our Lady, he might be the one to bless the Great King). ***


(*)  The schismatic anti-pope will not be from Italy, he will come from 'beyond the mountains': Bl. Tomasuccio de Foligno *** St. Malachy (If the current 'Petrus Romanus' is an anti-pope, this would fit Bl Tomasuccio's prophecy) ***

(???)  Note: this is included for the sake of not leaving out any prophecies, but the info does conflict:  (???) Abbé Mattay saw a pope die during the upheavals, but a young pope was elected after him.  It is the young pope who will bless the Great Monarch / Emperor), however , Alois Irlmaier did not see an anti-pope or another sucessor - he saw the pope that flees the wars of Rome will come back and will crown the new Emperor (Great Monarch) -  the pope will come back in the spring and mourn for all his murdered brethern.  So, Irlmaier's vison seems to suggest the Angelic Pope will be forced to flee, but will come back.

(*) Jerusalem will be invaded by 'Gog and Magog' = Invasion from Iraq / Iran- Suggests Muslim Invaders:   St. Ephraim the Syrian *** St. Nerses I The Great (indicates Jerualsem and the Christian lands will suffer from the Aryan / Tartar hosts = Muslim nations of the middle east / Iran, alsoChina, possibly Russia)  ***  'Prophecies of Premol' (The 'Sons of Baal' / Babylon will invade Jerusalem.  Babylon is in present-day Iraq) ***


(*) Nations will be annihilated (see also the Three Days of Darkness prophecies below):   Prophet Isaiah  (Day of the Lord, a time of great destruction, the pride of the mighty shall be brought down) ***   JESUS CHRIST (nation against nation) ***  Abbot 'Werdin' d'Otranto *** Ven Sister Domenica of Paradise (a multitude of evil men must be removed from the earth for the renewal to take place) *** Sr. Jeanne de Le Royer of the Nativity (nation will rise against nation) *** Bl. Elisabetta Canori Mora (all men shall rise against one another, the slaughter will be great) *** Sr. Rose of Colomba of Taggi (nation against nation) *** Sr. Maria Steiner (God is going to send such  frightening  chastisements that there will hardly be any men and women left on earth) *** St. Mariam of Baouardy (Every nation shall be shaken by wars and civil wars -the Justice of God will not be appeased until much blood is shed)  *** MARIE-JULIE JAHENNY (half the population of France will be decimated - four major cities in France will disappear - villages will be emptied - a person will travel leagues before the find another person - places will be depopulated) ***  OUR LORD / APPARITIONS OF HEEDE (what is coming will be worse than anything that the world has seen since it began - it is described as a 'Minor Judgement') *** (??) Alois Irlmaier - (tidal wave will destroy part of England, also, the Days of Darkness deathtoll will be worse than the WWI and WWII combined) *** Bl. Sister Elena Aiello (Russia will be almost completely burned, some nations will disappear)  ***

(?) Attributed Prophecy to Bl. Pius IX - the Church will be cruelly persecuted, a great anti-church revolution will seem to triumph - the world and the Church will only be able to be saved through God alone via a great miracle or prodigy from His Divine Hand - this has been interpreted to mean the chastisements and the miracles that will occur afterwards-Bl. Pius IX hints that God will send another great leader to deliver the Church similar to when He sent Moses.


(*) God will sends the FIRST of the MAJOR WARNING SIGNS leading up to these major chastisements at the beginning of each year (in nature?) in the cold months:  Marie-Julie Jahenny ***


(*) This early warning includes a period of darkness over Brittany, strange lightning, thunder, and earthquakes. Marie-Julie Jahenny ***


(*) The world will experience a 'MINOR JUDGEMENT' - those not in a state of grace when it happens will find it frightful: Marie -Julie Jahenny (the days of the chastisements and also the miracles leading up to the arrival of the Great Monarch will resemble the Day of Judgement) *** APPARITIONS OF HEEDE***


(*)  Timing not given, but there will be a 'momentary plague', that will come and go almost like an instant, it will be universal and strike the ungoldy, but BEWARE of anyone attempting to give any details on this -  GOD WILL NOT GIVE THE DETAILS - He is RESERVING THIS SECRET FOR HIMSELF:   Ven. Bernardo Maria Clausi ***


(*) There will be signs in the sun and moon before / or during the great carnage - then, the THREE DAYS OF DARKNESS - this will come during or after the war: *** Prophet Joel (sun and moon darkened before the Day of the Lord - 3 Days of Darkness?) *** Prophet Isaiah (The sun will be darkened, the moon and stars not give their light - 3 Day of Darkness?)  ***  JESUS CHRIST (signs in the heavens, the sun will grow dark, the moon won't give light, the stars will fall - sounds like the 3 Days of Darkness?)  ***  Bl. Bartholomew Cambi de Saluzzo (Possibly a warning before a great 3-day bloodbath of killing in Milan and the rest of Italy, but, could also be related to the 3 Days of Darkness *** Bl. Anna Maria Taigi (A LITERAL DARKNESS WILL COVER THE EARTH - demons will be let loose)  ***  St. Gaspar de Bufalo (the THREE DAYS OF DARKNESS will be sent to wipe out the persecutors of the Church - the death toll of the THREE DAYS OF DARKNESS will be so terrible that those who survive will think they are alone in the world because the earth will be covered with bodies)  *** Sr. Maria Steiner (God is going to send such frightening scourges and chastisements to the world that hardly any men and women will remain)*** St. Mariam Baouardy (THREE DAYS OF DARKNESS - seems to indicate it will happen around the time of the great wars that will shake every nation.)    ***  Pére Lamy (alludes to a catastrophic decimation of the global population, 'there will be few men left on earth')   *** (??) Marie Martel / APPARITIONS of TILLY (saw a strange catastrophic supernatral fire fall to earth and cause destruction, but also causing darkness fall on the earth - we need blessed candles.) *** MARIE-JULIE JAHENNY (the TWO and THREE DAYS of DARKNESS - perhaps the most detailed warning from a mystic to date. They will happen in the winter -- the Two days will come first, then the Three days about 37 to 40 days later - the Three Days will happen on a Thursday, a Friday and a Saturday - the catastrophe will be so bad that the living will envy the dead and the world will suffer for several years afterwards - she gives other warning signs and also how to prepare.)  *** (??) Alois Irlmaier (during the war,  72 HOURS of DARKNESS = THREE DAYS will be announced by huge thunder, lightning, hail, and and earthquake.  The Darkness will be everywhere - stay inside and do no look out - seal windows with black paper to keep the poisonous dust out.  Anyone who breathes the dust will die.  Anyone who goes out will be struck dead.  Pray, and keep blessed candles lighting.  Only food in cans will survive.  The death toll will be worse than the other two World Wars put together.)   *** Bl. Sister Elena Aiello (if mankind does not heed all the plagues, chastisements, warning signs and the wars, especially the Red War that will overturn Europe and Italy, God will be forced to send a HORRIFIC PUNISHMENT NEVER BEFORE SEEN ON EARTH after that - Angels will light fire from the heavens and send it to earth - it will fall on the earth like snow - this firestorm will cleanse the earth - it will last 72 hours = THREE DAYS.  A large part of humanity will be destroyed.  ITALY will be spared the fire element thanks to the presence of the Pope, Italy will be spared that for his sake, but Italy WILL NOT escape the Darkness of those Days, nor the earthquakes and plagues of those Days-abysses will open up and whole cities and provinces will disappear--people will think it is the end of the world *** Fr. Don Dolindo Ruotolo (possible hint of the Three Days of Darkness - he mentions a period of 'death' when it seems the King and Pontiff are defeated at first by th evil ones, but they will rise up, and a huge punishment hits the earth and converts the apostates at the same time - it will last THREE AND A HALF DAYS)  *** Sr. Agnes Sasagawa / OUR LADY OF AKITA  (a chastisement never seen before and WORSE THAN THE DELUGE will be sent - FIRE WILL FALL FROM THE SKY and WIPE OUT A GREAT PART OF HUMANITY- THE LIVING WHO SURVIVE WILL ENVY THE DEAD - Days of Darkness?)   ***


(***) Are the Three Days of Darkness in the Bible? -   YES - click here for scripture references. 


(*) Means of Protection during these Chastisements: Bl Anna Maria Taigi (blessed candles for the THREE DAYS OF OF DARKNESS, devotion to the rosary, and TO NOT LOOK OUT during the Days of Darkness, or you will be struck dead )  ***   St. Gaspar del Bufalo  (Devotion to the Cross, the Precious Blood and Immaculate Heart of Mary will be a protection in times of tribulation) *** (??) Marie-Martel / APPARITIONS OF TILLY  (Our Lady will protect those who have always trusted her, i.e been devoted to her.) ***  MARIE-JULIE JAHENNY  (MUST HAVE blessed 100% BEESWAX CANDLES for the THREE DAYS OF DARKNESS -nothing else will light, their light will be the ONLY THING THAT WILL PROTECT US from the fire falling from the sky and the lightning, and they will protect us from the demons that will be let loose throughout the whole earth.  THOSE NOT DEVOTED TO THE SACRED HEART WILL DIE - DEVOTION AND FAITH IN OUR LADY WILL BE THE STRONGEST PROTECTION - the Rosary, the Cross, holy water, the Sacred Heart and Our Lady will be our shelters-also the prayers of protections attached to the Purple Scapular. )    *** (??) Alois Irlmaier (must have blessed candles, and pray.  Also, practical prepping includes sealing all windows / doors with black paper to keep the poisonous dust out-  We must not look outside.) *** Sr. Agnes Sasagawa / OUR LADY OF AKITA (ONLY OUR LADY WILL BE ABLE TO SAVE US FROM THE CALAMITIES THAT APPROACH - devotion to Our Lady and the Rosary will be our main protection during these chastisements)    ***


(*) Marie Julie Jahenny was shown NEW SACRAMENTALS to protect us during this times of plagues and chastisements: The Purple Scapular of Benediction and Protection - the Cross of Pardon - the Medal of Our Lady of Bonne Garde - also remedies for chastisement plagues and diseases + we must be prepared for suffering and to carry the cross as the persecutions and chastisements will be tremendous - all Christians are called to enter the 'Holy Novitiate of the Cross' - the saints gave Marie-Julie Jahenny spiritual lessons on how to love the cross and suffer well which we can all profit from spiritually +  Heaven encouraged her to pray and spread devotion to the Rosary of the Holy Wounds, those devoted to the Holy Wounds rosary will help bring incessant victory to the Church, those devoted to the Holy Wounds will be protected as if by a lightning rod.

(*)  The Great Monarch will come before or just about the time when the last of the greatest depopulating chastisement hits or will hit the earth - Also, prophecies of the THREE DAYS OF DARKNESS: *** Prophet Joel (the sun and moon will be darkened before or during the arrival of the unstoppable armies of the Lord, seems to indicate the army foretold about the Great Monarch) ***  Prophet Isaiah (sinners will be wiped out and infidels will be brought low during the 'Day of the Lord' when the sun and moon are darkened) *** St. Ephraim the Syrian (God will send fire from the sky to wipe out the evil armies from the East - The 'Roman Kingdom' / Empire of peace will be established afterwards) ***  St. Hildegard of Bingen (a comet?) *** Vatiguerro Prophecy (also the TWO DAYS of Darkness?) *** Bl. Elisabetta Canori Mora (Hell will literally be let loose, Three Days of Darkness?) *** Bl. Anna Maria Taigi (the Three Days of Darkness will cleanse the earth)  *** St. Gaspar del Bufalo (the Three Days will wipe out all of the Church's persecutors - the earth will be covered with bodies) ***  Sr. Rose of Colomba of Taggi ***  St. Mariam Baouardy (the Three Days will wipe out the 'evil cause so that only one fourth of mankind will survive') ***  MARE-JULIE JAHENNY (most detailed prophecies to date on the Three Days and the Great Monarch)  *** Fr. Don Dolindo Ruotolo (The Great Monarch and Angelic Pontiff will seem defeated at first, but a great punishment strikes the earth, the apostates convert to thier 'Kingdom of Love')  **


(*) Why 'Three' Days of Darkness?  Apparently, it will be a repeat of the plagues that hit the ungodly pagan nation of Egypt before God's people were set free - this time, the ungodly apostate and neo-pagan world will experience all the various plagues, wars and chastisements like another ten plagues of Egypt, then another repeat of the Three Days of darkness before Christ's Church is 'set free' again through the Age of Peace:  "And the Lord said to Moses: Stretch out thy hand towards heaven: and may there be darkness upon the land of Egypt, so thick that it may be felt. And Moses stretch forth his hand towards heaven: and there came horrible darkness in all the land of Egypt for three days." (Exodus 10: 21-22)  As Our Lord reminded us: "But when these things begin to come to pass, look up, and lift up your heads, because your redemption is at hand." (Luke 21: 28)



(*) The Great Monarch and Angelic Pontiff will not reign until the Earth is completely chastised with all these dreadful punishments: St. Ephraim the Syrian (Age of Peace established by the 'Roman Kingdom' comes after the fire and destruction) *** Vatiguerro Prophecy *** Bl. Catherine of Racconigi   *** (???) Abbé Mattay ( says the Monarch / Emperor comes after the wars, bloodshed, major upheavals, after the time France and Europe is on fire) *** Bl. Elisabetta Canori Mora (The Holy Pope destined to restore the Church will come after the dreadful punishments) *** Bl. Anna Maria Taigi ( the Angelic Pontiff will come after the Three Days, he will be miraculously pointed out by Sts. Peter and Paul) *** APPARITION OF OUR LADY OF LA SALETTE (indicates that the a great king will ascend the throne after the great disorders and the destruction of Paris and Marseilles, then religion will flourish again through the world)  *** Ven. Mother Marie Josepha of Bourg (the promised king will come after the chastisements, his destiny is to repair and regenerate all)  *** St. Mariam Baouardy (France will become the 'Queen of all Kingdoms', but after the chastisements)  ***  Marie-Julie Jahenny (France must be punished and completely cleansed first, then the Great Monarch will come to free the Pontiff - this will be the Triumph of Rome)  *** Fr. Don Dolindo Ruotolo (the Great King and Angelic Pontiff establish the 'Kingdom of Love' after the earth is chastised, this is the First Triumph of the Church) *** (??) Alois Irlmaier (saw an Emperor crowned by the pope who had fled. He sees three crowns, and an old crown from the south honoured once again - the great peace comes at this time when the wars are over.)  ***


(*) Those who suffer through the great time of punishment are considered martyrs - their sufferings are not in vain and have a great purpose - they form the seed for the renovation that is coming:  *** Marie-Julie Jahenny ***  APPARITIONS OF HEEDE (Many will curse God because of the sufferings, but they are sent to save mankind - they are a means of expiation and will prepare the world for the renewal.)   ***




(*)  The Great Monarch will come in the mid 1800s - eventhough other prophecies ALSO foretell he will come sometime amidst or after the chastisements in the 20th or 21st century:   St. Francis of Paola, (1800s)  *** Bl. Catherine Racconigi (1800s) *** Madre Magadalena de la Vera Cruz (sometime in or after the mid 1800s after the Dogma of the Immaculate Conception is declared)  *** Ven. Bartholomew Holzhauser (after the century of evil with strange new weapons are unleashed: so sometime after the mid 20th century, or into the 21st) *** (??) Bernard Rembord 'Spielbahn' (the Holy Roman Emperor that comes to bring the age of peace to mankind will come during the great war in the age of marvelous inventions, horseless carriage, sail-less ships, airplanes - indicating 20th / 21st Century *** Ven. Mother Marie Josepha of Bourg (1800s - saw the chosen Prince exiled in her lifetime in 1830 and declared God would one day bring him back as the chosen King) *** APPARITION OF OUR LADY OF LA SALETTE - (the Secrets indicate a great king will come after the disorders, timing given is 19th to 20th centuries, or, even to the 20th and 21st, depending)  ***  Marie-Julie Jahenny (HOW THIS IS POSSIBLE: The promised King was revealed to her, he lived and died in the 1800s, YET she was told she would not see his triumph or that of the Church until after her death: she died in 1941.  She was told he will he will one day be returned to his subjects by God's power alone in a completely miraculous manner ) ***** (??) Sr. Marie of Christ the King / APPARITIONS OF CHRIST THE KING (Christ does not desire a President, instead, a noble soul from a noble family is destined to establish devotion to Christ as King in France and the other nations, and, he is the exact same man as named in Marie-Julie Jahenny's apparitions.  He will rebuild the destroyed sanctuary of Christ the King in Paris during the peace.  That sanctuary was destroyed in 1977.  We're past the 20th century now and in the 21st.  France will be saved in an 'extraordinary manner'.) ***


(*) A leader will first come, but he is not the Great Monarch.  (Apparently, this leader, the 'Father of the People', will die from a 'stab' wound):  St. Caesarius of Arles (this may have ALREADY COME TO PASS) *


(*) Mercy will reign again after the Time of Justice - Our Lord will build a kingdom - it is coming faster than mankind realises: Marie-Julie Jahenny (The Sacred Heart wishes to send the King so the Reign of the Sacred Heart may begin - Our Lord will cut the time of punishments short for this purpose)  ***  APPARITIONS OF HEEDE  *** (??)  Sr. Marie of Christ the King / APPARITIONS OF CHRIST THE KING (The last work Christ wishes to be established on earth before the Last Day is that France and the Nation recognise Him as King, this will happen during the Peace.  It is the 'noble soul from a noble family', not a president, who will preside in His Name that will accomplish this.) *** Don Donlindo Ruotolo (The Kingdom of Love will come after a punishment of the earth, it is the First Triumph of the Church) ***


(*) Bl. Pius IX - his teachings prophetically indicate that God withholding His punishment and allowing the evils against the Church to happen for so long is a sign in itself - the coming marvels and miracles that will usher in the Age of Peace will be as great in proportion to the previous evils that attempted to destroy the Church - it will be a period of Triumph. *** 

(*) When all seems lost, a great miracle will happen: (???) Abbé Mattay *** (??) Abbé Voclin ***

(*) France will be saved by Christ in a miraculous manner that the whole world will witness: St. Mariam Baouardy *

 (*) When France is at its end, Or Lord will save it in an extraoridnary manner:  (??) Sr. Marie of Christ the King / APPARITIONS OF CHRIST THE KING  ***


(*) It is the Great Catholic Monarch who will come to the rescue:  Origen of Alexandria *** St. Methodius of Olympus *** St. Caesarius of Arles *** Abbot 'Werdin' d Otranto *** St. Vincent Ferrer *** (Bl.) Bernard di Bustis (A good christian king will aid the Angelic Pope)  *** Dionysius of Luxembourg (in a time of tribulation God will raise up a great ruler that will perform remarkable deeds and aid the Church) *** Bl. Anne Catherine Emmerich (a rider on a white horse will come to the rescue)  *** (???) Abbé Mattay ( when all seems lost, a miracle will happen - the Russian Emperor will stop his invasion and convert - the French King -Emperor will ascend the French throne) *** Abbot Eugenio Pecche **** (??) Abbé Voclin (a great miracle will occur when all seems lost, and then a king after God's own heart will ascend the throne.)  ***  St. John Bosco (sees a Warrior with a White Banner rescue the 'Venerable Old Man) *** Marcelle Lanchon (Sr. Marie France) / OUR LADY QUEEN OF FRANCE *** Marie-Julie Jahenny


(*) The Great Catholic Monarch will be a King of France: (??) St. Hippolytus  *** St. Nerses I The Great (the Roman Empire of the Franks, i.e. France, will subdue the infidel and bring a great lasting peace) ***  St. Caesarius of Arles *** St. Remy ***  St. Cataldus *** St. Maurus Rabanus ***Adso of Montier-en-Der   *** St. Hildegard of Bingen *** Bl Joachim of Fiore ***  Vatiguerro Prophecies * Abbot 'Werdin' d'Otranto *** (??) Fr. Botin (descend from the line of Artois) *** St. Francis Of Paola (lineage of King Pepin of France mentioned) *** Bl. Catherine of Racconigi (a descendant of King Francis I of France) *** Ven. Bartholomew Holzhauser (a descendant of St. Louis IX, meaning he will be heir to the French throne, but also a descendant of an imperial German family)  *** (???) Abbé Mattay ( 'a legitimate prince of great piety and great wisdom will govern France' = a prince of the legitimate royal bloodline of France, aka a Bourbon) *** Abbé Souffrant (from the 'Lys', an elder branch of the Bourbons that is 'cut off', he will also descend from a 'martyr king')  *** (??) Abbé Voclin (when the King after God's own Heart ascends the throne, France will grow prosperous again - implies a French king.)  *** Sr. Marie Lataste (general indication the French monarchy will be restored in a remarkable manner like a dead tree stump springing to life again) ***  Sr. Marie de Jesus (the Reign of the Sacred Heart will not happen until the King of France consecrates France, himself and the royal family and establishes an annual feastday celebrating the event) *** (??) Curé of Ars - (the Great King will return - since his prophecies of the wars only mention France, the returning King who brings the peace must be French)  *** Ven. Mother Marie Josepha of Bourg *** APPARITION OF OUR LADY OF LA SALETTE (implied that the French throne is the one the King will ascend) *** St. Mariam of Baouardy (France will be the 'Queen of all Kingdoms' - seems to indicate the restoration of the monarchy in France and that it will be greater than the rest)  *** (??) Marie Martel / APPARITIONS OF TILLY (indicates the King destined to help restore the world will be the King of France as this monarchy has traditionally been a Christian regieme) *** Marcelle Lanchon (Sr. Marie France) / OUR LADY QUEEN OF FRANCE  (implied in the visions and prophecies) *** MARIE-JULIE JAHENNY- (she was given the most detailed list of prophecies concerning the French Great Monarch on a par with the prophecies of St. Francis of Paola if not greater) *** (??) Sr. Marie of Christ the King / APPARITIONS OF CHRIST THE KING (the 'lys' and 'lilies', and the monarchy of France is connected with her visions, a noble soul from a noble family, not a president, is destined to preside in Christ's Name, and destined devotion to Christ the King in France and all nations.)  ****

(*) Of interest (??) Bernard Rembold 'Spielbahn' indicates the Great Monarch will not be a native German king, however, he will be a 'Holy Roman Emperor'.  The  Holy Roman Emperors were chosen from an elected German King, and / or they came from Austria in later periods, i.e. the Hapsburgs, a tradition that continued for centuries; but Rembold says the German people will try to restore the German throne by electing a simple 'farmer' or 'footsoldier', but he will not reign long, only a year.  The foreign king that comes and drives the enemy back out of Germany apparently takes the German throne by force of arms, and becomes the Holy Roman Emperor.  It is he who will bring the Age of Peace.  So, Rembold's prophecy seems to indicate the Emperor may not be a direct descendant from the former German or Austrian dynasties, i.e. a pretender from House of Hohenzollern and / or a Hapsburg will not be the Great Monarch.


(*) Also, the Great Monarch will be a 'hero' to the Royal House of Austria, ('hero' indicates he may be or will be connected to the royal house of Austria, or admired by them, but that a pretender to the direct line of the Hapsburgs will not be the Great Monarch) *** Madre Magdalena de la Vera Cruz *

(*) He will be a first-born son: St. Francis of Paola *

*) The Great Monarch will have been exiled from his country France when a youth:  St. Caesarius of Arles *** Abbot 'Werdin' d'Otranto  *** Ven. Barthomew Holzhauser *** Abbé Souffrant (the elder branch of the Bourbons will be exiled - he also predicted the Great Monarch will be from the 'elder branch' of the Bourbons)  *** (??) Curé of Ars (peace will come upon the announcement of the return of the King - this indicates he will be exiled and will return) *** Ven. Mother Marie-Josepha of Bourg (the exiled Prince will return) *** Marie-Julie Jahenny (Child of Exile will return)  ***


(*) The Great Monarch will become a great saint: St. Francis of Paola *** (???) Abbé Mattay (he will be a prince of great piety and wisdom) *** (??) Abbé Voclin (he will be a king after God's own Heart) *** Marcelle Lanchon (Sr. Marie France) / OUR LADY QUEEN OF FRANCE (he will seem more like a priest than a monarch) ***  Marie-Julie Jahenny (he will be like another St. Louis IX, he will be beloved and protect by Our Lady as a son) ***


(*) He will recover / restore the French throne,  'Throne of the Lillies', the 'White Flower': St. Caesarius of Arles *** St. Cataldus *** St. Hildegard of Bingen *** Vatiguerro Prophecy *** Abbot 'Werdin' d'Otranto *** (??) Fr. Botin (He will destroy those who destroyed the 'Lily') *** Bl. Catherine of Racconigi (see saw an angel with a lily representing France) *** Abbot Eugenio Pecche (The King will get back the throne of France) ***  Sr. Rose of Colomba of Taggi (the bloody civil wars will not stop in Europe until the White Lily ascends the throne of France, the descendant of St. Louis IX) *** Ven. Mother Marie Josepha of Bourg (a son of St. Louis) *** (???) Abbé Mattay (he will be a prince of the legitimate line = restoration of the Bourbons / French throne)  ***  MARIE-JULIE JAHENNY (He will restore the White Flag of France, the Lily, the Lily will Resurrect) ***


(*) He will throw out usurpers to the French throne:  St. Vincent Ferrer *** Peré Nectou (an Orleans, a hated name to France, will be a usurper before the great upheavals and restoration) *** (???) Abbé Mattay ( a usurper will be on the throne during a Republic = the usurper will rule via a constitutional monarchy, but it will not be long, the Great Monarch regains the throne)   *** Abbé Sourffrant (there will be a Bonaparte usurper)  *** Marie-Julie Jahenny (see three contenders, the Orleans contender seems the most prominent, but he will be put down in confusion and shame, he will not hold the throne.)  *** (??) Sr. Marie of Christ the King / APPARITIONS OF CHRIST THE KING (visions indicated a fighting factions attempt to put a usurper on the throne, he is put to the side.  God has chosen a different noble soul to preside in His name.) ***


(*) Signs and wonders shall manifest at the Great Monarch's appearance and entrance of his armies, showing him to be the chosen King of God: St. Hildegard of Bingen *** St. John of Capistrano (signs in the sky) *** (???) Abbé Mattay  *** Abbé Souffrant (great miracles and signs will show who the Great Monarch is) ***Abbot Eugenio Pecche (there will be a miracle, then the French shall defend the Papal see)  *** (??) Abbé Voclin (a great miracle will happen, many will convert, the evil ones will be crushed and the king after God's own heart will ascend the throne) *** MARIE-JULIE JAHENNY (he will be called 'a man enveloped in miracles')  ***


(*) Details of some of the miracles: the Sacred Heart and the Dove of the Holy Spirit will appear with the banner of the Sacred Heart and reveal who the true king is.  ***  The details of the battle between good and evil will appear in the sky - there will first be warning spots  or marks in the sun.  Then, there will be frightening fiery streaks of blood in the sky representing the evil side that will seem to win.  There will also be one bigger black band representing Satan and how his followers outnumber of those of Christ at this time. (This sign apparently will happen on a Friday).  These blood red signs will be suddenly won over by a bright light from the west more beautiful than the dawn which will appear on a Saturday between 5 and 6 -  the armies of the Soldiers of the Cross will march out of Brittany, following this white light, and meet up with the armies of the King - the light will turn into a bright square star of victory with a crown and sceptre in the centre that will be visible to the people of the earth.  The King himself is described as 'radiant star' coming out of exile and will be a sign of Christ's power to the Jews .  The signs of his coming will also resemble the terrible signs of Good Friday: the sky was darkened, the earth shook, and the dead arose and appear to many ***  MARIE-JULIE JAHENNY 


(*)   Our Lord will give a miraculous grace of 'light'.  It will be like the Star of Bethlehem that guided the Wise Men who sought the newborn King.   There will be those who will see this light as a blessing, for others they will see it as darkness: APPARITIONS OF HEEDE ***


 (*) The Lord will assembly His army, cleanse the earth, then there will be a time of plenty for His people (sounds like the Great Monarch's armies and the Age of Peace):  Prophet Joel ***

(*) The Great Catholic Monarch will be a warrior and come with fire and sword:  Origen of Alexandria *** Prophecies of Premol *** Madre Magadalena de la Vera Cruz (he will bear a sword and shield) ***


(*) He will assemble great armies: St. Cataldus  *** Abbot 'Werdin' d'Otranto *** St. Bridget of Sweden *** St. Francis of Paola (a new Military Order called the Cruciferi or Cross-bearers that will last until the End of Time)  *** (??) Birch Tree and Rhineland Prophecy of 1701 (the White Prince bearing the cross on his chest will be so organised in his army that no one will try to stop him)  *** Madre Magdalena de la Vera Cruz *** Bl. Anne Catherine Emmerich (a great legion followed the White Rider) *** (???) Abbé Mattay (The Emperor-King will have an army, but it will be mostly made up of foreigners)  *** Marie-Julie Jahenny (however, his followers will be few when compared with the evil ones, yet, the good will triumph with the king, the victory will be completely miraculous) ***


(*)  (With the King) the Christians will  raise an armed resistance against their persecutors: *** St. Hildegard of Bingen ***


(*) The King's army will gather near Aachen / the Rhine: (??) The Birch Tree and Rhineland prophecies *** St. John of Capistrano  ***  Marie-Julie Jahenny mentions the King's armies will come to a river where the Soldiers of the Cross will join him (doesn't specify which river) *** 


(*) Turks / Muslim invaders and Russian invaders will be driven back and not allowed to cross the Rhine in Cologne by soliders wearing a cross on their helmets: (??) Bernard Rembold 'Spielbahn' *** 


(*) A 'Northern Prince' will convert, it is the Russian Emperor: (???) Abbé Mattay (the Russian Emperor will want to invade France and take it, but he will be stopped by a miracle and recognise the hand of God and convert) ***Abbé Souffrant  (the Great Monarch will help him have his claim to the Russian throne recognised) *


(*) The Russian Emperor will  gather his army near the Rhine, but will not cross it:  Abbé Nectou *** (???) Abbé Mattay ***


(*) Spain wil also suffer a civil war- threat of the king beign dethroned, but will ascend eventually, but 15 days after the restoration of the throne in France: (???) Abbé Mattay ***


(*) The King of Spain will also be an ally: Marie-Julie Jahenny ***

(*) Spain will be involved with the Great War, but it will only occupy territory to restore order in the  churches: (??) Birch Tree Prophecy of 'Old Jasper' *** 


(*)  The armies of the Great Monarch will be aided by St. Michael who will fight Satan and thereby bring the victory: St. Ephraim the Syrian (St. Michael with God's heavenly armies will wipe out the enemies hoards from the East) ***  The Prophecies of Premol *** St. Hildegard of Bingen *** Ven Mother Marie Josepha of Bourg (St. Michael will bring the exiled prince back) *** Marie-Julie Jahenny (St. Michael will lead the armies with the Banner of the Sacred Heart-St. Michael promised to destroy all that has to do with Freemasonry - all the corruption of the democratic and socialist governments of today must be completely eradicated before the King can rule as a an absolute Catholic monarch) ***

(*) St. Joan of Arc will also appear and help save France, she will pass through where she once passed through (Orleans, Domremy, Compiegne, Rouen, but Rouen may suffer terribly during the war): (??) Marie Martel / APPARITIONS OF TILLY

(*) The King Will March under the Banner of the Sacred Heart, wear the Sacred Heart as an Emblem on his chest, and, also bear the Standard of the Cross - the Cross shall bring the Victory: Marie-Julie Jahenny ***



(*) The Great Monarch will also be helped by a holy monk who attended a seminary in Brittany or the Vendeé, and will also be helped by a noble from the Loire-Inferior who will be a Breton general: Abbé D. Souffrant ***


(*) The Great Monarch will enter and aid France first: Prophecies of Premol *** Marie-Julie Jahenny ***


(*)  How the King will enter France: (??) The Birch Tree Prophecies - (the Prince dressed in White with the cross on his chest will enter the battle from the south) ***   Abbé Souffrant (the Great Monarch will enter France from the south)  *** Marie-Julie Jahenny (He will come during the Third Crisis Period of France - he will some to come from a land that is close to Italy - he will come from the east and go from the south - but is also described as coming from the north of the borders) *** 


(*) The battle to put the Great Monarch on the throne will be terrible - there seems to be two different fights.  Marie-Julie Jahenny ***


(*) The enemies of the Monarch will be blinded by an act of God.  The Christian force will be triumphant:  St. Hildegard of Bingen *** Marie-Julie Jahenny  ***


(*) The fight to put the Great Monarch on his throne will be more terrible the the battle to free the Holy Pontiff in Rome: Marie-Julie Jahenny *** (??) Alois Irlmaier (sees the terrible battle in Cologne - it is the last battle the Russians will fight in)  ***


(*) The Great Monarch will be crowned King of France on a New Year's Day: Abbot Eugeno Pecche  *


(*)  He will be crowned by a young bishop from Aix - there will be so few bishops supporting the True Faith and the true King of France: Marie-Julie Jahenny ***


(*) He will be crowned King of France in the 'Centre' (Paris) before the battle is even over during the Third Crisis period - he will be crowned amidst the ruins of the 'Centre'-then he will aid the Holy Father in Rome: Marie-Julie Jahenny ***

(*) During the (French?) invasion of liberation into Italy, the inhabitants of Ancona will be protected: Abbot Eugenio Pecche *


(*) The great peace will be brought about by the 'Company of Jesus', the Cross, and Mary: Bl. Bartholomew Cambi of Saluzzo  ***  (Could this also be a reference to the 'Cruciferi' foretold by St. Francis of Paola?) *** (??) Bernard Rembord 'Spielbahn' (sees armies with a cross on their helmets driving back the infidels and invaders)  ***  Marie-Julie Jahenny (Soldiers of the Cross + the armies of the King) ***


(*) Heaven will then clean the bloodstained earth after the chastisements with a heavenly dew:  (??)Fr. Botin *** Marie-Julie Jahenny ***


*) Why restoring the throne of France is so important - the history of the Fleur de Lys the holy destiny of France:  St. Remy * Sr. Marie Lataste (Christ and Our Lady particularly favour France)  *** St. Mariam Baouardy (Christ is the Head of France, France is at the centre of Christ's Heart) ***


*) The Great Monarch will also restore the Holy Roman Empire and reign as the 'Roman King' / Christian Roman Emperor: (??) St. Hippolytus (implied as the Frankish king of the West shall subdue the East, Rome shall have ten kingdoms, meaning an empire near the end of time) ***  St. Methodius of Olympus *** St. Ephraim the Syrian (The dominion of the 'Roman Kingdom' will stretch to the ends of the earth = an Empire, and no one will be able to resist it)  *** St. Nerses I The Great (indicates the rise of a Roman Empire of the Franks that will liberate all Christian lands near the end of time) *** St. Remy *** St. Bede the Venerable *** St. Maurus Rabanus  *** Adso of Montier-en-Der *** St. Hildegard of Bingen *** Bl Joachim of Fiore *** Andrew of Salos  *** St. Thomas Becket (will take three major crowns of Italy - the Iron Crown of Lombardy is among them - implies he will be Holy Roman Emperor as they are crowned Kings of Italy with the Iron Crown)  *** Abbot 'Werdin' d'Otranto *** St. John of Capistrano (an election at Aachen hints of an Imperial Election) *** St. Francis of Paola *** (Bl.) Bernard di Bustis (the Angelic Pope will crown him Emperor)  ***  Bl. Catherine of Racconigi (he will be raised up as another Bl. Charlemagne who was first Holy Roman Emperor) * Madre Magdalena de la Vera Cruz (he will be like another Alexander the Great in how how fast he will gain his Empire) *** (??) The Birch Tree Prophecies (an early prophecy says the Holy Roman Empire will punish all evil doers - indicates a restoration  of the Holy Roman Empire ***  Ven. Bartholomew Holzhauser *** (??) Bernard Rembold 'Spielbahn' *** (???) Abbé Mattay (the King France will be an Emperor, France will no longer have 'kings')  ***  Abbé Souffrant (he will rule Europe like an Emperor) *** Abbot Eugenio Pecche ***  (??) Alois Irlmaier (after the victory, he san an Emperor cronwd by the Pope - also sees other crowns.) ***


(*) He will be crowned with three crowns: St. Francis of Paola  *** St. John of Capistrano (one of them will be the German crown) *** Ven. Holzhauser  (the king will also be a descendant of an Imperial German family as well as a descendant of Louis IX of France, so he would be heir to the German crown too, which completes St. John of Capistrano's prophecy) *** (??) Bernard Rembold 'Spielbahn' (the non-German foreign king who fights for the just cause will apparently seize the German crown from the 'simple king', his prophecy suggests it is the Holy Roman Emperor / Great Monarch who will seize the crown) *** (??) Alois Irlmaier (saw three crowns, also a 'southern crown' - no details given)  ***


(*)  The Great Monarch will also take the three major crowns of Italy, the Iron Crown of Lombardy will be one of them: St. Thomas Becket ***

(*) Italy will once again have a Christian King on its soil: Marie-Julie Jahenny

(*) Poland will have a king again, so will Germany: (??) Birch Tree Prophecy of 'Old Jasper' ***


(*) The Great Monarch will be the Last (also greatest) of his royal line: St. Maurus Rabanus *** Adso of Montier-en-Der *** St. Hildegard of Bingen -(the last 'lily' that sits on the throne of France) *  

 (???) One prophecy by Abbot 'Werdin' states he will leave an heir, but this seems to go against the majority of the prophecies, however, I've included it here: Abbot 'Werdin' d'Otranto' ***   Also, Ven. Holzhauser states he will leave 'successors', but then contradicts his own prophecy in this regard, so this is dubious  *** Abbé Souffrant  (believed the Great Monarch will leave an heir, but he was influenced by Ven. Holzhauser's prophecies, which contradict themselves on this point) *

(*) The Great Monarch will have the gift of the discernment of souls: St. Francis of Paola *

(*) France will rule until the End of Time: *** St. Remy *** St. Mariam Baouardy (when France once again becomes the 'Queen of all nations' her peace will be established on a firm rock and never shaken)  *** Marie-Julie Jahenny (France will never lose the faith - it will rule until the End of Time.  Once it has brought in the Triumph, Christ will never leave it in the power of the wicked)  ***


(*) When it is renewed, it will no longer be called 'France' but 'NEW FRANCE' - Marcelle Lanchon (Sr. Marie France) / OUR LADY QUEEN OF FRANCE (France will be called 'New France')  *** Marie-Julie Jahenny (her visions seem to support this - Our Lord said to her He is going to rebuild a 'New France' for His mother, Our Lady also calls it her 'new France', and the Holy Spirit and St. Michael calls the renewed country 'new France' ***


(*) The Great Monarch's Kingdom / Empire will last until the end of time: Ven Bartholomew Holzhauser (he will rule his Empire even after the Second Coming of Christ) *

(*) The Great Monarch will then come to Rome's rescue (for Italy will also be affected by war) : St. Caesarius of Arles *** Prophecies of Premol ***  St. Thomas Becket (his prophecy implies he will come to Italy after he saves France.  He will then take the three crowns of Italy) *** Abbot 'Werdin' d'Otranto *** St. Vincent Ferrer *** (Bl.) Bernard Di Bustis (the good king will overthrow the evil king that protected the anti-pope, the good king will aid the Angelic Pontiff) *** Ven. Bartholomew Holzhauser (the renewal will come after Rome is laid waste) *** Abbot Eugenio Pecche (the King with the French will liberate Rome, France will finally live up to its mission) *** St. John Bosco (the Warrior from the North with the White Banner comes to the rescue of the 'Venerable Old Man' - the pope? ) **** Marie-Julie Jahenny (the Great Monarch will come to aid Rome after France) ***


(*) France will come to the aid of England once it and Italy / Rome are secure first.  England will convert: (???) Abbé Mattay (France will go to war in England after France is secured, the battle will take 11 months, England will be under France's rule, i.e. possibly as a country under the umbrella of the Holy Roman Empire) ***  Marie-Julie Jahenny (England will convert)

(*) The Great Monarch and Angelic Pontiff are destined by God to restore the Church and the World (Age of Peace):  Prophecies of Premol *** Vatiguerro Prophecy *** Bl. Tomasuccio de Foligno ('Worthy Shepherd Prophecy') *** St. Francis of Paola ***  (Bl.) Bernard di Bustis (they will reform the Church) * Bl Catherine of Racconigi *** Ven. Bartholomew Holzhauser *** St. Louis-Marie de Monfort  (the Monarch and Pontiff are not mentioned, but that 'great saints' will be raised near the end of time that will need to fight with one hand and build with another.  They will bring great conversions and victories for Christ)  *** Sr. Jeanne de Le Royer of the Nativity ('two ministers' by the Holy Spirit will greatly encourage the faithful during the struggle and restoration of the Church) *** Abbé Souffrant (the Monarch and Angelic Pontiff will restore the world and the Church) *** (??) Curé of Ars  (when the King returns there will be peace, religion will flourish like never before)  *** Ven. Mother Marie Josepha of Bourg (the King's destiny is to repair and regenerate all) ***  Marie-Julie Jahenny (the Great King will restore all, renew the devastated priesthood, build the churches and raise the crosses that were toppled - he and / or the Pontiff will be given infused knowledge from God on how to help regenerate mankind according to God's will. ) *** Fr. Don Dolindo Ruotolo (a great pontiff will be raised up by God - he will face the renegade Christians and perverts attempting to destroy Christianity from its foundations and will restore the Church-he will not fear their attacks.  Don Donlindo hints the man destined to be the Pontiff will be alive during the troubles, he will be humbled greatly, but will be raised up when the time comes and become the ruler of the earth like Joseph of Egypt - he also forells a Great Monarch who will work with him - they will both be miracle -workers, the King and Pontiff will establish the 'Kingdom of Love' which is the First Triumph of the Church )  ***

(*) The 'Noble Soul' is destined to establish the last work Christ wishes spread on earth beofre the End of Time, that France and the Nations recognises and honour Christ as King and Master of all Nations: (??) Sr. Marie of Christ the King / APPARITIONS OF CHRIST THE KING



He will have a limp or be lame: (??) Birch Tree Prophecy of 1701 (an identifying feature - he will be lame of foot)  ***  He will be the last of his Royal line of France:  St. Maurus Rabanus - Adso of Montier-en-Der - St. Hildegard of Bingen - (the last 'lily' that sits on the throne of France) ***  He will be a BOURBON: (???) Abbé Mattay (a prince of the legitimate line of France, aka a Bourbon) *** (??) The line of King Charles X was recognised by Heaven,  the monarchy of France will be 'resurrected' - (??) Marie Martel Apparitions of Tilly ****   HIS NAME:  Ven. Mother Josepha of Bourg (literally names Prince DIEUDONNÉ, the exiled prince, also confirms he is the child prince exiled in 1830 - therefore it is HENRY V, the Count of Chambord - St. Michael will bring him back) **** Marie-Julie Jahenny: (the 'Rejected and Abandoned one' - Henry of the Cross - HENRY V - the child of exile- the 'one they call 'THE MIRACLE CHILD' - ALL THE PROPHECIES refer to him and NO OTHER she was told- he is reserved the Great Epochs and will be returned to his subjects - he will not be any other Bourbon descendant, nor a descendant of  Bonaparte, nor of Louis Philippe, an Orleans, in particular not of Orleans.  He will not be a descendant of Naundorff either - St. Michael will march with his armies) **** (??) Sr. Mary of Christ the King / APPARITIONS OF CHRIST THE KING (confirms his name is HENRY OF THE CROSS). ***


(!!!) So all the prophecies point to none other than Henri Charles Ferdinand Marie Deiudonné, literally called the 'Miracle Child' due to the circumstances surrounding hsi brithat the time, and who was the grandson of Charles X -- "And the graves were opened: and many bodies of the saints that had slept arose" (Matt. 27:52)  Marie-Julie Jahenny was told there would be 'many resurrections' - the 'lily' would 'resurrect', the king was literally described as the 'lily' as well in her revelation, and the time of the King's return would resemble the Day Christ died on the Cross, (the dead arose and appeared to many.)  When Henry died in 1883, she was STILL told in 1890 the 'Miracle Child' would be 'returned', for he is reserved for the 'Great Epochs'.  See more, click here.


(*)  The King will have a Queen who will represent the Mother of God.  (This is the first prophecy I've heard that mentions a queen.  As she represents Our Lady, perhaps this indicates a 'spiritual marriage' in name only.):  (??) Sr. Marie of Christ the King / APPARITIONS OF CHRIST THE KING ***


(*) We will know who the 'Angelic Pontiff' is when the Great Monarch appears first and restores the Papal Tiara:  St. Caesarius of Arles  ***  Prophecies of Premol *


(*) The 'Angelic Pope' will be elected from those who have escaped the persecutions: Vatiguerro Prophecey *


(*) The Angelic Pontiff will be elected amidst a great electoral struggle:  Abbot 'Werdin' d'Otranto *

(*) He may be a young pope according to (???) Abbé Mattay *** 

(*) When the Angelic Pontiff will appear: Abbot 'Werdin' d' Otranto - (during the conjunction of the Four Feast days, possibly 2038) *** Bl. Tomasuccio de Foligno - (during the early part of the 21st Century *** (??) Fr. Botin (after the destruction of Paris) *** Bl. Elisabetta Canori Mora (St. Peter will point him out after the wars and bloodbaths, after the time when Hell is let loose) ***  Bl. Anna Maria Taigi (after the French civil war and the Three Days of Darkness, Sts. Peter and Paul will appear and point him out)  *** Marie-Julie Jahenny (after the civil war of France and the King appears to save him)  ***


(*) The Angelic Pontiff will bear the Sign of Redemption on his forehead (a cross?):  Abbot 'Werdin' d'Otranto *

(*) The 'Holy Pope' will be an Italian, not from Rome, but close to it: Bl. Anne Catherine Emmerich *** Apparently he will be someone no one expects, i.e he will not be a Roman: APPARITION OF OUR LADY OF LA SALETTE  ***

(*) The 'Angelic Pope' will be a saintly man, bring about great conversions: Vatiguerro Prophecy  ***  Bl. Bartholomew Cambi of Saluzzo (he will be a saint) *** Bl. Anna Maria Taigi ***


(*) The Angelic Pontiff will have the gift of miracles: ***  Bl. Anna Maria Taigi ***


(*) The Angelic Pontiff will be from the Franciscan Order: Bl. Bartholomew Cambi de Saluzzo *

(*) The 'Angelic Pope' will be honoured by the princes and the people: (??) Fr. Botin *** Bl. Anna Maria Taigi *

(*) The 'Angelic Pope' will preach barefoot: Vatiguerro Prophecy *


(*) Woe to those who oppose and resist the Angelic Pontiff, God will punish them even while still in this world:  Bl. Anna Maria Taigi *


(*) The Angelic Pontiff will institute the Reforms the other faction rejected during the apostasy / schism (i.e. restore the Traditions of the Church) :  Prophecies of Premol *** Bl. Joachim of Fiore *** Vatiguerro Prophecy *** Bl. Tomasuccio de Foligno - (he will bring about a Renewal) *** (Bl.) Bernard di Bustis (he will reform the Church) ***  Bl. Catherine of Racconigi (he will perfect the Council of Trent) *** Bl. Bartholomew Cambi de Saluzzo (the Angelic Pontiff will bring a great peace and restore the Church) *** Mother Mariana of Jesus Torres y Berriochoa / OUR LADY OF GOOD SUCCESS (God will send a Prelate who will restore the spirit of the priests, but the people must pray for him to be sent)  *** Ven. Bartholomew Holzhauser (he will convene the greatest ever ecumenical council and everyone will live under its declarations, all will be restored) *** Bl. Elisabetta Canor Mora (the Church will be renewed when the Holy Pope is chosen by St. Peter) *** Abbé Souffrant (a great church council will be called, all will be under the True Church) *** Bl. Anna Maria Taigi (the blessed pope will end all heresies and schisms) *** Fr. Don Dolindo Ruotolo (the Great Pontiff will bring all the peoples back to God and restore God's Law in the world) ***

(*) After the Great Monarch liberates Rome and receives the Holy Pope's blessing- he will go with his armies back to France to the Great Sanctuary of the Cross that will be built in Brittany on the site of Marie-Julie Jahenny's cottage - he will plant the White Flag, prostrate himself on the ground and give thanks to God for all the prophecies that foretold his reign: Marie-Julie Jahenny ***  

(*) Henry of the Cross will rebuild the Basilica of Christ the King in Paris after his own palace is restored: (??) Sr Marie of Christ the King / APPARITIONS OF CHRIST THE KING

 (*) A great shrine will also be built at Tilly sometime in the future and will be greater than Lourdes with regards to the number of pilgrims that will come to it: (??) Marie-Martel /APPARITIONS OF TILLY

*) The Great Monarch will conquer (or aid) England and the 'island empires' (Ireland?), (bring them back under Catholic dominion?) (Island empires may also include the Mediterranean countries): St. Cataldus  *** St. Isidore of Seville *** St. Bede the Venerable *** Vatiguerro Prophecy (although dubious with regards to England invading France, etc.) *** Ven. Bartholomew Holzhauser (when the desolation has reached its height, England will convert and become more fervent than ever before) *** Peré Nectou (France will bring peace back to England) *** (???) Abbé Mattay  *** Sr. Rose of Colomba of Taggi (England will convert) *** (??) Curé of Ars (The Church in England will one day return to her former splendour) *** Marie-Julie Jahenny (France will aid England after it has first  secured its own homeland then Rome / Italy.  England will convert.) ***

*) He will also rule over Spain:  St. Isidore of Seville *** St. Bridget of Sweden (i.e. the Spanish will come to his aid) ***  Marie-Julie Jahenny (the Spanish King will call the Great Monarch brother and be an ally) ***

*) The Great Monarch will invade Greece and be made its King: St. Cataldus *** St. Bede the Venerable *** Andrew of Salos *


*) The Great Monarch will therefore restore Catholic monarchies:  St. Francis of Paola  (the other monarchs will not be allowed to exist or have power unless they join his Military Order of the Cruciferi - there will be only 12 kings) * Ven. Bartholomew Holzhauser (he will root out all republics) *


*) The Great Monarch will defeat the Arabs / Turks (Muslims): (??) St. Hippolytus (the king of the Franks will crush the Saracens, i.e. Muslims) ***  St. Ephraim the Syrian (The Roman Kingdom will be set up by God where evil eastern armies of Iran and Iraq once ruled) *** St. Nerses I The Great (The Roman Empire of the Franks will free them from the infidel oppressors)  ***  St. Caesarius of Arles *** St. Isidore of Seville *** Andrew of Salos  *** St. Bridget of Sweden *** St. Francis of Paola *** Ven. Bartholomew Holzhauser *** Dionysius of Luxembourg (the great ruler will retake the Turkish Empire / lands and make them Christian)  ***


(*) When France once again becomes the 'Queen of all Kingdoms' it will rule over Syria:  St. Mariam Baouardy


*) He will subdue the Colchis region (now West Georgia on the Black Sea) , Turkey and the barbarians of the area: St. Cataldus

*) The Great King will bring about conversions / root out sects: St. Cataldus *** St. Bede the Venerable *** St. Hildegard of Bingen *** Andrew of Salos *** Vatiguerro Prophecy *** St. Bridget of Sweden*** St. Francis of Paola *** Abbé Souffrant ***  Abbot Eugenio Pecche *** (??) Abbé Voclin (religion will be in honour again when the king ascends the throne--conversion will happen, the evil ones will be crushed) *** 

*) The Great Monarch will bring great peace to the world - Age of Peace:  St. Methodius of Olympus *** St. Ephraim the Syrian (God's age of peace will be established during the rule of the 'Roman Kingdom' which no one will be able to resist *** St. Nerses I The Great (the Roman Empire will liberate all Christian lands from the Aryan countries, i.e. the Muslim Middle East, and a great long peace will follow) *** St. Caesarius of Arles *** Prophecies of Premol *** St. Hildegard of Bingen *** Andrew of Salos *** Vatiguerro Prophecy *** Abbot 'Werdin' d'Otranto *** St. Bridget of Sweden *** St. Vincent Ferrer *** St. Francis of Paola ***  St. John of Capistrano *** Madre Magdalena de la Vera Cruz *** Ven. Bartholomew Holzhauser *** (??) Birch Tree and Rhineland prophecy of 1701 - (the White Prince will be a great peacemaker)  *** (??) Bernard Rembold 'Spielbahn' (the Holy Roman Emperor will bring peace to mankind) *** Abbé Souffrant (the peace will be so great it will not be like anything ever experienced before in past centuries)  *** (??) Abbé Voclin (when the king ascends the throne his reign will be long and happy.  France will be prosperous, religion will be hled in honour)   *** Sr. Rose of Colomba of Taggi (peace will not return until the White Flower / Lily ascends the throne of France) *** Ven. Mother Marie Josepha of Bourg ***   Marie-Julie Jahenny ***


(*) The Great Peace will be brought about by Our Lady: *** (Bl.) Barnard di Bustis (Mary will help the good Christian King defeat the evil king and end the reign of the antipope)  ***  Madre Magdalenea de la Vera Cruz (through the Immaculate Conception, Austria will have something to do with it) *** Ven. Mary of Jesus of Ágreda  (The victory over heresies near the end times has been reserved by Christ for His Blessed Mother)   *** Abbot Eugenio Pecche (a remarkable event will happen on the Feast of the Purification or Annunciation) *** St. Louis-Marie de Monfort (conversions and great victories near the end of time - devotion to Mary will spread throughout the world) *** Sr. Marie Lataste (Our Lady has a particular power over France, Immaculate Mary shall bring about the Age of Peace) ***  Ven. Mother Marie Josepha of Bourg (Our Lady will intercede for France and is instrumental in bringing about the Peace) *** Bl. Pius IX (declared the Dogma of the Immaculate Conception and entrusted the peace of the Church in her hands)   ***  St. John Bosco (Our Lady will help restore the papacy, 'revest the Venerable Old Man' - she will also be instrumental in bringing about the Age of Peace - Our Lady Help of Christians) *** Marcelle Lanchon (Sr. Marie France) / OUR LADY QUEEN OF FRANCE ( Our Lady wished to be invoked under the title Queen of France and honoured with the specially revealed images and prayers - once this is done France will belong to Her again in a special way and blessings will fall upon France again- the Reign of the Sacred Heart will come - The Great Monarch will enthrone Our Lady as Queen of France at the Chapel of Armies in Versailles). *** Père Lamy (Our Lady just has to ask, and the Peace will come.  Should God smash the earth in His anger, she would bring Him back the pieces.  We need to place ourselves completely under her care and trust her to handle things.  Thing would go better if we did.)  *** Marie-Julie Jahenny (Immaculate Mary will be instrumental n bringing the Great Monarch and the Age of Peace- the time of France's restoration is left to Our Lady)***  APPARITIONS OF HEEDE (Our Lady and all the choirs of angels will be active during these events when Christ punishes then brings in the peace just when Hell believes it has the harvest) ** Sr. Agnes Sasagawa / OUR LADY OF AKITA (only Our Lady will save us from the chastisements - so it is logical she is will be responsible for bringing the Age of Peace afterwards - we must be faithful to the Rosary and trust in her)  ***


(*) In this latter age, the Great Monarch will at last establish the promised Reign of the Sacred Heart: (St. Gertrude the Great) *** Abbé Souffrant (the success of the Great Monarch will come from devotion to the Sacred Heart, the chastisements would even be lessened beforehand if people were devoted and repented)*** St. Mariam Baouardy (when France becomes the 'Queen of all Kingdoms' again, Christ will delight in her, she is at the centre of His Heart)  *** Marcelle Lanchon (Sr. Marie France / OUR LADY QUEEN OF FRANCE)  *** MARIE-JULIE JAHENNY  



*** The Kingship of Christ will be established, it is the last great work before the Second Coming.  Henry of the Cross will preside in Christ's Name and establish the Kingship of Christ in France and all Nations: (??) Sr. Marie of Christ the King / APPARITIONS OF CHRIST THE KING


(*) The World will return to the Cross = Victory of the Cross: Marie-Julie Jahenny (the Victory will come through the Cross - throughout the Restored Kingdom the Great Monarch will place the motto of Constantine "through this sign thou shalt conquer" -  those devoted to Marie-Julie will be spared through the chastisements - God will use them to spread the Glory of the Cross) ***


*)  The Monarch will work in union with the 'Angelic' Pontiff: St. Caesarius of Arles  *** Prophecies of Premol *** Bl. Joachim of Fiore *** Vatiguerro Prophecy *** Abbot 'Werdin' d'Otranto *** (Bl.) Bernard di Bustis  *** Ven. Bartholomew Holzhauser *** Abbé Souffrant *** Marie-Julie Jahenny *** Fr. Don Dolindo Ruotolo ***


*)  The Church will be liberated from its anxieties:  St. Methodius of Olympus *** St. Catherine of Siena (A Great Age of Peace and Renewal) *** Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa (after the papacy seems extinguished, the Church will rise up triumphantly again in front of all its doubters)  *** Bl. Catherine of Racconigi * Bl. Bartholomow Cambi de Saluzzo *** Mother Mariana of Jesus Torres y Berriochoa / OUR LADY OF GOOD SUCCESS (when all seems lost and paralysed, the renewal will be close) *** Dionysius of Luxembourg (God will send the great ruler to aid the Church) *** Peré Nectou (when all seems lost, all will be saved, faster than one can turn a cake) *** (???) Abbé Mattay (when all seems lost, it will change as fast as a blink of an eye  and joy will abound) ***  Bl. Elisabetta Canora Mora (the Church will be renewed - the Triumph of the Church) *** Abbé  Souffrant (when all seems lost all will be saved, faster than one can turn a cake) *** Abbot Eugenio Pecche (when all seems lost, a miraculous change will take place, the Papal States will be restored) *** (??) Abbé Voclin (when churches are closed during the bloodbath and all seems lost, a miracle will take place-conversions will happen and the evil ones will be crushed) *** Ven. Bernardo Maria Clausi (when things seem so bad and man is unable to do anything and all seems lost, God will  in a blink of an eye rearrange the world and bring in the Triumph of the Church)  *** Ven. Mother Marie Josepha of Bourg (religion will flourish during the reign of the King) **** APPARITION OF OUR LADY OF LA SALETTE (religion will flourish through the world when the great king ascends the throne) ****  St. John Bosco (the Church will experience a Great Peace and be freed from attacks when anchored between the pillars of the devotion to Mary and the Blessed Sacrament / the Mass) *** Marie-Julie Jahenny (the Sacred Heart desires to send the Great Monarch so the reign of the Sacred Heart may come - Christ will therefore cut the evil chastisements short so the King may arrive- the miraculous peace will come so fast that one will be surprised at how fast war and peace are made) *** APPARITIONS OF HEEDE (Christ will send His Peace just when Hell thinks it is sure of the harvest - Christ will snatch it from Hell.)   *** Fr. Don Dolindo Ruotolo (The 'Kingdom of Love' will be established, it will be the 'First Triumph' of the Church)  ***


*) The Great Catholic Monarch's authority shall extend everywhere: (??) St. Hippolytus (the Frankish king of the west shall subdue the east, the Roman Empire near the end of time shall have ten kingdoms) *** St. Ephraim the Syrian (the dominion of the 'Roman Kingdom' will spread to the ends of the earth) *** St. Caesarius of Arles *** Andrew of Salos *** St. Francis of Paola * Ven. Bartholmew Holzhauser ***  Abbé Souffrant (together with the Russian Emperor who will rule the East, he will rule the West and all sovereigns will be subject to them)*** (??) Sr. Marie of Christ the King / APPARITIONS OF CHRIST THE KING: (Henry of the Cross will preside in Christ's name and establish Christ as King over France and all nations.) ****


(*) The Great Monarch will honour his martyred ancestors, King Louis XVI and Queen Marie Antoinette, with a special coronation ceremony:  Marcelle Lanchon (Sr. Marie France) / OUR LADY QUEEN OF FRANCE ***  King Louis XVI will be canonised (must be the cause of the special coronation ceremony the Great Monarch will have).  He will also demand the canonisation of Marie-Julie Jahenny at the same as Louis XVI - Marie-Julie Jahenny ***


(*) It is thanks to MARIE-JULIE JAHENNY'S sacrifical life of a victim soul that France and the world will be given this King - he will be given every spiritual gift for his mission thanks to her intercession and sacrifices: Marie-Julie Jahenny


(*) Marriage and producing offspring will be seen as a sacred duty to repopulate the earth:  St. Hildegard of Bingen*  


(*) The King will know where to find wealth, but the wealth of the nation will be given to or be used to help the people:  Andrew of Salos

(*) France will grow prosperous: (??) Abbé Voclin *

(*)  Stolen goods will be returned to their rightful owners.  People who attempt to buy national assets will have them confiscated, (the national assets will be properly used for the benefit of the kingdom): Abbé Souffrant *

(*) Just officials will be appointed on merit and not for corrupt means or reasons: (???) Abbé Mattay ***

(*) He will not tax his people for the first 12 years of his reign: Andrew of Salos *** (???) Abbé Mattay (contradicts this: the king will lower taxes, but not during the first three years as the country will be nearly ruined and revenues will be needed.)


(*) There were will be a few rich people, but they will be saintly:  St. Francis of Paola *


(*) The earth will be extremely fruitful:  Abbé Souffrant *** But not in the first few years: the Great Monarch will weep when he sees the state of the French people upon his arrival and apparently at the time of Victory: Marcelle Lanchon (Sr. Marie France) / OUR LADY QUEEN OF FRANCE *** the Three Days of Darkness will have brought a terrible destruction - the earth won't produce fruit for three years, the ground will be completely scorched.  However, when the people pray to God, the times of hardship will cease.  Marie-Julie Jahenny ***


(*)  The time will be fruitful, but simplified; 'Big Business' will dwindle, so will big industrialisation, people will return to country living and work the land.  Père Lamy.  ***  We will have to learn to go back to days of our grandparents way of life, (pre-tech days) and the climate will be warmer - it will be so much warmer that limes, oranges, figs will be grown in Bavaria, and there would be double harvests. (??) Alois Irlmaier ***


(*) Blessed are those who live to see the Triumph of the Church, it will be the reign of true fraternal charity, the joy will be so great they will forget the pain of the past and it will seem as if they are tasting the joys of Paradise: Ven. Barnardo Maria Clausi ***


(*) Knowledge, scholarly learning and the sciences will not be abused but at last be used to benefit mankind as they were meant to be: Ven. Bartholomew Holzhauser *** Bl. Anna Maria Taigi (the Angelic Pontiff will see that sciences progress and discoveries are made) *


(*) The Great Monarch will reform the evil laws and restore order:  Andrew of Salos *** Abbé Souffrant (true justice will reign throughout Europe) *** (??) Abbé Voclin (the king's reign will be a long and happy one)  ***

(*) The Monarch will be merciful to those who resisted his coming- he will grant a general pardon, and no one will be afraid of his opinions, the past will be forgotten: (???) Abbé Mattay ***  

(*) Virtue will flourish throughout the world:  Abbé Souffrant *** Bl. Anna Maria Taigi (under the Holy Pope's reign theft will be unthinkable and even children will be able to carry gold and silver in safety) *


(*) Evil laws that 'bring death to the children' will be gone - this could mean abortion, and also the ungodly laws the evil governments had passed to corrupt the faith and purity children: (??) Alois Irlmaier *** 


(*) The Church will be restored:  Bl. Joachim of Fiore *** St. Catherine of Siena (renewal of the Church)  *** (Bl.) Bernard di Bustis (the Church will be reformed)  *** Ven. Sister Domenica of Paradise  ***  Bl. Catherine of Racconigi *** Bl. Bartholomew Cambi de Saluzzo *** Mother Mariana of Jesus Torres y Berriochoa / OUR LADY OF GOOD SUCCESS * Ven. Bartholomew Holzhauser *** Peré Nectou (the Church will have a triumph and peace the likes of which cannot be compared) *** (???) Abbé Mattay (religion will protected and respected)   *** Sr. Jeanne de Le Royer of the Nativity (the Church will be restored to her ancient disciplines and flourish)  *** Bl. Anne Catherine Emmerich (the Church will be completely restored and be more magnificent than before) *** Bl. Elisabetta Canori Mora ( the Church will be renewed - the Triumph of the Church) *** Abbé Souffrant (the reign of religion and authority of the Church will be reestablished) *** Bl. Anna Maria Taigi (clergy will be obedient will live under strict observance) *** (??) Abbé Voclin (religion will be held in honour) ***  (??) Curé of Ars (religion will flourish more than ever) *** Ven. Mother Marie Josepha of Bourg (religion will be consoled and flourish) *** Sr. Maria Steiner (after the chastisements the world will be beautiful, the Church will be like in the early day)    *** OUR LADY OF LA SALETTE ***  St. Mariam Baouardy (the Church will 'live again and blossom forever') *** Père Lamy (during the Peace, the Church will be like as in the early days and flourish, orders will blossom and flourish) *** Mary Julie Jahenny *** APPARITIONS OF HEEDE (Our Lord says the Church will be renovated after the punishments which is described as a 'Minor Judgement' ***  Fr. Don Donlindo Ruotolo (all will be brought back to God's Laws under the Great Pontiff-he will restore the suffering Church, strike down the apostasy and those who raised altars to pagan idols of the earth) ***


(*) Rome may be weaked in temporal power, but it will no longer be 'corrupt Babylon' and shall FOREVER hold its spiritual dominion under the Holy Pope.  Rome will enjoy great peace and become the spiritual head of the world: Bl. Joachim de Fiore *** 


(*) Heresies shall cease, heretics, schismatic Christians shall again be under the Church of Rome and the Pope:  St. Caesarius of Arles  *** St. Hildegard of Bingen *** Bl. Joachim of Fiore *** Vatiguerro Prophecy *** St. Catherine of Sienna *** St. Bridget of Sweden *** St. Francis of Paola *** Ven. Sister Domenica of Paradise (great miracles will show the True Church, which will be renewed) ***  Bl. Catherine of Racconigi (the whole world will be converted) *** Ven. Bartholomew Holzhauser *** Dionysius of Luxembourg (erring souls will be led back to the true faith) *** St. Louis-Marie de Monfort (heretics, schismatics, etc shall be overthrown near the end times)  *** Peré Nectou (there will be one church, one shepherd) *** (??) Bernard Rembold 'Spielbahn' (heretics will convert, there will be few Jews in Germany) *** (??) Birch Tree Prophecy of 'Old Jasper' all shall be under one Church again, except for the Jews who will not convert) *** Sr. Jeanne de Le Royer of the Nativity (all false cults will be abolished) *** Bl. Elisabetta Canori Mora (all men shall convert to the Church) *** Abbé Souffrant  *** Abbot Eugenio Pecche *** Bl. Anna Maria Taigi (many conversions, end of schisms) *** Sr. Rose of Colomba of Taggi (Protestants will convert) *** Fr. Don Dolindo Ruotolo (all peoples will be brought to God's laws under the Great Pontiff and Great Monarch)  ***

(*) A great Protestant country in the north of Europe will convert and be the greatest ally in converting the world:  APPARITION OF OUR LADY OF LA SALETTE



(*)  There will be twelve cardinals who will become pillars of the Church.  They will be preachers, their holy lives will be an example for the world:   (Bl.) Bernard di Bustis  ***


(*) Russia will convert (and help bring peace to the world): Peré Nectou *** (???) Abbé Mattay (the Russian Emperor will convert and help spread Catholicism to all Russia's own states) *** Abbé Souffrant *** Sr. Rose of Colomba of Taggi (Prussia / and Russia? will convert) *** (??) Alois Irlmaier (a civil war will break out in Russia, but major party leaders are defeated and committ suicide, the people convert, they honour the Cross and the Mother of God anew, and sing the Easter song)   ***


(*) The Great Monarch will tear down pagan temples and raise up churches, rebuild broken altars, etc: St. Bede the Venerable *** Andrew of Salos *** Madre Magdalena de la Vera Cruz (the idols of China, Japan and those around the whole world will fall) *** (??) Bernard Rembold 'Spielbahn' (the Siegburg and Histerbach monasteries will be restored) *** Marie Lanchon (Sr. Marie France) / OUR LADY QUEEN OF FRANCE (he will have his cathedrals rebuilt with the help of all nations) *** (??) Sr. Marie of Christ the King / APPARITIONS OF CHRIST THE KING (Henry of the Cross will rebuild the destroyed basilica of Christ the King in Paris) .


(*) China will convert after a major war when it will be completely occupied by several nations: St. Joseph Freinademetz ****


(???) Morocco and Egypt shall give the Church a 'synagogue' (not quite sure what is meant by this) : Madre Magdalena de la Vera Cruz *


(*) He will conquer and retake Constantinople (Istanbul): St. Bridget of Sweden *** Dionysius of Luxembourg (the Turkish Empire will be retaken and become Christian)  ***


(*) The Turks will convert: Sr. Rose of Colomba of Taggi *** Dionysius of Luxembourg ***


(*) The Great Monarch will possess Jerusalem: (??) St Methodius of Olympus (the Monarch will fight his enemies and will live the last ten years of his reign in Jerusalem before the Antichrist appears) *** St. Ephraim the Syrian (as the 'Roman Kingdom' of God will be set up on the ruins of the Iraqi and Iranian armies that occupy Jerusalem, the king of the 'Roman Kingdom' will obviously retake Jerusalem)  *** St. Nerses I The Great (the Armenians believed according to his prophecy  Jerusalem would be freed from Muslim infidels through a Roman Empire) *** St. Isidore of Seville ***  St. Thomas (he will travel to Cyprus, then to Jaffa, and then to Christ's tomb aka Jerusalem where he will fight- he will be like a crusader knight) ***  Bl Joachim de Fiore - (says the Angelic Pope shall restore the Kingdom of Jerusalem, but this is obviously with the aid of King)*** Madre Magdalena de la Vera Cruz *** Ven. Bartholomew Holzhauser (he will rule over the Jews, they will have started to or will have rebuilt the Temple by then) *


(*) However, the greater part of the Jews will not yet convert, their conversion is  reserved for the End Time:  Birch Tree Prophecy of 'Old Jasper' (Jews won't convert when the heresies cease) *** Abbé Souffrant *** 


(*) The Great Monarch's reign shall last c. 20-50 years (sources have different lengths, possibly the length of his reign is conditional, and we have to take into account  regarding descriptions what seems 'short' to heaven will seem 'long' to us, but this is the general length of his reign when taken all together):  Andrew of Salos (32 years)  *** (Bl.) Bernard di Bustis  (c. 20 to 25 years) *** Ven. Bartholomew Holzhauser  (56 years)  *** (??) Abbé Voclin  (a 'long' and happy reign) *** APPARITION OF OUR LADY OF LAY SALETTE (a 'short time')** Marie-Julie Jahenny  (25-30 years) ***


(!) The Age of Peace will NOT last a literal 1,000 years - that is a misinterpretation of the '1,000 years' of the Apocalypse - the Catholic Church has declared a literal interpretation of the 1,000 years is heresy.  It is known as the Chiliast / Millenarian heresy.  Click here for more info.


(*) The Great Monarch will go to Jerusalem at the end of his reign:  St. Methodius of Olympus *** St. Cataldus *** St. Maurus Rabanus  *** Adso of Montier-en-Der ***


(*) The Great Monarch will be a very old man when his reign ends: St. Hildegard of Bingen *** Abbot 'Werdin' d'Otranto *


*) The Great Monarch will place his crown on the cross on Calvary (or the Mount of Olives). His reign will end there: St. Methodius of Olympus *** St. Remy *** St. Cataldus *** St. Maurus Rabanus  *** Adso of Montier-en-Der ***


*)  The Great Catholic Monarch will give up his Spirit in Jerusalem: St. Methodius of Olympus ***


*) All this occurs near the end of the world: St. Thomas Becket *** (??) Abbé Voclin (near the end of time)*** (??) Sr. Marie of Christ the King / APPARITIONS OF CHRIST THE KING (her visions indiacte that the Monarch comes near the end of time to eastblish the Reign of Christ as Christ the King of all nations, his work will be the last work Christ desires accomplished on earth before the Second Coming.)  ****


*)  The Antichrist will appear when the Great Monarch's reign / Age of Peace comes to an end - (the Antichrist is defeated the Second Coming of Christ): St. Paul the Apostle (St. Paul speaks of a 'kathèkon' of 'katechon' withholding the arrival of the Antichrist, when this  'katechon' is removed only then will the Antichrist reveal himself.  The Antichrist will be defeated by Christ Himself on the Last Day just before time on earth ends, so this means the Antichrist appears after the Age of Peace established by the 'katechon') *** St. Irenaeus of Lyon (Antichrist sets up his seat in Jerusalem, and will be defeated at the Second Coming)  *** (??) St. Hippolytus (implied in the prophecies, plus, confirms that the Antichrist comes at the end of time and is defeated just before the Second Coming) ***  St. Methodius of Olympus (people grow lax after the Monarch's reign - the Antichrist then comes) *** St. Ephraim the Syrian (the world will grow corrupt again after the Roman Empire is established, the Antichrist will then come) *** St. Nerses I The Great (The Antichrist appears after the Age of Peace established by the Christian Roman Emire)  *** St. Cyril of Jerusalem (The Antichrist attempts to take all the Roman Empire, will humble some kingdoms and take others, but will be defeated by Christ at the Second Coming) *** St. Caesarius of Arles (after the Age of Peace with the King and Pontiff, fervor will cool, the earth will grow corrupt, then the Antichrist will come, after him the end of the world) *** St. Maurus Rabanus (after the reign of the Great Monarch the Antichrist comes and rebuilds the temple in Jerusalem) *** Adso of Montier-en-Der (The Antichrist comes after the Frankish King of the Roman Empire)  *** St. Hildegard of Bingen (The Antichrist comes after the Great Monarch)  *** Andrew of Salos (The Antichrist comes after the King of God) *** Abbot 'Werdin' D'Otranto (The Great Monarch and the Angelic Pontiff will precede, come before, the Antichrist) *** St. Bridget of Sweden (indicates the Antichrist comes after the King) *** St. Vincent Ferrer (Christians will grow lax again after the Age of Peace- the Antichrist then comes) *** (Bl.) Bernard di Bustis (indicates the Antichrist comes after the Great Monarch and Angelic Pontiff) * Ven. Bartholomew Holzhauser (The Antichrist comes after the Great Monarch and the Angelic Pontiff)  *** Dionysius of Luxembourg (a great Christian ruler comes before the Antichrist, aka the Great Monarch) *** Bl.  Anna Maria Taigi (the Antichrist will come after the Church experiences the Great Renewal / Peace under the Angelic Pontiff) *** Mélanie Calvat / APPARITION OF OUR LADY OF LA SALETTE (the Antichrist comes after the King and teh short time of peace) *** Fr. Don Dolindo Ruotolo (The Antichrist comes after the reign of the Great Monarch and Angelic Pontiff- Christ then defeats the Antichrist, this is the 'Second Triumph' of the Church)  ***


*) The arrival of the Antichrist is possible as Christians have grown lax during the prosperous Age of Peace and will begin to doubt the Faith.  The earth will grow evil again and become doubly corrupt - the last Great Apostasy foretold by St. Paul:   St. Methodius of Olympus *** St. Ephraim the Syrian *** St. Nerses I the Great (after the great peace, men will 'lament' for the past and for the 'goods that failed them', ie. they will yearn for want to go back to their evil and materialistic ways, the Antichrist then makes his appearance.)  *** St. Caesarius of Arles  *** St. Hildegard of Bingen *** Vatiguerro Prophecy ***  St. Vincent Ferrer - (those who receive the Sacrament of Confirmation will stand firm against the Antichrist) *** (Bl.) Bernard di Bustis *** Dionysius of Luxemburg (people will lose the faith again and grow corrupt before the Antichrist)* Sr. Jeanne de Le Royer of the Nativity (a certain evil priest will do much to harm the Church near the coming of the Antichrist.) *** (??) Abbé Voclin (men will become perverted again after the long and happy rign of the King of God's Heart, then the end of time occurs- meaning it will be the entrance of the Antichrist)***  Ven. Mother Marie Josepha of Bourg (the world will grow evil again after the Age of Peace and last until the End of Time)*** OUR LADY OF LA SALETTE (the peace and abundance will be taken for granted - people will fall back into the old disorders, the Antichrist will be born)   ***  Fr. Don Dolindo Ruotolo notes that the apostasy and perversion that comes before the reign of the Great Monarch and Angelic Pontiff is a sign of the Great Apostasy that will happen just before the Antichrist comes - so yes, the world will grow lax and corrupt one more time after the Age of Peace before the Antichrist comes) ***


(*)  Therefore, the Last Day / General Judgement / Second Coming of Christ / End of Time - will occur AFTER the Age of Peace:  ST. PAUL (Christ Himself will defeat the Antichrist at His Second Coming) **** 


(*) The Second Coming of Christ brings Time to an end - the Church has taught the New Heaven and New Earth will appear and last for all Eternity.


 (*) A SIGN OF PREDESTINATION OR REPROBATION:  St. Francis of Paola declared those would love his prophecies of the Great Monarch and the Order of the Cruciferi show they were predestined followers of Jesus Christ, those who scoff at his prophecies show themselves to be reprobates  *  



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